shrink all the cars

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The espadas reaction to their s/o being generally really nice but having really bad road rage.

Scared for their life squad

  • Starrk is so bewildered he actually shrinks into the car seat. He’s so used to you being all kind and sweet, but then all of a sudden you’re like a hungry, raging hollow. 
  • Ulquiorra somehow gets even paler and doesn’t move a single muscle. The change of attitude freaks him out because one moment you’re smiling at him, the next you’re hollering at a car that cut you off.
  • Aaroniero is full on panicking. Nothing good can come out of your road rage, and it freaks him out how fast you went from nice to crazed with fury. He will start sweating bullets and tightly grip the seat or seatbelt.

Entertained squad

  • Nnoitra doesn’t exactly care why you have really bad road rage. He just finds it really funny that you’re getting mad because someone cut you off and threatening to disembowel them over it.
  • Now Grimmjow takes his entertainment on a whole new level. He’s full on cackling in the seat after showing surprise at your behavior change. Unless it almost causes an accident, then he forces you to stop.
  • Considering Yammy can’t…fit into a car, let’s just say he witnesses the aftermath when you get out of the car. He’s confused, but likes there is some rage behind that niceness you have.

Tries to calm you down squad

  • Harribel is startled but waits until you cool down a bit before scolding you. She doesn’t want you, especially with how nice you are, getting hurt because of something like road rage of all things.
  • Szayel is well aware of the effects of road rage, and actively tries to soothe your anger before anything bad could possibly happen. He rather not get into a bad situation because of it.

i really liked having off of work yesterday and today dragged

but tomorrow is pay day

and then i’m going to see andrew mcmahon again on saturday with matt barry and furb so it’s just part two to last night only instead of cheesesteaks, we’ll get gyros

and then we’re going to the #shrinkallthecarsmeet sunday in philly so we’re getting cheesesteaks again

and thank god i go to the gym now beacuse