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Meal | Youngjae (m)

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Summary: After a nice fancy meal, you and your SD Youngjae head back to his place.

Pairing: Youngjae/Reader
AU: Sugar Daddy!Youngjae
Genre: Smut
Rating: M
Warnings: daddy kink, dirty talk, pinning, spanking, choking
Word Count: 1,495

A/N: a really generic SD AU but i am who i am

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“Live now at Sayazagi Academy! We at SDS News have recieved a tip that a group of students here are planning to open up not only an idol group but a host club as well!! A daunting task indeed~ Look I believe here’s one of their member’s now!!

“Hello there! You’re a member of the new idol hostclub group here correct? Could you tell us what your name is?”

Mhmm yep !! My name is Yvari!! Y-V-A-R-I !! But if you spell it with an ‘i’ that’s okayyy~  

“Wonderful! So why exactly did you want to join the club?”

That’s easy~ I wanna tell everyone about how great my family’s shrimp dishes are!! We run a restaurant you see.. it’s waaayy over there by the coast! I’m usually in charge of bringing the customers in and I figured if I became an idol or a host with fans and a bigger audience then it’d be a whole lot easier to fill the place!

“Is there something special you personally hope to accomplish in the group this year?”

Hmm it’d be really fun to have many many dinners together…… what? that’s not an accomplishment? Well I hope we all become really great friends and have lots of fans and customers!! So maybe we can ALL have a really big celebratory dinner together!! heheh ~ <3

“I see. So final question, what would you like to tell your fans?”

I hope you like our performances, and I’m so excited to be able to spend time with you! …..Please visit my family’s restaurant!! We have over 50 appetizing dishes to choose from and if you walk in with this flyer you’ll get a fre— huh? hey!! Please dont walk away im not finished!!!!


Foodie Friday: Beer-Batter Fried Shrimp!

-Large, shelled and deveined shrimp with tail on (I used 21/25, but larger shrimp like 26/30 work just as well)
-Frying oil (any oil that has a high smoking point - corn or canola oils, for instance; avoid lower temperature oils like olive, which will burn and bitter at such high temperatures)
-Choice of beer (I went with a darker, hazelnut beer from a local brewery)

*Warning: This is a deep fry dish, using large amounts of extremely hot oil. Please observe fire safety and wear appropriate clothing. Use a heat-safe thermometer to monitor the temperature of your oil consistently. If your oil ignites, do not put water on it or attempt to pour it out. Simply turn off the heat and cover with a metal lid and allow the fire to suffocate. If you are burned by the oil, treat the burn immediately. Safety first, even in the kitchen!

1) Fill a pot with oil until it’s deep enough for frying (generally no more than half full) and heat it to 350 degrees (Fahrenheit).

2) While the oil is heating, mix the flour, salt, pepper, and paprika. Gradually add your beer while constantly stirring until it reaches a smooth, thick batter consistency.

3) Dredge the shrimp in flour, then dip into the batter to coat.

4) CAREFULLY lower the shrimp by the tail into the frying oil. Allow the batter to bloom for a moment before letting it to (the batter needs to puff up a bit; dropping it immediately into the oil will cause it to hit the bottom of the pot and stick).

5) When the shrimp reaches a golden brown color and is floating, lift it out of the oil and use a thermometer to check the internal temperature. It is done when it is at or above 145 degrees. Transfer to a plate with paper towels.

6) Repeat the process for all of the shrimp to be eaten. Serve with cocktail sauce, or tartar sauce! Great as a side dish or on their own!

Magical Ingredient!

“I don’t think we can finish all of this shrimp.” In all honesty, this was probably one of the least thought out phrases I have ever said to my boyfriend just before dinner. Though my favorite seafood is lobster, his is most definitely shrimp, and between the two of us, a pound was gone in less than thirty minutes. As one one of the most easily available forms of seafood, and one of the most commonly served, it’s hard to imagine what my life would be like without the little crustacean. 

It is also a popular food item that I almost never see mentioned in witchcraft. More often than not, magical dishes featuring shrimp have more of a focus on the herbs and spices, which is understandable, but given that these animals have a role to play in the meal as well, I feel it’s important to explore their significance.

As a food source, shrimp have been fished for centuries, with some evidence of fishing and drying being found in the Americas prior to European colonization, and depictions of shrimp on some of the pottery discovered in Pompeii. However, crustacean middens (remains of shells, et cetera) have been discovered in much earlier, prehistoric sites.

In general, larger shrimp (or prawns, if you’re in Europe) are the targets for fishing, and shrimp trawling was a common practice since the 1500′s. They became far more popular as a food source in California around the 19th century as Chinese immigrants during the Gold Rush began fishing shrimp in the San Francisco area. Over time, trawling became the most effective means by which to fish shrimp.

By the 20th century the environmental damage caused by shrimp trawling became more of a concern, as the damage to the sea floor was significant and the practice came with a high rate of bycatch (catching other sea life not desired, such as sea turtles, dolphins, and endangered species of fish and wildlife). As a result, shrimp farming became a far more desirable practice and has since all but replaced the shrimp fishing industry.

The term “shrimp” refers to a rather broad category of long-bodied crustaceans, which fill a variety of roles in the environment. Some are decomposers, while others feed on algae, seaweed, or are even predatory (such as the mantis shrimp, whose fast-moving claws are capable of cracking clam shells). They also are a primary source of food for various sea life, making them a vital part of the environment.

In folklore, shrimp aren’t easy to find. Often they are discussed in tandem with fish, and have developed many of the same associations. However it is important to note that some cultures explicitly forbade the consumption of shellfish, giving them an association with uncleanliness and disease (as in the case of Judaism, in which shrimp and other shellfish are not considered kosher).

From what we know of fish, shrimp can be associated with wealth, luck, and prosperity, and each of these associations are apt. Wealth and prosperity are often linked with animals and plants that are prolific, and shrimp are capable of mass reproduction - the supply of shrimp today tends to outweigh the demand due to the efficiency with which they can be bred. Furthermore, the bright red and pink coloring that shrimp develops when it is cooked can be linked with luck and wealth.

As I’d mentioned before, I hardly ever see any mention of shrimp in magic, so from this point on, I’ll be explaining what I use them for in my own practice.

More often than not, I cook shrimp with the aforementioned intentions, but I can also add frugality and happiness to the list. Shrimp are often in abundance and are one of the least expensive seafood options out there, while still being a rather healthy food depending on how it is prepared. As such, I use them in money-drawing dishes in tandem with spells meant to encourage wise spending habits.

Because shrimp also make for more romantic foods such as shrimp scampi or alfredo, I also associate them with love and happiness, as well as comfort. They’re simple, filling, and romantic while not being as grandiose as lobster.

But there’s more than just the meat that can be used! The shells can be ground up and added to powders linked with the same associations - for love spells or luck spells in particular.

This unassuming food option is not the first to come to mind when “kitchen witchery” is mentioned. It’s humble, rarely seen. But next time you cook up some seafood delight with these decapods, consider what they may bring to your dish, both in flavor and energy. Their uses may surprise you!

May all your meals be blessed! )O(


From grilled-pork banh mi to chicken meatballs in lettuce wraps, here are some delicious Vietnamese recipes.

Spiced Beef Pho with Sesame-Chile Oil

Ingredients: 26

The rice vermicelli soup pho is a staple all over Vietnam and this spicy beef version is the specialty of Hanoi. At home in Connecticut, Marcia Kiesel often eats it for breakfast, as the Vietnamese do. “It’s a perfect meal and an invigorating way to start the day,” she says. She’s tried innumerable phos but considers the recipe from Binh Duong, her co-author on Simple Art of Vietnamese Cooking, to be the best.

Source: Food & Wine

Vermicelli with Chicken Skewers and Nuoc Cham

In this version of a Vietnamese dish, individual piles of cucumber, fresh herbs, and grilled chicken are arranged on a platter of vermicelli and bean sprouts. Tangy nuoc cham sauce is poured over all. As each diner takes a portion, the components intermingle.

Source: Food & Wine

Grilled-Pork Banh Mi

Luke Nguyen grew up in Australia and learned to cook at his Vietnamese parents’ restaurant. He later opened his own restaurant, The Red Lantern, in Sydney. On his first visit to Saigon 11 years ago, he had this simple sandwich filled with peppery pork and hoisin sauce.

Source: Food & Wine

Vietnamese-Style Iced Coffee

Cold-brewing involves steeping ground coffee in cold water. RBC NYC coffee bar uses the method here.

Source: Food & Wine

Spicy Vietnamese Chicken Sandwiches

The Vietnamese accents here come from Sriracha (Southeast Asian chile sauce) and sweet-salty pickled onions.

Source: Food & Wine

Vietnamese-Style Jumbo Shrimp on Sugarcane

Exotic as it is delicious, this jumbo shrimp dish is the perfect dinner party appetizer.

Source: Food & Wine

Vietnamese Chicken Salad

Bold flavors star in this Vietnamese salad—acidic lime juice, hot pepper, salty soy sauce, and cooling herbs. The combination of mint and cilantro is typical and refreshing, but you can use only one herb, or leave them both out completely if you prefer.

Source: Food & Wine

Ike’s Vietnamese Fish Sauce Wings

Chef-owner Andy Ricker, who takes annual trips to Southeast Asia, first tried fish sauce wings at a roadside stand in Saigon seven years ago. He scribbled down his guess at the ingredients on a paper napkin, which he carried with him until Pok Pok opened.

Source: Food & Wine

Lemongrass-Barbecued Pork with Rice-Vermicelli Salad

Mai My Lin, one of the chefs Marcia Kiesel met at the Nha Trang night market, prepares an aromatic and pungent marinade for grilled pork with two quintessential Vietnamese ingredients—lemongrass and fish sauce. The real surprise here is Mai’s zesty Carrot and Daikon Pickles, which are amazing with the smoky grilled meat.

Source: Food & Wine

Country Pâté Banh Mi

Silken tofu blended with lemongrass and lime juice is a terrific dairy-free stand-in for mayonnaise in this riff on the Vietnamese banh mi sandwich. Adam Erace sometimes makes the sandwich with local scrapple (a hash of pork scraps and trimmings combined with cornmeal and shaped into a log or loaf).

Source: Food & Wine

Crunchy Vietnamese Chicken Salad

Chef Way Eric and Sophie Banh like to poach the chicken for this vibrant dish, then toss the salad with a homemade scallion oil.

Easy Way To save time, use store-bought rotisserie chicken and skip the scallion oil; the salad already gets plenty of flavor from the spicy, vinegary dressing and abundance of fresh herbs.

Source: Food & Wine

Shrimp and Jicama Rolls with Chili-Peanut Sauce

At school in Vietnam, Charles Phan and his classmates would buy these chewy rice-paper rolls, filled with crunchy jicama and sweet shrimp, from enterprising street vendors who set up their stalls in the playground at dismissal time. Phan loves the neatness of including the sauce in the roll rather than serving it alongside, but he often makes extra for those who insist on dipping.

Source: Food & Wine

Joyce’s Vietnamese Chicken Meatballs in Lettuce Wraps

Small Bites by Jennifer Joyce takes the popular restaurant trend of small plates and turns it into a fresh style of entertaining. Joyce’s party recipes are clever but extremely doable: She gives chicken meatballs a heavenly sticky glaze, for instance, by rolling them in sugar before baking.

Source: Food & Wine

Piquillo-Pepper Num Pangs

To save time, Ratha Chau suggests spiking store-bought pesto with chiles, lime and fish sauce instead of making the pesto here.

Source: Food & Wine

Banh Cuon

Banh cuon (“rolling cake”) are tender rice-flour crêpes filled with a luscious mix of pork and mushrooms and topped with fried shallots. Marcia Kiesel steams the stuffed crêpes in big batches on a baking sheet in the oven to get them on the table more quickly.

Source: Food & Wine

Crispy Vietnamese Crêpes with Shrimp, Pork and Bean Sprouts

When Charles Phan samples banh xeo (a.k.a. “happy pancakes”) at Vietnamese restaurants, he often finds that they aren’t crisp enough. Phan thinks the perfect crêpe should be lacy thin and crackly crisp. After years of obsessive experimentation, he recommends refrigerating the batter overnight, so the starches have time to relax, then cooking the crêpes in a nonstick pan.

Source: Food & Wine

Bananas in Coffee Bean Syrup

Every morning in Nha Trang, Marcia Kiesel topped yogurt with these bananas steeped in warm, bittersweet coffee syrup; they’re also delicious over vanilla ice cream for dessert. Make sure the bananas you choose for this recipe are ripe but still firm, so they don’t get mushy.

Source: Food & Wine


Planting and maintaining beds of asparagus isn’t hard, but it’s important to know what you’re doing. If you want to harvest a bumper crop (I think that’s everyone’s goal) you have to refrain from being greedy the for the first several seasons.

Four years ago we planted asparagus crowns in two beds. The next spring when the spears poked through the ground, we successfully ignored them, so that the fronds could begin to feed the root system. Last year we picked for only a couple of weeks, and this year we plan to extend our harvesting to three. The idea is that if we maintain this schedule for the first five or so years, we’ll eventually have enough asparagus to eat to our heart’s content.

I found this tasty, somewhat unusual recipe from The New York Times, and it was a hands-down winner. It calls for lots of seasonings, rather than just butter or olive oil, and salt and pepper that I usually use. It has a bit of a sweet, salty taste and the toasted walnuts add protein as well as a little crunch.

The recipe doesn’t call for shrimp, but I read one reviewer had added it and loved the addition, and seeing as I was sort of looking for more of an entree rather than I sidedish, I included it too.

Wok-fried asparagus with walnuts, from The New York Times.


  • 1 ½ pounds asparagus, pencil-size or medium
  • 2 tablespoons vegetable oil
  • Salt
  • ½ teaspoon ground black pepper
  • ¼ teaspoon five-spice powder
  • 1 teaspoon grated garlic
  • 2 teaspoons grated ginger
  • 1 tablespoon palm sugar or dark brown sugar
  • 1 to 2 bird’s-eye chiles, thinly sliced, or use serrano or Fresno chiles
  • 2 teaspoons soy sauce
  • ½ cup toasted walnut halves
  • 1 teaspoon toasted sesame oil
  • 3 green onions, slivered
  • Cilantro sprigs, for garnish


Snap off and discard bottoms of asparagus, then cut into 2-inch pieces. (Halve thicker pieces lengthwise first.)

Set a wok over high heat and add vegetable oil. When oil is hot, add asparagus and season lightly with salt. Stir-fry for a minute or so, then add pepper, five-spice powder, garlic, ginger, sugar, chiles, soy sauce and walnuts. Continue cooking over high heat for 1 to 2 minutes, tossing to coat well, until asparagus is cooked but still firm and bright green. (It will continue to cook a bit off the heat.)

Transfer asparagus to a serving platter and drizzle with sesame oil. Sprinkle green onions over the top and garnish with cilantro sprigs.

Note: If you decide to add shrimp to this dish, I sauteed 1 pound of raw shrimp in the wok until just done. I removed the shrimp from the wok and set them aside in a dish. I then cleaned out my wok with water and some paper towels, and proceeded with the asparagus recipe. When the asparagus dish was in its final minute or so of cooking, I added the warm shrimp, and cooked everything together.


Dim sum by Anek Suwannaphoom

*Request: Imagine Juice doing a romantic dinner for your birthday.

“What you and your old lady doing for her birthday?” Tig asked Juice. “I want to do something special for her but I don’t know how to do any of that romantic shit.” Juice exclaimed. just as Juice and Tig were walking into the clubhouse talking about your birthday he spots Tara and Ima walking out. “Hey Tara! Hold up, I got a question.” Tara stopped dead in her tracks and said, “What’s up?” .. “Well Y\N birthday is in 3 days and I don’t know exactly what to do for her or get for her. You now she was very spoiled by her dad and shit growing up so I have some very big shoes to fill especially since I was in jail for her last 2 birthdays.” Juice said. “Maybe you should plan something different. take her out of what you two are used to doing on a regular.” Ima stated. “Yeah, take her on a trip or get her something only you know means close to her. women long for a man to pay close attention to details, so just think about something she told you from a long time ago and go from there.” Tara said. 

Thinking about the conversation he had with Tara and Ima, Juice thought about every detail he could to give you a bomb ass gift. You never asked him for much, when he offered you money. you would decline and that bothered him because he felt as if that was his duty to take care of you, his old lady. You were very independent and spoiled yourself often, so whenever he attempted to spoil you he would be at a dead end because you got everything you wanted by yourself. “Babe” You said walking into the apartment with groceries in hand. “Need help?” Juice asked you greeting you with a kiss. You smiled and said, “Yes please, what would I do without my big strong man to help me with the heavy stuff?” You both laughed. “I’m making enchiladas tonight baby.” “Sounds great babe, but uh I wanted to know what you wanted for your birthday?” Juice asked you. “Nothing baby. you’re all I need.” You smiled and kissed him going into the room to change clothes. “I was afraid you were going to say something like that.” He said under his breathe.


“She’s so hard to fucking figure out.” Juice said taking a sip from his beer. “Did you take the advice from the girls?” Opie asked. “I’ve been racking my brain trying to figure out what it is that she would like but she shuts down literally everything i bring to the table. It’s like she hates for me to do anything special for her.” Juice deeply hatred the fact that you never let him do anything or buy anything special for you. it made him feel like less of a man, at first he liked that you were independent but now it annoys the fuck out of him. “Why dont you propose to her?” A drunk Bobby said. “You know that’s not a bad idea.” Juice said. “Don’t listen to Bobby, what the hell.” Jax said. “No, she loves me and was there for me while I was in jail. She’s the perfect woman and I love her ALOT. We’ve talked about it and all but I’m just thinking of this now.” Juice said.

“If you’re going to marry her, think about it when you’re sober and make sure she wants it too.” Clay said. “What?! You’re finally gonna pop the question to Little Miss Prissy?” Gemma said. “Calm down babe.” Clay said. “I’m just playing baby, but it’s about time that woman may be a little stuck up but she’s a very good woman to you and loves you through all your bullshit. Get her the ring!.” Gemma said. Soon as the word ring was said again it finally popped into Juice’s head on what to get you. He had one more day left until your birthday was there. He went home that night happy as hell knowing you would love the gift he had in mind for you.


“Hey man, I need to get this ring fixed, cleaned, or whatever the fuck you guys do to dirty old rings.” Juice said to the guy at the counter in the pawn shop. The short Asian man said, “Come back in two hours and it will be ready.” “Alright how much?” Juice asked before exiting the store. “$100″ The clerk said and Juice nodded his head and made his way to Happy’s house. “Hey man, you ready? I got two hours to go get the ring.” Juice asked. “Yeah, I’m already set up in here.” Juice sat in the chair, took off his shirt ,and let Happy tatt him up… After 30 minutes Happy said, “All done. That”’s a nice ass tatt.” “Thanks, man.” Juice said. No problem brother.”.. While walking to the pawn shop Juice noticed a jacket in the window of a thrift store that stood out, he looked at it and just walked off. 

“Babe, Oh my God!” You said walking into the kitchen. There were two plates on the table with your favorite drink and foods. There was fried dish and shrimp and boiled crawfish and snow crab. then there was your favorite drink which was strawberry crush along with a small chocolate cake. You looked at Juice and said,” Baby thank you, this means so much to me. You got all my favorites.”  “That’s not all” He said showing you a face portrait of you on his upper back with your name on side of it. “Holy shit babe! That looks painful but so beautiful.” You said laughing, while you had your head turned he gave you a ring you knew from a long time ago. It was your grandfathers ring that he had given you from when you were a child and Juice also brought out a jacket that looked just like a jacket your grandpa had given you but you had lost. you were extremely close with him so you instantly started to cry. “You have no idea how much this mean to me Juan.” You said in a serious tone. “I thought I would never be able to wear this ring again.” You said to him. “Baby I do anything for you.” He said.

One more shrimp spam! Here’s a video I just took after putting some food in the tank for my shrimp (blue velvets, which are blue colored cherry shrimp, and tangerine tigers, which are a yellowish tiger shrimp). These are freshwater shrimp! They require stable tropical temperatures, clean filtered water with regular partial changes, and benefit greatly from live plants. They are TINY and even very small fish can eat them or harm them so they are in a tank just for shrimp!  The glass dish is to help keep particles of their food pellet from going down into the substrate and fowling it. It helps them clean it all up, yum!! Their food is a special hobbyist-made pellet of all organic (because pesticides/herbicides can kill these delicate little water bugs) veggies and such. BECAUSE I AM JUST THAT MUCH OF A SHRIMP NERD.
If you want little gems like these, you can do it, but please do lots of research first to make sure you provide for their needs. If you can, you will be rewarded with fun and active little dudes!

||Don’t Feed the Strays||


Dis sighed and settled herself down on a bench beneath a large tree, its leaves creating a pattern of shadows and sunlight across her skin. She stretched to try and get the aches out of her neck and back, hearing a small ‘pop’ from her spine. Everything felt so stiff… but that was just what happened when you stayed up half the night working to fulfil all the requests you’d gotten. She was lucky she didn’t smell of Angar Root and Kelpie mane after making all those potions.

At least now that was done she’d had time to cook herself a nice meal and stop by the park to eat it before making her deliveries. It was strange how after a night of cooking up brews in her workshop, she could relax by cooking up a storm in the kitchen. But that sort of thing had always helped her de-stress.

She looked at the food she’d set down beside her. Since she was in Japan for a conference that was happening in the next few days, she’d made a traditional Japanese bento. A large three-stacked red lacquered box with little pink and white blossoms filled with enough food for two people. Or it would have been if she didn’t eat like a horse.

Taking the chopsticks and the top container, she set them on her lap, then took the second one and placed it on the other side, taking off the lid to reveal perfectly cooked sticky rice with sesame furikake. The container in her lap was filled with lightly battered shrimp tempura, side dishes of rolled tamagoyaki, pickled root vegetables, Japanese potato salad, and even two small containers of tempura sauce and soy sauce. As soon as she opened it up, the food greeted her with its pleasant arrangement and delicious aroma, making her mouth water. This was going to be amazing.

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What Israel Means To Natalie Portman…A Touching Description Of Her Homeland

“Israel is … by Natalie Portman

Where I was born. Where I ate my first Popsicle and used a proper toilet for the first time. Where some of my 18-year-old friends spend their nights in bunkers sleeping with their helmets on. Where security guards are the only jobs in surplus. Where deserts bloom and pioneer stories are sentimentalized. Where a thorny, sweet cactus is the symbol of the ideal Israeli. Where immigrating to Israel is called “ascending” and emigrating from Israel is called “descending.” Where my grandparents were not born, but where they were saved.

Where the year passes with the season of olives, of almonds, of dates. Where the transgressive pig or shrimp dish speaks defiantly from a Jerusalem menu. Where, despite substantial exception, secularism is the rule. Where wine is religiously sweet. Where “Arabic homes” is a positive real estate term with no sense of irony.

Where there is endless material for dark humor. Where there are countless words for “to bother,” but no single one yet for “to pleasure.” Where laughter is the currency; jokes the religion. Where political parties multiply more quickly than do people. Where to become religious is described as “returning to an answer” and becoming secular “returning to a question.”

Where six citizens have won Nobel prizes in 50 years. Where the first one earned an Olympic gold in 2004 for sailing (an Israeli also won the bronze for judo). Where there is snow two hours north and hamsin (desert wind) two hours south. Where Moses never was allowed to walk, but whose streets we litter.

here the language in which Abraham spoke to Isaac before he was to sacrifice him has been resuscitated to include the words for “sweatshirt” and “schadenfreude” and “chemical warfare” and “press conference.”

Where the muezzin chants, and the church bells sound and the shofars cry freely at the Wall. Where the shopkeepers bargain. Where the politicians bargain.

Where there will one day be peace but never quiet.

Where I was born; where my insides refuse to abandon

Recipe of the Day: Shrimp-and-Grits Casserole
Load everything you love about the lowcountry favorite — creamy grits, smoky sausage, melted cheddar and tender shrimp — into one casserole dish.

Long time no write. How have you been? I’ve been in Portugal and France to get delicious food and great experience. It was too warm in Portugal. The rain coat which I bought for the rainy season was unnecessary, instead just an obstacle. Then I moved to Paris 19th November just after the police raid in Saint Denis. I was really afraid that people in Paris should get depressed, but they behaved amiably and confidently. I was deeply impressed by their toughness and courage. I came to love France more and more. Well, let me go back to the subject. Today’s bento is consisting of grilled chicken marinated Miso, Kinpira Gobou, Japanese thick omelette, and curry cream shrimps with apples. This shrimp dish was inspired by a dish I experienced at A NOSTO, very popular tapas in Paris. I was very suprised that curry flavoured shrimps did accord with apples. Awesome discovery!