A set of concept art images for various aspects of Call of Duty: Black Ops’ Shangri La, designed by Arnie Swekel at Raven Software.

It is amazing to see just how the artist thinks through these concepts, especially in the case of the concept-designs for Shangri La’s wonder weapon, now officially named the 31-79 JGb215.

Also, it seems that the final decision came down to either the 31-79 JGb215 model that we know and love, or this “Village Bell” concept.  Amazing to think that one decision could’ve made such a difference in how we play Shangri La!

- images courtesy of Raven Software, and artist Arnie Swekel. 

  • Mikey: I've been trying to get Donnie to develop a formula that can turn me into a fire-breathing lizard at will, but he says that's 'not science'.
  • Donnie: It's really not.
  • Mikey: Yeah, and I guess the shrink ray I asked for isn't 'science' either, is it?
  • Donnie: Nope.
  • Mikey: Well then, what about 'invisible sandwich'? Imagine eating a sandwich but everyone just thinks you're craaazy!
  • Donnie: Just stop.

I’m with you Amethyst it’s hard to think of insults when you’re angry.

And I’m angry a lot.



Steven is right, he needs to talk her out of her awful nature and ideas.

Also that’s definitely a joke about american shows having a shrink ray episode always.

Aww, Garnet is so great.

She’s right too. Patience is a great virtue to have, but sometimes it’s wasted on certain people.

Look I am not happy that I’m writing this post but I really don’t understand why I’m seeing multiple posts about why Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy are the same size as the residents of Bikini Bottom when they’re human beings and all the sea creatures are only supposed to be a few inches tall. Mermaid Man’s belt is a shrink ray. They did a whole episode about it. I feel like you can put two and two together without them explaining it onscreen. What you really need to be concerned about is why Pearl, a whale, is also only a few inches tall and also never needs to go up for air. 


Remember Micro-management? Imagine the shrink-ray actually seeing some action rather than remaining a plot-device.

Also Danny keeps Dan in a terrarium after this. Maybe he’ll add some other ghosts too, it’ll be great.

(for those that don’t know: ‘Nerfed’ is commonly used in videogames for features that are too overpowered on certain characters/weapons/whatever, so these often get ‘nerfed’ to fix balancing issues.)

  • Farkle: Hey, what's that? *pointing at Zay's cup of coffee*
  • Farkle: That cute coffee girl wrote a heart by your name!
  • Farkle: *singsong* Somebody has a crush on you!
  • Lucas: *singsong* Somebody thinks you're me-ee
  • Zay: Do you really think she likes me? I mean, I guess it's not that surprising. Every time I come in here, I do totally crack her up.
  • *3 weeks ago*
  • Coffee girl (Isadora): Zay, here's your pumpkin latte.
  • Zay: Wow, how did you fit a pumpkin into this little cup?
  • Isadora: *giggles*
  • *8 days ago*
  • some guy: I'll have a pumpkin latte.
  • Zay: How do they even fit a pumpkin into those little cups? What, you got a shrink-ray back there?
  • Isadora: *giggles*
  • *yesterday*
  • Zay: Remember that time I said the thing about the pumpkin latte?
  • Isadora: Which time?
  • Zay: The first time.
  • Isadora: Yeah, that was really funny!
  • *present time*
  • Farkle: Ok, there's only two reasons she'd laugh at that. 1) It's the first joke she's ever heard, or 2) She likes you! You should totally ask her out.
  • Zay: Well what if the heart doesn't mean anything? What if she writes it on all of the cups?
  • Farkle: Mine says "Farkle", no heart.
  • Lucas: Mine says "Swarley". How'd she get "Swarley" from Lucas? It's not even a name. Who would ever be called swarley?
  • *Zay and Farkle share a look*
  • Lucas: Please don't start calling me Swarley. Lucas the Good was bad enough. *walks out*
  • Zay: What's up with Swarley?
  • Farkle: I know, you almost never see Swarlz get that upset.
  • Jefferson: I've been trying to get Victor to develop a formula that can turn me into a fire-breathing lizard at will. But he says that's "not science".
  • Victor: It's really not.
  • Jefferson: Yeah. And I guess the shrink ray I asked for isn't "science" either, is it?
  • Victor: Nope.
  • Jefferson: Well then, what about 'invisible sandwich'? Imagine eating a sandwich, but everyone just thinks you're crazy!
  • Victor: Just stop.

sayonarabuckaroo  asked:

Pocket Patrick au: Pete is a scientist who accidentally shrinks Patrick with his shrink ray and the machine breaks. Until he can get it fixed, Patrick has to live as a tinier human. He lives in a dollhouse, eats one (1) pea for dinner every night, and to travel he relies on the help of his friend Mr. Bumblebee.

why does he eat a pea cant he eat an m&m or something else as sweet as him

One Punch Man: Cyborg Parts Gone Wrong

Gotta admit, I’ve yet to see OPM au lists… A common trope I see in OPM fanfiction is Genos going to Dr Stench to get modifications, which is totally plausible (if a bit overused) but pls consider modifications gone wrong:

- Vocal Chords get replaced with a singing voice
- Telepathy where Genos’ thoughts are projected out loud
- Split personality
- Legs that dance all the time
- Eyes that change colour depending on his mood
- Hands that are possessed by the artistic urge to draw draw draw
- Ears that let him hear people’s thoughts
- The intelligence of an encyclopedia is installed however Genos is physically slow af as a result
- Legs that run so fast, too fast, and he ends up time travelling
- Shape shifting abilities
- Accidental invisibility (I reckon he’d have fun with this tbh)
- Shot by a shrink ray!
- Emotional imbalance: really mood swingy or completely apathetic
- Feet error that causes him to fall down every five seconds

feel free to add more!