We are all allowed and even encouraged to gift presents to ourselves. Pampering is not a luxury. When we are good to ourselves, we let the Universe know to send is even more reasons to receive presents so we can pass the love forward to our loved ones and even to strangers we meet. Remember, joy and beauty are contagions because they shine from within. So be good to yourself. You deserve it! #pravala #haircare #hairgrowth #hairgrowthserum #shreyasayurveda #shreyasinspired -> Shop -> Pravala (at Shreyas Ayurveda Beauty Temple)

All traditional cultures have had a spiritual relationship to the {Goddess} Moon. The Full Moon is a powerful time for abundance harvest. Let’s create beauty rituals that nourish our beauty while igniting our Inner Goddess. I like to say that “beauty is a powerful tool for spiritual empowerment”. Once we gain confidence in ourselves, stemming from the faith that we are divine beings before being humans, once we know that beauty is the path to enlightenment, once we learn the tool to radiate from within and stop conforming to the beauty standards imposed by pop culture and media, then we simply BECOME the best version of ourselves. It starts with our hair: our most creative magical tool. With our hair, we can express our true personality. When we love our hair, the way it is naturally, we develop rituals to care for our hair. And there’s no better time to treat our hair with some good old TLC than during full moon. Embrace YOU. Confidence and beauty are contagious so let the spiritual beauty revolution start with you. Say “I love my hair!” #pravala #hairgrowthserum #shreyasayurveda #shreyasinspired #ayurveda #fullmoon #goddess #goddessblend #natural #naturalhair -> shop -> Pravala Hair Serum (at Shreyas Ayurveda Beauty Temple)

The recipe to success is actually very simple. It starts with knowing who you are, what you’re about and keep your integrity. You Will nowhere by being the copy of someone who doing it already. You bring value through the originality of your character and your fesrlessness #beyou #beoriginal #loveyourself #shreyasinspired

Never forget: you are not alone. When you need a sign from {the sky} to tell you you’re on the right path, when you want an answer to a question or when you’re facing dilemma, ask your angels for a sign. They listen to you. Ask that their sign be something you understand with your human eyes and your human ears. Then just let it go and see the {magic} happen. In case of doubt, just listen to your intuition. Remember, the voice of your inner Goddess {Higher Self} is a peaceful, heart-warming song. Be in Peace! #angelblessing #angelmessage #angelmagic #celestialrealm #divinepower #listentoyourheart #shreyasinspired