• Scientist: we've done it! The worlds first human shrink ray! Think of all the possibilities we've just created for human advancement!
  • Scientist 2 [putting a tiny saddle on a rat]: way ahead of you

A set of concept art images for various aspects of Call of Duty: Black Ops’ Shangri La, designed by Arnie Swekel at Raven Software.

It is amazing to see just how the artist thinks through these concepts, especially in the case of the concept-designs for Shangri La’s wonder weapon, now officially named the 31-79 JGb215.

Also, it seems that the final decision came down to either the 31-79 JGb215 model that we know and love, or this “Village Bell” concept.  Amazing to think that one decision could’ve made such a difference in how we play Shangri La!

- images courtesy of Raven Software, and artist Arnie Swekel. 

  • Mikey: I've been trying to get Donnie to develop a formula that can turn me into a fire-breathing lizard at will, but he says that's 'not science'.
  • Donnie: It's really not.
  • Mikey: Yeah, and I guess the shrink ray I asked for isn't 'science' either, is it?
  • Donnie: Nope.
  • Mikey: Well then, what about 'invisible sandwich'? Imagine eating a sandwich but everyone just thinks you're craaazy!
  • Donnie: Just stop.

Remember Micro-management? Imagine the shrink-ray actually seeing some action rather than remaining a plot-device.

Also Danny keeps Dan in a terrarium after this. Maybe he’ll add some other ghosts too, it’ll be great.

(for those that don’t know: ‘Nerfed’ is commonly used in videogames for features that are too overpowered on certain characters/weapons/whatever, so these often get ‘nerfed’ to fix balancing issues.)

Look I am not happy that I’m writing this post but I really don’t understand why I’m seeing multiple posts about why Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy are the same size as the residents of Bikini Bottom when they’re human beings and all the sea creatures are only supposed to be a few inches tall. Mermaid Man’s belt is a shrink ray. They did a whole episode about it. I feel like you can put two and two together without them explaining it onscreen. What you really need to be concerned about is why Pearl, a whale, is also only a few inches tall and also never needs to go up for air. 

“Okay I borrow Tony Stark’s shrink ray and then put Tiny Phil Coulson in my pocket for safe keeping” 

That’s how four of the avengers meet Darcy. The teams walks into the common room late after rescuing the city again to a drunk Astrophysicist and her equally drunk assistant. Clint instantly knows the voice and smiles. Thor also grins. The rest of the team shoot each other looks.

“How do you know Tony Stark has a shrink ray?” Jane counters still upright and contemplating her drink. 

“Are you kidding? Of course he does!” Darcy scoffs. “and He might get lonely so I’ll shrink Clint to keep him company. and Black Widow to keep them safe!”

Clint almost can’t keep his laughter back at Natasha’s face. Tony and Bruce also look amused. Steve looks confused but is watching them with interest. Thor has moved to Jane’s sight and the tiny scientist smiles and makes grabby hands at him. 

“And then I’ll shrink her one of Tony Stark’s zoom zoomers so she can keep going on missions. and people will be like Darcy why do you carry a hot wheel around and I’ll look at Tiny Black Widow and we’ll both laugh!” Darcy laughs now at the idea. 

“I thought she was in your pocket?” Thor chuckles from his new seat under Jane. 

“Hey Thor, and no! She’d like my shoulders better I think. Like my own good and bad angle.” This makes Bruce snort loudly. “Plus if she was in my pocket she’d see Phil and Clint kissing.” She whispers and proceeds to laugh even harder. Clint’s eyebrows merge with his hairline. Oh. Darcy had never been subtle about her crush on Clint but this was a new train of thought was far as he was aware. 

“We kiss?” Clint asks drawing Darcy’s attention to the rest of the team hovering in the door. Darcy’s eyes focus on Clint and despite not having move she looks dizzy for a moment. 

“You should.” She shrugs. “Yo!!!! You!” She pointed suddenly at Tony. He paused pointing at himself in question. “Yea you beardy. I need your Shrink Ray!” 

“At your service Short stack!!” 

“Told you Janey!! What kinda science magician doesn’t have a Shrink Ray?”