shrek 6

  • glee season 1: CLASSIC
  • glee season 2: one of the best seasons of television i have ever watched. funny, emotional, great music and guest stars, well-written story arcs and character development
  • glee season 3: enjoyable
  • glee season 4: disappointing
  • glee season 5: shit
  • glee season 6: shit

Day 13 is a Bloodborne quickie… 

anonymous asked:

39 15 16 6 !

6: Age you get mistaken for
- anywhere from 17 to 23 and it’s pretty much been like that since i was 16

15: Favorite movie
- Moana! Big Hero 6! Shrek! Hairspray! i can’t decide

16: I’ll love you if
- well if i know you irl i love you if you let me cry in front of you
- online tho i’ll love you if you write me fanfiction

39: My favorite ice cream flavor

Better late than never… but here’s the last Challenge I received from Steve:

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time.

Nadia and her secret blue water… Day 17 fan art (picked by Steve).

Day 12- Spirited Away.

Better late than never, right?

and check out chris’s day 13 sketch!-

A SHAME I MUST GO              funny songs from musicals

1. i’ve decided to marry you a gentleman’s guide to love and murder | 2. the history of wrong guys kinky boots | 3. if you were gay - avenue q | 4. ireland legally blonde: the musical | 5. don’t let me go shrek: the musical | 6. abandoned in bandononce: the musical | 7. poison in my pocket a gentleman’s guide to love and murder | 8. i’m not that smart the 25th annual putnam county spelling bee | 9. everyone’s a little bit racistavenue q | 10. my unfortunate erection (chip’s lament)the 25th annual putnam county spelling bee | 11. travel songshrek: the musical


I’m about 10 minutes late on Day 14′s drawing. Here’s some drawings of Sanjuro that I did on paper! 

Day 17, which was supposed to be this last Friday.. Trying the Yoji Shinkawa style for Metal Gear Fanart. 

top 10 songs to fight to

1. i need a hero (shrek version)
2. i need a hero (shrek version)
3. i need a hero (shrek version)
4. i need a hero (shrek version)
5. i need a hero (shrek version)
6. i need a hero (shrek version)
7. i need a hero (shrek version)
8. i need a hero (shrek version)
9. i need a hero (shrek version)
10. livin la vida loca (shrek version)

Me when HTTYD2 was nominated:

Me when the oscars were about to start:

Me when BH6 won instead of HTTYD2:

Me after the oscars: 

(Don’t get me wrong: I like bh6 and it deserves it as well,,but i REALLY wanted httyd2 to win, that’s all)

Life is like a box of...

Television: Super Bowl MVP: That one guy who wouldn’t stop wooing.

The 100 bows to no one, takes No. 1.
☆ The Super Bowl threw a touchdown straight to No. 7. One of their best season finales yet.
The X-Files fell to No. 9. Mulder would blame aliens, Scully would be fed up.

Movies: Remember when De Blasio dropped a groundhog in front of hundreds of people?

Groundhog Day sees its shadow at No. 6.
Shrek fell one spot to No. 14. We don’t know why. Let’s get Shrek back to the top, donkeys.
Groundhog Day sees its shadow at No. 6.

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Music: Let’s start using the word spangled more often, even when not talking about banners.

Beyoncé is No. 1 after letting the Super Bowl appear during her halftime show.
Lady Gaga sang her star-spangled heart out for a glorious return to No. 11.

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Celebrities: One old fave, two new faves.

Ryan Reynolds returns to No. 7 after a little vacation off our list.
☆ Revamped T-Bird Aaron Tveit makes his debut at No. 5.
The 100’s Alycia Debnam-Carey moves up to No. 4.

Games: Someone give Bayonetta a nice pair of flats. Fighting is hard in 5 inch heels.

Bayonetta is finally added to Super Smash Bros. She returns at lucky No. 13.
World of Warcraft, current game and soon-to-be movie, is hanging in there at No. 19.

Web stuff: Tumblr reacts to…

danisnotonfire isbackonfire and at No. 1.
The (Not So) Fine Brothers’ debuts at No. 4.