shrimp dishes

“Live now at Sayazagi Academy! We at SDS News have recieved a tip that a group of students here are planning to open up not only an idol group but a host club as well!! A daunting task indeed~ Look I believe here’s one of their member’s now!!

“Hello there! You’re a member of the new idol hostclub group here correct? Could you tell us what your name is?”

Mhmm yep !! My name is Yvari!! Y-V-A-R-I !! But if you spell it with an ‘i’ that’s okayyy~  

“Wonderful! So why exactly did you want to join the club?”

That’s easy~ I wanna tell everyone about how great my family’s shrimp dishes are!! We run a restaurant you see.. it’s waaayy over there by the coast! I’m usually in charge of bringing the customers in and I figured if I became an idol or a host with fans and a bigger audience then it’d be a whole lot easier to fill the place!

“Is there something special you personally hope to accomplish in the group this year?”

Hmm it’d be really fun to have many many dinners together…… what? that’s not an accomplishment? Well I hope we all become really great friends and have lots of fans and customers!! So maybe we can ALL have a really big celebratory dinner together!! heheh ~ <3

“I see. So final question, what would you like to tell your fans?”

I hope you like our performances, and I’m so excited to be able to spend time with you! …..Please visit my family’s restaurant!! We have over 50 appetizing dishes to choose from and if you walk in with this flyer you’ll get a fre— huh? hey!! Please dont walk away im not finished!!!!


sir-celestyn  asked:

Hi! Questions! What's your favorite food and why?

Awh snap uhmmm my favorite food is…….

This is a hard question I can’t just pick one thing??? Like, I need categories. 

Fave Dessert: Blackberry Cobbler with Vanilla Ice Cream

Fave Snack: Cheddar Jack Cheezits

Fave Candy: Sprees (The Green and blue ones)

Favorite Meat: Steak Medium Rare

Favorite Veggie: Broccoli

Favorite Seafood: Salmon the way Aubrey cooks it

Favorite Restaurant Dish: Shrimp Pad Thai from Bonefish Grill

Favorite Thing I Make: Chili!!

Favorite Thing Dad Makes: Baked Steaks

Fave Thing Mom Makes: Mexican Ramen

You see there’s no such thing as just food. 

Recipe of the Day: Shrimp-and-Grits Casserole
Load everything you love about the lowcountry favorite — creamy grits, smoky sausage, melted cheddar and tender shrimp — into one casserole dish.

In celebration of the exhibition One-Way Ticket: Jacob Lawrence’s Migration Series and Other Visions of the Great Movement North, Marcus Samuelsson, chef and owner of Red Rooster in Harlem; Abram Bissell, executive chef of The Modern​ and ArtFood; and Dan Jackson, executive chef of Cafe 2 and Terrace 5 at MoMA​, collaborated to create special menu items, like this Southern-style shrimp and grits dish. Ask your server for details next time you’re dining at the Museum.

[Image courtesy Union Square Hospitality Group]

Long time no write. How have you been? I’ve been in Portugal and France to get delicious food and great experience. It was too warm in Portugal. The rain coat which I bought for the rainy season was unnecessary, instead just an obstacle. Then I moved to Paris 19th November just after the police raid in Saint Denis. I was really afraid that people in Paris should get depressed, but they behaved amiably and confidently. I was deeply impressed by their toughness and courage. I came to love France more and more. Well, let me go back to the subject. Today’s bento is consisting of grilled chicken marinated Miso, Kinpira Gobou, Japanese thick omelette, and curry cream shrimps with apples. This shrimp dish was inspired by a dish I experienced at A NOSTO, very popular tapas in Paris. I was very suprised that curry flavoured shrimps did accord with apples. Awesome discovery!

Mango Basil Shrimp

i love mangoes!! but i must thank my good friend mariae’s grandma for the idea for my salsa.a few years ago her grandmother made her version of a mango salsa/pico de gallo type sauce for a family gathering.supposedly it's a Filipino dish served usually with fish dishes.i fell in love with this food accent i made my own and added a little flare.i diced up some red and white onions, basil,cilantro and some Mandarin oranges i found in my pantry.a little salt n pepper, diced red pepper and lemon and lime juice.Oh of course mangoes.sadly my mangoes were no where near being riped i mean they were baseballs,but the juice from the limes and lemons soften it up so that worked out.i grilled up some shrimp and served it on a bed of rice.and voila!!yummy in my tummy.