shrewsbury abbey

Daily Doux: TV’s Best Part Time Detectives

Dr. Mark Sloan (Diagnosis: Murder)

A medical doctor who occasionally works with his son, a cop with the LAPD, to solve murders. 

Jessica Flecter (Murder She Wrote)

A best selling mystery author who is always around to help solve the case when someone is murdered. 

Brother Cadfael (Cadfael)

A 12th century Benedictine monk living in an the Abbey in Shrewsbury with a sideline in armature sleuthing.

Sidney Chambers (Grantchester)

Cadfael’s 1950s equivalent, an Anglican vicar who aids his detective friend to solve crimes in scenic Cambridgeshire. 

Richard Castle (Castle)

Like Fletcher, Castle is another bestselling author who likes to solve crimes in his spare time. Unlike Fletcher, Castle had a regular partner in NYPD detective Kate Beckett. 

Jonathan Creek (Jonathan Creek)

The creative consultant to a stage magician who works with a revolving door of female partners to solve seemingly impossible crimes.

Ned (Pushing Daisies)

A pie maker with the remarkable ability to bring people back from the dead with a single touch. But only for one minute or someone else dies. Which is enough time for him, and his P.I. friend Emerson Cod, to ask murder victims how they died. 

Liv Moore (iZombie)

An assistant medical examiner who happens to be a zombie. Since the brains she eats give her visions of the deceased’s final moments she works with a detective in the Seattle PD to solve crimes.