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Sorry to be a pain in the ass, I'm the same anon, can you be more specific about the sandpaper? Do you sandpaper the whole thing or just in the outline? And if it's just in the outline how do you get so detailed? Again sorry to be such a pain, I've been trying to make shrinks dinks for ages

It’s no problem, you’re not being a pain in the ass! :D

Basically what i do is i draw out my drawing on a piece of paper the way I want it to look (basic lineart), then i put a piece of clear shrinky dink over the top of it and i trace that with a standard size sharpie (a regular fine point, the ones that cost $1 at staples)

i tend to make my drawings on paper about 2.5 inches by 3.5 inches

then i take sandpaper (the smallest grit you can find) and i basically file it down until the plastic is cloudy and you can’t see through it anymore. the place i sand down is only inside the lineart i put down and maybe slightly outside of it because it’s hard to control

once you sand it overtop the lineart (on the same “layer” as the lineart, on the same side of the plastic) it will take most of it off (be careful to not sand TOO much because you won’t be able to see your drawing), and i just re-trace over it with the same sharpie

then i go in and fill inside the lineart with the colored pencils, sometimes i like to outline over top my sharpie lineart with a sharpened black colored pencil just to intensify it

because the drawing was so small (the size i mentioned earlier) once it shrinks down to about the size of a penny it looks incredibly detailed even though the original lineart was quite simple! :D

i hope that made sense and i hope it helped skdjfh


It’s been a while since I’ve updated on my adventures with my Shrinky Dinks,
so I thought I’d share my latest with Pitch Black.

The very first one I made was drawn well, but unfortunately upon the process in the oven, it got warped (tried to stick to it’s self) and I wasn’t able to assist flattening it, so it’s sadly warped. Still looks alright I suppose.
My second attempt however, I believe came out well, even though there are some minor issues, but I’m pleased that it’s relatively flat (with minor curve, but not terribly noticeable.)

I’m having a lot of fun playing around with the Shrink Dinks and I’m hoping
to be able to make more some time soon, maybe even attempt some of the Guardians, like Sandy or even Jack.
But until then, I’m enjoying this grumpy cutie.

PLEASE do not repost/claim credit or steal this image. If reblogging, do not remove my username and sight source. Thank you so very much!~<3


merry christmas, happy holidays and happy new year! i haven’t been into much fandom so here’s a bunch of watercolours and shrink charms i made for the fam ^O^)/

thank you for sticking with me this 2017 and i hope i’ll be able to produce more content for you!

commissions are kinda open! ask and you may receive ^^



Check out my 2017 charm collection video!!

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hi! i was wondering how you made your phone charms and sticker sheets? i checked your FAQ but couldn't find anything! thank you, i hope you have a lovely day and if you aren't, i hope things get better! i love your art, by the way!

waah you’re so sweet! sorry for not having anything in the faq! ~

for charms, i print my designs onto ink jet shrink plastic (like shrinky dinks), cut them out, cook them in the oven ~ just follow the directions ~ then they’re basically done! although i cover them in a layer of glossy resin for a smooth finish, plus it makes the colors brighter. you can find all the little materials you need to make the strap at pretty much any craft store. there are lots of great diy articles and videos about that!!

sticker sheets, i’ve done a couple different ways. you can make them handmade or have them printed for you, basically. for my shop i get them printed through stickeryou (/  o  \)v good luck!!!