shrine festival


noririnsan のりりんさん

Kyō no saiji 京の祭事 (Kyoto festival), Yasaka Shrine Setsubun Festival 八坂神社節分祭 - Gionkoubu singing and dancing sessions 祇園甲部歌舞会歌舞奉納 - February 3, 2010

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I almost forgot to post a picture of my Festival of Time altar I made today until the last minute! Quite ironically :D

Today I celebrated the Festival of Time by giving myself time to rest and recuperate myself, as well as get things done I had been putting off, trying to be productive but not exhaustingly so, giving myself time to think in the process :)

My altar is in dedication to my patron, the Handmaid, as well as Dave Strider, myself, my dancestor Damara Megido, and the aspect of Time itself :D and I tried to include pieces of each of us in this altar in the process!

@skaiatemple I don’t know if it’s alright to tag you directly but I know this pertains to the Festival so I thought you may like to see it!! Happy Festival of Time and vernal equinox everyone!!!


Maiko performance by Teruhide Tomori
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Located : Heian Jingu Shrine, Kyoto. 京都 / 平安神宮 

Aqours DIARY: Everyone’s Diary (November 2016)
Caption: Heave-ho, heave-ho! Autumn’s festivals are where You makes her debut♪

Autumn is the season of festivals!
But when it comes to festivals there’s all sorts, like the school’s cultural festival, or the children association’s festival, or the shopping mall’s festival—.
But no matter how you look at it, when it comes to a festival that’s held across Japan simultaneously—.
It’s gotta be this♡
The shrine’s annual autumn festival~!!
Autumn is the season for giving thanks to the gods for that year’s harvest, after all.

I’ve loved festivals ever since I was still a small kid!
Starting early in the morning, don-don-don— once I hear the distant sound of taiko drums and faint traces of festival music— Jeez, I’m the type who gets pumped up from that and can’t sit still any longer.
In Aqours, there are only about two people with this personality, and they are—.
Of course there’s me, and— Chika-chan~♡

Up until middle school we were always responsible for hoisting the children’s portable shrine together, so we would eat yakisoba and tonjiru at the food stands in the afternoon— and go play at the festival.
The old ladies would dance the Bon Festival dance a lot in their yukatas, and even though the summer festival’s fireworks are great too— When the portable shrine makes its entrance, that’s when it really feels like a festival and gets hyped up!!

Heave-ho, heave-ho!

While hearing everyone’s loud voices echoing and feeling the weight of the portable shrine—.
It feels almost as though I’ve become one of the rowers on a large boat.
From here on, let’s all put our strength together, and set sail to the gods’ boat♪
Watch out ahead, yousoro!
Let’s make this fun autumn day as hyped up as we can!♡

Source: Dengeki G’s Magazine November 2016 issue

Tattoo work by @asakusahorikazu and #chibahoritoshi The bumps on this gentleman’s shoulder come from carrying the heavy wooden mikoshi shrine during #sanjamatsuri #festival in #Asakusa #tokyo #travelinmick #worldoftattoogallery #tattootravel #tattootour #tattoo #travel #travelphotography #portraitphotography #portrait #japan #japantattoo #japanesetattoo #tebori #irezumi #asia #asiatravel #aroundtheworld by travelinmicktattoo

One of the highlights of the sacred Aoi Festival occurs when women dressed in the fashions of the Heian period seek purification by rinsing their hands in ponds inside the precincts of Kamigamo-jinja Shinto Shrine and Shimogamo Shrine. (Photo taken at Shimogamo Shrine.) The annual festival has alternated from one shrine to the other since around the 8th century.
(Photos: Nakata Akira)


More photos of Iwami vs Free! the anime.

I forgot heartbreak point was also the place where Mako and Haru went to talk in season 1 as they over looked the festival.  

The shrine where the boys go to before their races is right next to the beach near Mako and Haru’s house.

The last photo was the farthest point to get to on the Iwami adventure, the house Rin saw in his dream.