shrimp ball


In retrospect, the link wasn’t a super great bait shape for this ball- a shrimp would be better- but this is still pretty cute, I think! Feeder puzzles like this ball are great ways to add a little enrichment and stimulus to your tegu’s feeding time!

All TotA Recipe Variations

Rice Ball

Luke: Shrimp Rice Ball (+Shrimp)
Guy: Seafood Rice Ball (+any fish)
Jade: Salmon Rice Ball (+Salmon)
Anise: Beef Rice Ball (+Beef)
Natalia: Chicken Rice Ball (+Chicken)


Tear: Carbonara (+Milk)
Guy: Seafood Pasta (+any fish)
Jade: Engeve-style Pasta (+Miso)
Natalia: Cheese Pasta (+Cheese)


Luke: Chicken Sandwich (+Chicken)
Tear: Apple Bread (+Apple)
Guy: Fish Sandwich (+any fish)
Anise: Fruit Sandwich (+Strawberry)
Natalia: Cheese Sandwich (+Cheese)

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Send to throw the following at my muse for there reaction

💩- poop
💧- water
🎂- cake
🍟- French Fries
🚽- a toilet
👖- pants
🎁- presents
👠- shoes
👜- bag
👒- hat
👓 -pair of glasses
💄 -make up
🎃 -pumpkin
🎈 -Balloons
💣 -a bomb
💰- money
✂ -scissors
📚 -books
⚽- ball
☕- coffee or tea
🍼- babies bottle
🍺- beer
🍕 -pizza
🍔- burger
🍗- chicken
🍤- fried shrimp
🍙- rice ball
🍡- dango
🍞- bread
🍩- donut
🍦- icecream
🍬- candy
🍋 -lemon
🍌- banana
🍅- tomato
🐍 -snake
🐜 -bugs
🐟 -fish
🍄- mushrooms
🌹 -roses

Taken (Closed RP with totally-not-a-makoto-blog and sparklingsei)

Things were really working out well for the two of them. Seijuro and Makoto had been dating for a few years now, and honestly, things couldn’t be better. Seijuro had a decent job that provided for both of them pretty well, and Makoto had a part-time job of his own to help supplement their income. And Seijuro was planning to pop the question pretty soon.

He and Makoto were at the park having a picnic. Seijuro had prepared a modest meal of rice balls and shrimp tempura for the two of them, and they’d eaten it right up. The sun was just about to start going down, and Seijuro reached over to take Makoto’s hand. “This has been a really nice day, hasn’t it?”

( totally-not-a-makoto-blog )

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Modern samurai Isao Machii is attacked by three assassins - an orange, a fried shrimp and a glowing ball. He cuts the assassins hurtling towards him into two with a single ”Iaido” sword stroke!