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I think it doesn't makes sense that Han Solo is not his real name. I once read that it was meant to be a play on words to be like John Doe: the thing about him is that he's that, a John Doe, Juan Nadie (no one in Spanish),Solo like solitude. It's sad if its his real name, but ridiculous if it isn't. I mean,you're a lonely child and name yourself the space version of John Doe?I don't think so!Han Solo with his awkwardness and the innocence of a child would have named himself something super cool!

Maybe, according to the EU he is an orphan who was in the streets when a guy named Shrike took him in to his ship (the Trader’s Luck) and Han would steal and sell stuff for this guy who apparently knew who he was but wouldn’t tell him. Then he found out about his parents (his mom’s name was Jaina - and Han named his daughter after her) and Solo was actually his surname so I guess the new movie could go that way, with Han finding out where he comes from and then getting the name Han Solo as it is actually his name. And of course the article could have meant figuratively and it’s about his reputation and not actually his name. We’ll only know when the movie is out I guess!

Great Grey Shite
This ice cold motherfucker is what’s called a “predatory songbird.”
It really should be called a “Murder-Bird”, because the homicidal little shrike feeds on small mammals and other birds and, I swear I am not making this up, often impales them on thorns or barbed wire fences. That is some sick shit, right there. It’s scientific name, Lanius excubitor, literally means “sentinel butcher”.

Bonus Fact: If you look into the cold, black abyss of their eyes you can see evil.

drew a quick toukomaru, which is my dangan ronpa otp!

cute perfect mutually supportive girlfriends

Some fun little tidbits that were either explicitly confirmed or just learned by me for the first time in the new overwatch lore descriptions for the skins:

  • Pharah’s ancestors have been soldiers for generations
  • Ana was second-in-command under Strike Commander Morrison
  • “Shrike” is Ana’s current superhero alter-ego and she’s a wanted criminal in Egypt for her vigilante and espionage activities. In the Egyptian military, her callsign was “Horus.”
  • Ana “uses her skills and expertise to defend her home and the people she cares for” which to me says that at least once Ana has long-range sleep-darted someone trying to attack Pharah as just going about her day, unaware up to that point that her mother was anywhere nearby
  • Reyes was the first commander of Overwatch under the Omnic crisis, and Morrison was promoted to Strike Commander when the crisis ended. He held this post for “decades” which confirms that the original omnic crisis lasted no more than ten years
  • Zarya retired from weightlifting competition and enlisted in the armed forces the day before the World Championships
  • It is canon that Lucio skis and plays hockey and soccer, although hockey is his favorite. Also his most recent album was a huge hit
  • Genji’s Nomad skin is an outfit he wore during his years traveling the world trying to come to terms with his new form
  • Amelie was a famous Parisian ballerina before she was Widowmaker
  • Sombra has done work for pay for Los Muertos, whether or not she was actually a member is still unclear
  • D.Va’s “junker” skins are mechs built for Mech Battles which are “one of the most popular forms of entertainment in Junkertown”
  • “Sparrow” was Genji’s childhood nickname given to him by his father
  • Hanzo and Genji’s father is named Shimada Sojiro
  • Genji has overcome his self-hatred and now views his form as a “higher humanity”