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The PS4 edition of Undertale with the dog shrine has reminded me of a headcanon that I’ve not posted about yet. Basically it’s to do with space and shortcuts.

The new thing that’s prompted this is the dog shrine behind the skeletons’ kitchen. Now physically that just totally does not make sense, right? I mean, there’s not literally a cavern behind Papyrus’s sink (though it could be under the kitchen floor, I suppose).

So my answer for when space doesn’t make sense like this: shortcuts in the doorways. In this case, there would be a portal at the back of the cupboard that leads to the dog shrine cavern elsewhere in Snowdin. So you could walk all the way around the house, dig beneath it, everything… and never find the cavern. Physically it’s located miles away in an unknown location.

Where this gets into more headcanon territory is applying similar logic to the Core, and considering how the portals are made.

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Detective Conan 993 Spoilers [English Translation]
  • S: Why do you think that?
  • C: Well, you see, there’s some powdered medical residue left around Nukitani-san’s mouth, yet he doesn’t have any water on him!
  • C: That’s why I believe that the warmth that melted the chocolate in Sadamori-san’s bag stemmed from a plastic bottle containing a warm drink!
  • A: A-as I said, the chocolate simply melted in my pocket…
  • C: Then it should’ve melted evenly! However, since only those closer to the tip melted, something else must have given off its warmth… You probably got it from the vending machine, added the poison, and then kept it in your bag until you got a chance to give it to Nukitani-san, right?
  • C: And you didn’t tell us that you had a warm drink… because you thought that might arouse suspicion if someone finds a plastic bottle cut into little pieces…
  • S: That’s why you were hiding in the restroom… to get rid of the evidence…
  • A: T-That was not poison, that was a laxative! I just wanted get back at Nukitani-sensei for rejecting my love!!
  • A: And when I came by to make sure he’s stuck in the restroom… He was dead. So I grabbed the plastic bottle because I knew everyone would get the wrong idea!!
  • A: I swear I’m telling the truth! Please believe me!!
  • C: I don’t think she’s the culprit! She practiced Kendo in high school for three years, so she’d at least know how to wear a hakama properly…
  • C: And the culprit appears to have put the hakama on backwards!
  • T: Then all three of us must be innocent! After all, I practiced kendo too…

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With Daniel off to college a household spot has opened up, which we immediately fill with another cat. This is Roux, a well-trained genius, destined to reach the top of her career way before dumbasses Ronron and Neo do. She looks a lot like Ronroneo too, which is a good thing since not 3 hours later..

WHAT THE FUCK. I’ve been giving him the pet food of life and his bar was nowhere near being full so this is some FUCKING BULLSHIT. 

Maybe double check your little catalog here??? Moron. Every other cat is having a breakdown about Ronroneo, Victor surprisingly included. You can’t see him here but he’s behind the Reaper losing it. It goes without saying that I cried as well.


Komei is deep DEEP into the denial stage of grief. He doesn’t cry or react at all but immediately rolls the want to resurrect Ronroneo and the want is still there weeks later. Obviously same, Komes.

Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugh. We’re stealing that secret society resurrection phone in college asap. Sleep well for the time being, baby, soon you will be back to us </3 And Grim, time for a fucking second grade math course. 

But life goes on, especially if you’re a horny teenager. Word about class slut Gunther has obviously spread, because girls keep coming home with us from school. I don’t remember this girl’s name but her ridiculous styling obviously points to her and Gunther hitting it off.

Slutting it up in front of his mother’s affair shrine! Man, passed down family traditions really bring a tear to your eye. We brought another girl home from school, Gwen, who is unfortunately not having an equally good time as blondie here..

-What the hell you freak?

-Haha, I know! Are you in love with me yet?

-It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife!!!


-You are too generous to trifle with me! If your feelings are still what they were last April, tell me so at once! My affections and wishes are unchanged; but one word from you will silence me on this subject for ever!!!!!!


The snow on the dream date roses blondie leaves on our doorstep has not even set yet, as Gunther moves on to Gwen, with whom he has 3 BOLTS. Jojo I don’t even know how you’ve managed to out-pathetic Daniel in such short a period of time but the evidence speaks for itself:


- I love you, Neo. Forty thousand brothers, could not, with all their quantity of love, make up my sum.


Real tears. Jojo is literally rotating through the cats now. Obviously one of our children must at all times carry the Komei curse, otherwise the universe will come to an end. 

Roux is judging you Gunther, and so am I.

-Hey, not my fault Jojo screwed this up!

So much for brotherly love!

-Man, it sure is hard to care about your brother being a giant flop when your aspiration bar is through the roof!

Ugh yea everything’s coming up Gunther! Don’t worry about Jojo you backstabber, he will be totally fine.

…Totally fine. If not for the ‘go to college’ want, I’d think this is Komei’s want panel. Jojo, why must you devastate me so </3

Great, back to business I guess!

-What the hell is he doing, happily sitting around with his family??? My heart is breaking and yet I dare not look away.. Oh, this exquisite suffering.. 


And there you have it. Ronroneo may have died, but it’s someone else I mourn for.

The Brief of St. Anthony

In the 13th century, a Portugese woman who’d been demonically oppressed resolved to do the unthinkable by taking her own life by drowning herself in the Tagus River. On her way to the river, she passed a shrine erected in honor of the great orator and miracle-worker, St. Anthony of Padua. She stopped to pray, one last time. As she prayed, she saw St. Anthony standing before her, saying, “‘Arise woman, and take this paper, which will free you from the molestations of the Evil One.” Then he gave her a parchment inscribed with what is now known as the “Brief (i.e., “Letter”) of St. Anthony,” and she was now free from demonic oppression and the desire to do away with herself.

News of this miracle spread, even to the King who asked the woman for the Brief. He placed it with the Crown Jewels of Portugal, which was fine for the King, but bad for the woman. After the Brief was no longer with her, she began to weaken and lapse, so the King made a copy for her that restored her to her healed state. Other copies of the Brief were spread to help the faithful fight the Evil One and remind them that Christ has conquered.

The text of the Brief:

Ecce Crucem Domini, 
Fugite, partes adversae, 
Vicit Leo de Tribu Juda, 
Radix David, alleluia. 

Behold the Cross of the Lord! 
Flee ye adversaries! 
The Lion of the Tribe of Juda, 
The Root of David has conquered, alleluia!

Shout out to all the vultures out there:

Shoutout to the vultures who make a living out of selling their items, such as bone jewelry or skull paintings
Shoutout to vultures who eat the roadkill animals they find, and use the preservation as a way to use 100% of the animal
Shoutout to vultures who want to expand their collection but can’t, whether location or not understanding parents/roommates
Shoutout to vultures who do it for the aesthetic or for fun
Shoutout to vultures who use taxidermy as a form of expression
Shoutout to vulture witches who make shrines to honour the passed
Shoutout to vultures who use it as a way to signify the art of death and give life to animals who are with us no more
Shoutout to vultures who use taxidermy/preserving to cope with mental illnesses/trauma
Shoutout to vultures who have jobs surrounding taxidermy
Shoutout to vultures who go take taxidermy classes
Shoutout to vultures who just… do it for fun!
Just… shoutout to all vultures
We’re such a diverse community and I want everyone to feel welcome.
No matter what reason you’re here, I’m glad you are.


heavy wip

9-10 CLE 

     Noxian spies begin exploring the southern isles of Ionia, determining the most vital regions and beginning to orchestrate trade agreements heavily skewed in Noxus’ favor, some negotiations done through coercion.

     Noticing suspicious foreign activity in the south, Zelos Lito leads a squadron to Demacia to seek potential aid from the nation in dealing with its arch-nemesis.

11 CLE 

     the first Noxian shock troops arrive. The southern provinces are quickly subjugated, and Ionia begins preparing defensive measures and assembling an unofficial standing army, led by the council elder Commander Roku.

     Varus’ village is invaded and destroyed.

     The Noxian assault extends as far as the mountain village of Tevasa and Karma’s home village. The former is saved by the mystical intervention of Ahri, the Nine-Tailed Fox, while the duchess herself eliminated a Noxian general on the way to capturing the town.

12 CLE

     near the end of the year 11, Noxus realizes that they require greater forces if they are to prevail against Ionia without suffering too many casualties. An agreement is signed with Zaun, deploying a host of mercenaries and biochemical weapons led by the renowned chemist, Singed.

     Irelia’s village in the south is torched by Zaunite green-fire. At this time, she had already enlisted in the army, but she heard the news reach the Placidium through word of mouth from family members who had barely managed to escape. More divisions of Ionian soldiers are sent out to combat the Noxian reinforcements.

     Master Yi’s village is destroyed by a Zaunite chemical attack - the Wuju master barely survives after destroying scores of Noxian and Zaunite bladesmen.

     Battle of Arkama Mountain: a pivotal, yet bloody victory, for Ionia. in order to reach the heart of Ionia and attack the Placidium, Noxus aimed to strike through a narrow mountain pass that if successful, would eliminate one of the strongest lines of Ionian defense. Yasuo was charged with guarding the Elder of the temple erected up in the pass, a shrine dedicated to an Ionian spirit of protection and guardianship. While his blade did make a difference, he returned to see the elder killed, and his life subsequently cast into the shadow of disgrace.

     Coeur Valley: a trap orchestrated by Ionian forces to pin Noxian troops unfamiliar with the geography into a riverbed, made dry during the hot summer months. When the Ionians had the Fury Company surrounded, a biochemical barrage of poison gas and other such hazardous substances devastated Ionian and Noxian forces alike. Both sides refused to even come back to the site to collect bodies.

13 CLE

     Ikana. Noxus makes a second spearheaded assault north towards the Placidium, and an Ionian defense stretched extremely thin is left unprepared, low on resources, exhausted, and starving. Hundreds fall, and burdened by the low morale spreading through the army after hearing the tragedy of Coeur, Ionians are forced to retreat to the Placidium.

     The Battle of the Placidium: with Noxus one ascent away from capturing the capital city, Ionia, pushed to the brink and staring down imminent defeat, congregate in the city to consider their options: if they surrender here, perhaps Noxus will yet spare the remainder of their army. But Irelia Lito lifted her father’s blade and swore she would defend the city gates to the very end. Inspired by her last stand and unfailing confidence, Ionia rallies to drive Noxus away once and for all, uniting behind the symbol of a four-pronged blade and a swordswoman who emerges victorious even through succumbing to the hand of the grave.

     Noxus ceases hostilities in the mainland but still retains control over the three southern provinces - Ionia is too depleted to argue further. They remain in Noxus’ possession for seven years until Ionia mounts a counterattack.