shrek characters

The signs as Shrek characters
  • Aries: Big Bad Wolf
  • Taurus: Dragon
  • Gemini: Magic Mirror
  • Cancer: Gingerbread Man
  • Leo: Fairy Godmother
  • Virgo: Prince Charming
  • Libra: Princess Fiona
  • Scorpio: Shrek
  • Sagittarius: Pinocchio
  • Capricorn: Lord Farquaad
  • Aquarius: Puss in Boots
  • Pisces: Donkey
an analysis of shrek characters based on their opinion of fracking

shrek: anti fracking only because lord farquaad tried to frack on his swamp
fiona: pro fracking (her family makes money off of selling the energy)
donkey: thinks fracking is a cool way to say fucking
dragon: anti fracking
the cat: makes all his money off of exploiting coal miners, hates what fracking represents for the coal industry
ginger and assorted fairytale creatures: love fracking, feed into govt propaganda

Mystic Messenger but its an Alternate Universe in which they’re characters from Shrek
  • Rika
    -even better because its like,,, fuckwad,, i am so salty at her fight me
  • Saeran
    -one of those,,, u kno…. these i cant remember what theyre called lmao

          -I mean fuckin ruined by Fuckwad Farquaad so ya kno

  • Yoosung
    -Gingerbread man
    -idk i just? at least the way i took it, Rika/Farquaad manipulated him
    -sweet boi, great support
    -dont anger him
  • Zen (A few spoilers for his route in this one!!!)
    -I mean?? At least when he was younger his family tried convincing him he was ugly
    -shitty parents
    -Doesnt want a s/o that cares about his appearance but personality??
    -so,,, Shrek
  • Jaehee
    -Shreks supporter and pal
  • Jumin
    -Puss in Boots
    -you know
  • Seven
    -seven crossdresses s o
    -tries to hide the “ugly” parts of himself until he realizes he can be accepted, like Fiona with being an ogre
    -Fairy Godmother
    -Suspected to be good until the end
    -but then theyre revealed as a villian
    -i still lov u tho V
    -dies in the end
    -or one of the three blind mice
  • Mc
    -terrified viewer
The Signs as Shrek Characters

Aries: King Harold

Taurus: Donkey

Gemini: Pinocchio 

Cancer: Gingerbread Man

Leo: Lord Farquaad

Virgo: Fairy Godmother 

Libra: Prince Charming 

Scorpio: Puss in Boots

Sagittarius: Fiona

Capricorn: Shrek

Aquarius: Mongo (giant gingerbread man)

Pisces: 3 Little Pigs

  • Nishan: Alright people, Let’s do this thing. Go Team Dynamite!
  • Julian: But I thought we agreed we’d go by the name Team Super-cool.
  • Payton: As I recall, it was Team Awesome.
  • Sakura: I voted for Team Alpha Wolf Squadron.
  • MC: Alright, Alright, Alright. From henceforth, we shall be known as Team Alpha-Super-Awesome-Cool-Dynamite-Wolf-Squadron.