A set of concept art images for various aspects of Call of Duty: Black Ops’ Shangri La, designed by Arnie Swekel at Raven Software.

It is amazing to see just how the artist thinks through these concepts, especially in the case of the concept-designs for Shangri La’s wonder weapon, now officially named the 31-79 JGb215.

Also, it seems that the final decision came down to either the 31-79 JGb215 model that we know and love, or this “Village Bell” concept.  Amazing to think that one decision could’ve made such a difference in how we play Shangri La!

- images courtesy of Raven Software, and artist Arnie Swekel. 

Am I the only one who’s still kind of boggled by the fact that Rip Hunter managed to knock out each of the other will-be legends, and get them onto the rooftop by himself in the Legends of Tomorrow pilot?

I mean, Rip’s what?  150 lbs soaking wet?  And I think that might be an over-estimate.

Ray…okay, he can shrink Ray.  That may not be a problem.  (Getting past Oliver Queen might have been an interesting story.)

I’ve seen the actor carry women in various behind the scenes type footage, so he can probably carry Kendra or Sara.

But Kendra was with Carter.  And Carter’s a lot heavier.  For that matter, Jax and Stein were together.  And Snart and Mick.  And none of them are small guys!  Especially Mick.  Do we really think that RIP HUNTER can carry MICK RORY?!

…how the hell did he get them onto that rooftop?!

Forget every other ridiculous plothole in this charmingly stupid show.  THIS is what I want to know!


We got an amazing shrink-ray a few days ago, and thought we might have a go on some marshmallows. The first few ones I tried worked fine (as you can see), but then I thought, why the hell am I shrinking marshmallows, so I reversed the polarity, and created the Super-Mallow! The bigger marshmallow is 160 times larger than the lil’ one.

They were delicious.

Guy I know: “You’re too tall”.


Um…okay. I can fix that…Let me…go grab my shrink ray right now…yeah, that should do it.

Sometimes it hurts what people say about things you can’t change. But despite that, I seriously am thankful for the way God gave me. Just gotta shrug it off.