shreyakijawani asked:

HELLO! Can you post some of the songs that automatically play when i come onto this page? esp kabira and mein tenu samjawa by nasha omg so perfect. I LOVE YOUR BLOG>>AND YOU FOR THAT MATTER.

Hi!! I normally post all the songs on my playlist in my audio tag or in my tanhayee playlist tag unless i forget  …the kabira unplugged version surely is uploaded here on tumblr…i remember it was doing the rounds on my dash aswell (maybe its in my likes, as i like everything and then i put it on queue to be posted on my blog), but i have it here for download aswell. I just posted the nasha version of mein tenu samjhawa ki, i tagged you in that post.

If there are any other songs/instrumentals missing for download please let me know, as most likely I have them saved in my dropbox and i can pass you the d/l link.