shrine room

Sixth Year AU

In which Draco keeps disappearing into the Room of Requirement, but not to fix that dumb Vanishing Cabinet. So what is he doing in there? That’s what Harry would like to know!

He watches Draco, day after day, making his way to the Room of Requirement, carrying a bag. It drives Harry mad. He knows he can’t get in there, while Draco is in the room, so he waits after Draco has slipped out again. Harry stares at the wall and concentrates hard.

“Show me the room you become when Draco Malfoy goes in there.”

At first, he doesn’t think it’s working. But then, a door appears, and Harry’s heart beats faster. He yanks the door open impatiently and steps into… the Room of Hidden Things. Is Malfoy hiding something in here? Harry spends hours walking around, trying to find something that would look suspicious, until he finally gives up. He heads for the door again, when something catches his eye - his own name. It’s an article from the Daily Prophet, that’s peeking out from a big trunk.

Frowning, Harry opens the trunk. There’s not only one article in there, more like a hundred. There’s also lots of pictures of him, a stuffed teddy bear that has a lightning scar stitched on its forehead, some old quills and… is that a Remembrall? And is that a Gryffindor scarf? Harry remembers, he lost a scarf in fourth year, but… that can’t possibly be this scarf, can it? Except… there’s an old shirt Harry has been looking for for ages.

Heart pounding, Harry hurries out of the Room of Requirement. He has no idea what to make of this. He knows some people are obsessed with him, but this? This is a bit much! And he still hasn’t figured out what Malfoy is doing in there!

A few days later, Harry gets his answer. He’s under his invisibility cloak again, following Malfoy and Zabini. They’re chatting about something Pansy did yesterday. Apparently, it was rather scandalous. Harry’s heart stops, when Zabini suddenly says,

“So, you finally got rid of all your wanking material?”

Malfoy rolls his eyes.

“Shut up, Blaise.”

“Does this mean you’re finally done talking about him?”

Malfoy elbows him and Zabini snickers.

“One more thing, then everything will be locked away and gone for good,” Malfoy mutters and tells Zabini to go to the Great Hall without him.

Harry’s mind reels as he finally realises it’s Malfoy’s collection he discovered in the Room of Requirement. But why is he getting rid of it?

Harry’s brows knit together at his own thoughts. He has been worrying for days about the person who that collection belongs to. But now that he knows it’s Malfoy… it doesn’t feel that weird and creepy anymore. The only thing that concerns him, is why Malfoy is dumping this stuff in the Room of Hidden things.

Not thinking about consequences, Harry runs after Malfoy, pulls off his invisibility cloak and grabs his wrist. Malfoy startles and turns around. Gasping, he lets go of his bag, the contents spilling all over the floor. Harry can’t believe his eyes when his gaze falls upon several drawings. Of him.

“You drew me,” Harry says flatly. Malfoy doesn’t say anything. His wrist twitches in Harry’s grip.

“Why are you getting rid of it?” Harry murmurs, his eyes locking with Malfoy’s.

“What do you care?” Malfoy counters.

Harry thinks about it for a moment. Yes, why does he care? He can’t really find an answer and he doesn’t exactly understand it, he just… does.

“The Remembrall in there, it’s not… I mean… is it-”

“The one Longbottom thought he lost in first year?” Malfoy finishes for him.

Harry nods.

Draco lets out a sigh and closes his eyes.

“Yes, it is.”

Harry is pretty sure he should feel creeped out and weird again, but he feels excited instead.

“Why did you keep it?”

“Doesn’t matter,” Malfoy mutters.

Harry steps closer to him and puts a finger under his chin. Malfoy gasps at the touch and blinks. Harry is overwhelmed by his own boldness, but it’s like his body is acting on its own.

“Tell me why you’re getting rid of all this stuff,” he whispers. Malfoy shudders and his eyes flick to Harry’s lips. His breathing is heavy and Harry faintly feels his pulse racing, as he moves his finger down Malfoy’s neck.

“What do you care?” Malfoy repeats. His gaze is still fixed on Harry’s lips, which sends weird little jolts down Harry’s chest.

“I don’t know,” Harry breathes. “I just… don’t want you to.”

Without warning, Malfoy closes the gap between them, his lips brushing over Harry’s. A shiver runs down Harry’s spine and his gut clenches. When he feels Malfoy’s arms circle his waist, he throws his own arms around Malfoy’s neck.

Harry doesn’t know how long they’re standing there and who starts making these obscene noises first. He is, however, rather irritated when they get interrupted by a loud groan.

“Potter,” somebody whines. Harry blinks and sees Zabini standing a few feet away from them. “I thought this whole thing would finally be over! Why did you have to go and snog him? Now he will never shut up about you!”

Malfoy blushes furiously as Harry’s booming laughter echoes off the walls.

“You know,” he says with a little smirk, “I think I’m rather good at shutting him up.” He winks at Zabini, before gripping onto Malfoy more tightly and giving him the snog of his life.

in universe merchandising head canons

i’m basing this on the fact yuuri has a ton of victor merch and that victor canonically has a phone case with his stammi vicino costume on it. so he has merchandising connections. and he would probably use them. a lot. 

(some of these are based on a couple different conversations i’ve had with @phoenixrei @thetwoguineabook @forochel and @kixboxer)

  • victor definitely gets his and his everything items custom made. and i mean everything
    • stammi vicino his and his aprons to match their pair skate costumes
    • definitely his and his briefs. yuuri’s are much tighter. victor does the worst innocent face
      • also eros briefs. 
    • the katsuki yuuri pedicure set aka the duetto which is a pumice stone and prostate massager (credit to kixboxer for this piece of genius)
    • katsuki yuuri trading cards victor set up a kickstarter for under a sock puppet account. the front is his face, the back is his ass. give the people what they want. (yurio contributes at the highest funding level.)
    • limited edition katsuki yuuri nail polishes that are made to match his costumes. for pedicures and “”””pedicures”””” (mostly the same thing in the katsuki-nikiforov household)
  • getting yuuri to do an ad for MAC’s annual Viva Glam color (obviously called eros). and then getting yuuri to let victor do his make up
  • EXTREMELY DETAILED NGE plug suits for their iconic shinji and kaworu pair skate (credit @doodlesonice​)
    • also art and posters of this moment

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that moment when your future lover idol is coming to your shrine room. And you just realized you have papered the wall with his face

and you took down all of it

and forgetting that you still have a framed picture of him on your desk


Today (August 18th), it’s been a year since Alan won the Kalos League thanks to the power of BURNING FRIENDSHIP X2

Happy anniversary, Alan~

For your win (and errrh, PeacefulPurposesThings™.)

An Aquarius rolled over and slowly wrapped an arm around me. Her eyes opened and she smiled, leans to kiss me. She then to trailed her finger on my chest and said, “Good morning..” in her sleepy tone. She wasn’t always like this. She wasn’t into the whole touching, or being too cuddly but I guess she brought her walls down.

An Aries messaged me the other night, writing a long paragraph about herself. She admitted to having BPD, Dyslexia and having the mood to just push everyone away. She then wrote, “I don’t think I can ever say this to anyone else, but I’m hoping you’ll accept me for me. It took me enough time to tell you this. I like you.” And I knew then she brought her walls down.

A Cancer appeared on my doorstep one night, and she was carrying a bottle of champagne and two red box DVDs and I knew they were going to be some sappy movies. She hurriedly placed herself on the couch and ordered me to sit down next to her. I knew she was going to cry and I loved spending time with her every Tuesday night.

A Capricorn placed her hands on my chest and slowly massaged her palms on me. She looked at me with her beautiful eyes, and leaned to kiss me. Slowly her hands search for mine and she played with them as we kissed. Her kisses were so soft and reassuring, and she took the lead in every kiss and every pause. She loved me with her heart.

A Gemini took pictures of me every single day. She’d laugh at every picture of me and places it onto her shrine in her room. She used to take black and white photographs of things, but lately she’s been more vibrant and her photographs have more color and meaning. And she loved the feeling of being gone for a certain amount of time only to come back happier than ever.. She brought her walls down.

A Leo climbed ontop of me and settled herself on my chest, looking down at me. She started to make faces at me and busted out laughing. Laughed until tears rolled down her cheeks, and slowly she let out a soft smile and laid ontop of me. “I’m so sorry for being so silly. I got too comfortable..” She shouldn’t have apologized. I loved seeing her more open like that.

A Libra was browsing along some websites and brought her attention on some geek website thing. She looked over to me and gave me a smile, and then back at the screen. “You’re going to love me even more after you get this gift..” I was confused, and she just continued to browse the internet.

A Pisces and I left a diner one night, and took her home. I got a text from her and was surprised to see a long paragraph that said: “I can’t stop thinking about you. I can’t stop thinking about a possible future with you, and this. This right now I’m feeling is all too new to me. You make me happy, you do and my goodness. I’m so lost, alot of things are in my head right now. Arrgh..” and I laughed and smiled at her text, and I knew she brought her walls down for me.

A Sagittarius admitted to me on our 4th date that she thinks alot, and how slowly and slowly as we have been dating she has added me into her plans, and have already has a picture about the future. She laughed and said, “I’m stupid for that, huh? I’m so sorry. I overthink too much. I don’t know, forget it. Forget it. Just hold my hand and forget it..”

A Scorpio bit her lip, and slowly rests her head on my shoulder and we just stood there in silence. It was really peaceful. She was the kind of person that wouldn’t stay quiet and had a lot to say, but she just stayed there and held my hand in hers..

A Taurus hurried herself to me, carrying a bunch of music records and some books. She settled us on a nearby couch in the store, and explained everything she carried and how each item shows some importance for her. I noticed a book and picked it up, and she quickly pulled it from me and smiled. “This was the book I was reading, remember? I lost my copy but this was the book I was reading, and you asked me..” and she looked at me with softness in her eyes.

A Virgo watched as the rain hits the window. The sound of her favorite song is on, and a cup of tea in her hand. She hears me walk towards her and her body seems to relax and at the right moment leans herself to me. She tilted her head to the side to face me and said, “I don’t think I’d ever want to lose this moment. So, uh, you better marry me now or else..” She laughed. She wasn’t always like this. She was reserved and cool, she was afraid of human connections and at this moment I knew that she has let me in, and brought her walls down for me.

—  Open Doors.

Craft/Craft Room photo set 1. For Photo set 2 go here.

I’ve been working on this space for months and it’s not quite perfect, but close enough to show you some photos. I call this my craft/craft room. I’ve been eagerly paying off my bills so when a housemate moved out I could afford to not have a new one and make a space for my witchcraft and other crafts. This space makes me so very happy even though it is not always this clean.

What all of this looked like when it was crammed into half of my bedroom.

Concept: Underfell: Skeleton Household

There are two bedrooms in the Skeleton household: Papyrus’s Lair (of Doom. No Boys Allowed, No Girls Allowed, Papyrus Allowed)…. And Doomfanger’s Lair.

Sans is merely permitted by the grace of Doomfanger to cohabitate the bedroom. After all, no matter how unruly the car gets, it still doesn’t make as much of a mess of things as Sans does.