shrek collection

been thinking of some aus lately and

  • ‘look its college and i’m all for the solidarity of everyone sleeping everywhere but you’re drooling on the book i need for my research paper and i’d really like to not fail sociology' 
  • paintball/laser tag au where ones huntin down the other just bc going 'mmm whatcha say’ every time you shoot someone was cute the first time but now its gettin real fuckin old buddy
  • gone through 50 garage sales trying to find the last 2007 mcdonalds collectible shrek glass to finish my collection and im not lettin you rUIN MY DREAMS
  • incompetent time travelers who keep having to go back in time because they cant stop accidentally killing archduke ferdinand
  • 'i got your message in a bottle and it was very hurtful' 
  • 'okay i did not just hear you say cezannes influence on cubism was more important than his influence on fauvism son idc if were in a museum i will fight you' 
  • 'we have the same jacket and took the wrong one at a party and now you have my phone and keys and i have two stale mints and a tamogatchi' 
  • company picnic volleyball games gettin intense like youre my only real competition and youre gonna get beat even if jerry from accounting dies in the process
  • high school theatre kids at ashland shakespeare festival, whispering sonnets inbetween your shoulder blades and sneaking out of the hotel to make out against trees 

Here’s another find from the Philadelphia Flower Show: a Crassula ovata monstruosa (or gollum or hobbit, I don’t usually delve into the naming too much, but I included the names of this one because they are all pretty cool).  It’s a member of the jade family that all of the cool kids are now referring to as the ‘Shrek Ears’ plant (and for good reason!).  I think it looks like alien fingers.  The bottom picture is more recent and from those wrinkles it looks like I’m having some trouble keeping it happy!