shrike the jolteon

Sona References

Shrike the Jolteon (Default Form)
Nature/Characteristic: Brave/Strong Willed
Ability: Volt Absorb
-Shadow Ball
-Pin Missile

Appearance: Shrike’s Jolteon sona has specifically canine characteristics.  His fur is shaggy and his spikes are typically soft to the touch, only sharpening when charged with static electricity.  All four of his paws are white, and he has blue eyes.  Like all forms he wears a red scarf and goggles.  The goggles have rounded rectangular lenses that lack any tint (they are clear) set in silver rims.  The band around his head and between lenses is a black elastic.

Personality: Jolteon form represents Shrike’s default personality.  He’s mature yet curious, liking to explore and learn stuff.  He’s the bravest of the three forms, willing to dive into ruins or other unexplored caves without hesitation as he lets his electricity light the way.

Shrike the Zorua
Nature/Characteristic: Timid/Mischievous
Ability: Illusion (Note: his illusions are solid, however he does not gain the target’s strength or moves)
-Night Daze
-Sucker Punch

Appearance: Zorua form is significantly smaller than Jolteon, roughly half the size.  He is extremely fluffy in this form, his fur being darker and blacker than a normal Zorua’s.  His eyes are green and as usual he wears a red scarf and goggles like Jolteon.

Personality: Shrike’s Zorua form represents his inner child and is both extremely playful while also shy and timid towards those he doesn’t know.  While he continues Jolteon’s curiosity, he lacks the nerve or spirit and is easily scared.  Despite his playful personality towards people he’s familiar with, Zorua has a mischievous side and he likes playing harmless pranks on his friends.

Shrike the Shiny Mew
Nature/Characteristic: Jolly/Likes to Relax
Ability: Synchronize
-Protect (Note: a stronger form of the psychic bubbles he can create, able to absorb a single attack and pop without harming him)
-Teleport (He can teleport more than just himself; any object or person he can see he is able to teleport.)

Appearance: Mew form is between Zorua and Jolteon in size.  While the least fluffy of the forms, Mew is still noticeably furrier than the average Mew.  Being a shiny Mew his fur is blue, and like Jolteon all four of his paws are white.  His eyes are a blue-green teal color, and once more he wears the same scarf and goggles.

Personality: Mew form presents somewhat of a balance between Jolteon and Zorua.  He’s not so curious, not so mature, not so childish, and not so bold or easily scared.  Ultimately Mew form represents Shrike’s happy, relaxed, carefree side.  If he could Mew form would wish to spend an entire day lounging on his bubbles and resting.  Beneath his exterior appearance lies a darker side, however, and it’s wise not to anger him as can easily be done by popping his bubbles…