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Thick of It-Juice Ortiz Imagine

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Warnings: flashbacks of violence, swearing, some sensuality

A/N: It’s a continuation of my Sons of Anarchy series and I finally decided to make the pairing between the reader and Juice. Let me know if you want a final part :)

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     When Y/N woke up, the first thing she noticed was Juice sitting in the chair next to her bed, eyes trained on her. The second thing she noticed was how well the morphine that Tara gave her worked.

     “There she is,” Juice muttered with a small grin.

     “What are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be with the other guys?” Y/N’s voice was husky and laced with fatigue.

      “They’re working on finding the bastards who put you in this hospital bed. Opie and I are playing bodyguards right now.”

       “I feel so much safer,” Y/N teased.

       Juice didn’t seem to appreciate her joke as the line between his eyebrows deepened and he pressed his lips firmly together. “You know I would kill for you, right? Same as Ope, maybe even more.”

       “Yeah, I do know, it’s just…making fun of it ‘s nice way to cope with it.” Y/N placed her hand over Juice’s and stroked his knuckles. It was one of the few ways she tried to relax him when they were alone outside of more intimate, strenuous activities.

        Juice sighed and leaned forward. “I wanna tear him apart and I will as soon as we catch him.”

        “Get in line, I think I deserve first punch,” Y/N said.

        Juice shook his head. “You didn’t—couldn’t see how you looked when you first came in. All bloody and beaten—-you looked dead and…and I was so f-cking scared. You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me and I can’t stand the thought of-of you being taken away form me.”

        There were tears in Juice’s eyes and Y/N almost gasped at the sight. He was always strong, albeit a little dim at times, but he always maintained a tough exterior. Seeing him so vulnerable in that moment made something stir in the heart that Y/N didn’t know she had. Over the past year they had been secretly seeing each other, he had never been too vulnerable around her, but Y/N had never been extremely vulnerable around him either. He did have his moments of being super romantic, like their first Valentine’s day together when he got her a nice box of chocolates and two dozen roses because he couldn’t decide which she’d like better. It was the first time Y/N told him she loved him and about the fifteenth time Juice confessed his love for her, but that was just how their relationship worked. No one in SAMCRO knew about them partially because no one would expect Juice’s stupid charm to win over the tough, independent Y/N. He flirted with her endlessly when Y/N first started bar tending and ignored her many threats of beating him up or stabbing him because he knew she wasn’t serious. Then, after a particularly wild night at the bar, Y/N and Juice had an intense, whiskey-fueled conversation about the deeper things in life. Seeing Juice be so thoughtful made him extremely attractive in Y/N’s eyes and after he took her home, she thanked him with the best kiss he ever had. Keeping the relationship a secret was her idea since Juice was more than happy to make her his old lady during their first week of dating. Y/N thought it would make things complicated in the club and so far, keeping the relationship a secret was only complicating things. Juice would have to hold himself back when someone tried to get frisky with her and Y/N would have to bite her tongue and keep her hands busy whenever some croweater tried to flirt with her man.

    Y/N moved her other hand to cup the side of Juice’s face. “I can’t stand the thought of you being taken away from me either, that’s why I fought so hard to stay.” She slid her hand down to wrap around his neck and pulled him close. 

    “Y/N,” Juice whispered.

    “Please,” Y/N whispered against his lips.

    Juice hesitated before kissing her as gently as possible. As far as he was concerned, Y/N was a porcelain doll that could break at any second. He knew she was strong and tough, but she looked so weak in that bed. Y/N kissed back stronger and more passionately, quickly losing herself in it. She was nearly stunned when Juice pulled away and rest his head against her chest. His hand came up and grazed her collarbone, making her shiver a little bit.

    “I want my crow right here,”  he said. “When all this is over, I want everyone to know you’re mine.”

    “Collarbone tattoos hurt like hell, though,” Y/N muttered.

    “You can take it.” He kissed the bone and pulled away a bit. He couldn’t help but be surprised that Y/N agreed to be open about their relationship. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that she had nearly died.

    Someone knocked on the door and Tara walked into the room a second later. Juice snatched away from Y/N at the first knock so Tara didn’t suspect anything. 

    “How are you feeling?” she asked.

    “Groggy and pissed,” Y/N dead-panned. 

    “Understandable.” Tara looked at the monitors that were to the left of Y/N. “Your vitals look good, we just have to change your bandages and give you some more pain meds.”

    “Morphine,” Y/N said with a wide grin. 

    “Don’t get hooked on that stuff. Last thing we need’s a bartender hooked on morphine,” Juice said.

    Y/N rolled her eyes and Tara smirked. “You’ll be fine, Y/N.”

   “I’ll be even better when someone gives me a gun.”

   “Not happening,” Juice said.

   “A nurse will be in to change out your bandages and give you food and meds,” Tara said.


   As soon as Tara left, Y/N sighed. “Are the guys making any progress?”

  “Based on what you said last night, I think they’re doing okay.”

   In Vegas, Clay, Tig, Jax, and Chibs were in the clubhouse with Adam and the rest of the Las Vegas chapter. There was a grim tension in the air due to the severity of the meeting.

   “All right, we got some new information on the man who attacked Y/N,” Clay said. “She said it was a redneck who she ran into outside of a bar.”

   “There aren’t any rednecks in any of the gangs in Vegas, but we did just learn that there was a gang visiting from Shreveport around the time Y/N and her friends were there, call themselves Louisiana Locusts,” Adam said. 

    “Never heard of ‘em,” Tig said.

    “Because they’re into small time stuff, move cocaine once in a while from Alabama, dabble a bit in extortion, and from what we’ve gathered in Vegas, they are not above attacking women,” Adam said.

    “Where are they now?” Clay asked.

    Adam smirked. “For some reason, they thought it was a good idea to stop in Reno for a couple of days.”

   Clay glanced at Jax. “Maybe we’ll go over and give ‘em an old Charming welcome?” 

   Jax nodded in agreement. “Did anyone find out exactly which one put their hands on Y/N?”

   “No, only person who would know that is Y/N, sorry,” Adam said.

   “That’s all right,” Clay clapped the man on the back, “you’ve been a great help.”

    Tig stood from his seat. “Let’s go show those Locusts what happens when you mess with one of us.”

    The rest of the Sons yelled in agreement because they knew that once the boys from the Charming chapter caught up with the Locusts, the rednecks were nowhere near prepared for what would hit them. 

    “Can you describe what happened to you, Miss Y/L/N?” Unser asked.

    Unfortunately, as much as Juice, Opie, and Tara tried to keep the cops away from her, Unser forced his way into Y/N’s room and the young woman was less than pleased to see him. She picked at the cherry Jell-O in front of her, tossing the occasional glance Unser’s way.

     “I was in a bar with some friends—”

     “Were you drinking?”

     “What’s the point of being in a bar if you’re not drinking?”

     Unser’s grip tightened around his pen as he took down notes. He decided to write “Miss Y/L/N was drinking at the time of the incident”. “Do you think this inhibited your perception of the events?”

     “It’s pretty difficult to misunderstand being beaten to a pulp and then dropped outside of a hospital,” Y/N seethed.

     “So, you were beaten? Was it by one or more assailants?”

     Y/N shrugged. “I don’t know, it’s kind of a blur.” 

     “Very well then. One last question, Miss Y/L/N: do you believe that your attack has anything to do with the motorcycle game known as the Sons of Anarchy?”

     Unser gave her a warning look that he truly didn’t need to give her. Y/N had spoken to the Charming police plenty of times to know just how to wriggle her way out of any situation and stall until one of the guys got her out of there. 

     “No, not that I can think of,” she said.

     “Thank you, Miss Y/L/N, my associates and I will do our best to apprehend the people responsible for this,” Unser said.

      “I hope you do.”

      As soon as Unser left, Gemma stormed in, carrying a large white paper bag and looking as though someone keyed her car.

     “I’m guessing it went okay if you’ve got that look on your face,” Gemma said.

     “Yeah, what’s in the bag?” Y/N asked.

      “Real food, better than the crap they serve you in here.” Gemma tossed a distasteful glance at the Jell-O and plate of turkey with gravy and green peas on Y/N’s bed table. She grabbed the tray, threw it in the trash, and set the white bag of food on the table.

      Y/N grabbed a corn beef on rye sandwich out of the bag as well as a bag of plain Lays and a granny smith apple. “At least you tried to be a little healthy.”

      “Real food actually feeds you, eat up.” 

      Y/N began nibbling at the sandwich and chips, grinning like an idiot at the taste of some of her favorite foods. “Clay call you yet?”

     “No, I just know he, Jax, Tig, and Chibs are in Vegas. You have nothing to worry about, though, they’ll catch the people who got you in this hospital.”

     “I don’t doubt that they will.” Y/N sighed. “This just had to happen when I took some time off.”

     “Could’ve been worse—-you could’ve gotten knocked up.”

     Y/N snorted, which made both she and Gemma laugh even harder. Unfortunately, Y/N had to stop because her ribs were beginning to get sore due to her laughter.

    “I can’t even laugh without some pain,” she said with a groan.

    “It’ll pass, honey. Have you talked to your parents?”

    “No, but according to Opie, they’ll be here by tomorrow along with all my brothers. Did we have to tell them what happened?”

     “Course we did, they’re family. If we didn’t, your mom would tear everyone a new one, especially me.” Gemma ran her hands through Y/N’s hair. “You know, we always thought that you and Jax would end up together.”

     “No, you didn’t.”

      “Yes, we did. We thought it was sweet how you would try to fight him and he’d never really fight you, but if someone messed with you and you couldn’t beat them up, he and Opie would do it for you.” Gemma sighed as she reminisced. 

      “Good times.”

      “Simpler ones. Plus, your crush on Jax was extremely adorable.”

       Y/N groaned. “That was ages ago, why can’t you let it go?”

       “Because it was so precious. Besides, I know now that both of your are grown up and have different tastes.”

       Y/N paused from taking another bite of her sandwich and looked at Gemma as a chill ran up her spine. She felt the way she imagined rabbits felt when they were cornered by a wolf. In that moment, Gemma’s mouth may as well have been filled with razor sharp fangs as she grinned at Y/N. There was no way she could possibly know about Y/N and Juice, Y/N needed to play it cool.

       “What do you mean by that?” Y/N asked.

       “Well, he prefers stuffy, pretentious doctors like Tara while you seem to drift more towards the other rugged bikers, am I right?” 

       “I wouldn’t say Tara’s stuffy or pretentious….” 

       “I guess you wouldn’t.” Gemma stood. “Well, I hope you enjoy the food. Just call me if you need anything.” 

       “I will.”

       When Gemma left, Y/N hesitated to breathe a sigh of relief. On one hand, the last two people she dated before getting with Juice were other bikers who were allies of the Sons so most people could guess she liked bikers. On the other hand, Gemma had an eerie way of knowing about everything and maybe Y/N’s relationship with Juice wasn’t an exception. 

June 25 - Happy Birthday!

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Some men talk to a woman very much as they might talk to the wonderful automaton around at the museum when it plays a game of chess. “Why, bless my soul, it really seems to be thinking! What evident faculty of mental independence! It almost appears to possess the power of coherent thought!”

Hasten the day, dear Lord, when she shall be regarded as something wiser and nobler than an automaton, less perishable than a confection, more comforting and peace producing than a firearm, a veritable comrade for man at his best..