shreveport times

The Times, Shreveport, Louisiana, August 16, 1891

Some men talk to a woman very much as they might talk to the wonderful automaton around at the museum when it plays a game of chess. “Why, bless my soul, it really seems to be thinking! What evident faculty of mental independence! It almost appears to possess the power of coherent thought!”

Hasten the day, dear Lord, when she shall be regarded as something wiser and nobler than an automaton, less perishable than a confection, more comforting and peace producing than a firearm, a veritable comrade for man at his best..


Man running for state legislature says he won’t patronize businesses that employ Muslims

Michael “Duke” Lowrie, a firefighter and paramedic, is a Republican running for the Louisiana House of Representatives. He also believes that the United States should boycott businesses owned by or employing Muslims, according to a report in the Shreveport Times. Lowrie announced his decision to seek election on Thursday, and by Friday afternoon, he was answering for a 2015 Facebook post in which he said that he did not intend to patronize businesses that had anything to do with Islam. Read more.