shrink dink

anonymous asked:

hi! i was wondering how you made your phone charms and sticker sheets? i checked your FAQ but couldn't find anything! thank you, i hope you have a lovely day and if you aren't, i hope things get better! i love your art, by the way!

waah you’re so sweet! sorry for not having anything in the faq! ~

for charms, i print my designs onto ink jet shrink plastic (like shrinky dinks), cut them out, cook them in the oven ~ just follow the directions ~ then they’re basically done! although i cover them in a layer of glossy resin for a smooth finish, plus it makes the colors brighter. you can find all the little materials you need to make the strap at pretty much any craft store. there are lots of great diy articles and videos about that!!

sticker sheets, i’ve done a couple different ways. you can make them handmade or have them printed for you, basically. for my shop i get them printed through stickeryou (/  o  \)v good luck!!!