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older!Corvo and older!Daud meeting someplace out-of-the-way for a smoke for @yellowcandy



Sherlock never acts embarrassed about not knowing who people are, but in the first thatchers scene he acts super flustered, and there’s the way it looks when he notices the thatchers shrine. deduction type things never look like that. There’s no way he didn’t know who Thatcher is.

Here is my subtle little altars since I live with extremely Christian parents. They each have corresponding candles and stones. I’m hopping to decorate the actual tea cups soon. The arrangement since I took the picture has changed but the idea is still the same.
From left to right: Apollo, Hades, Aphrodite, Artemis.

language learning tip: build a little shrine to your target language in a corner of your room, decorating with dictionaries, media in the language, and pictures of inspiring people who speak that language. recite grammar rules and exceptions to it upon rising and going to bed

Me: I need to print out more icons and buy shrine things and do a bunch of stuff!!!

Netjeru: Actually you should probably take it slow at first.


anonymous asked:

How do you start learning and amplifying you sense of divination? Also, how did you make the decision of worshipping Aphrodite? And, how did you recognized her reaching to you as hers?

For me, I stretch my skill in divination by practicing. You just do readings for yourself, and bond with your cards. I also spent a lot of free time surfing the web, and reading different peoples interpretations of the cards. My favorite site was Biddy Tarot!

I can’t say that I ever really decided to worship Aphrodite… In all honesty it seems like one day I wasn’t worshiping her, and the next she was there. I’ve always had a little shrine for beautiful things, ocean themed, etc etc, and one day I realized why, and it kind of seemed like Aphrodite had been stalking me! 

I recognized her because… well, most importantly I used divination. Second to that, was my gut instinct. Your intuition is your best friend. One of the ways I experience my deities is through feelings and sensations that are out of place, and Aphrodite is… soft and very warm, like being around a candle flame. 

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