I Survived Shreffgate And All I Got Was This Text Post

Do not underestimate the power of the internet. Respect it. Respect us.

The past week has been insane. Ever since The Rant, things have been going at a crazy pace and it’s been difficult to keep up. First the article appeared and then evidence that he’s done this before, that he was actually pro-youngsters at one point (circa 1960s, granted), and that his partners-in-crime were writing nasty things about us too. Support came from everywhere. From very important and very distinguished BSI members,  from other society and scion members, from scholars and media personalities, from old friends, new friends, and from you all: the internet.

I’m not exaggerating when I say that Shreffgate gained us not only 500 new followers over twitter, tumblr, and facebook overnight, but that we’ve received hundreds and hundreds of comments, messages, emails, and phone calls of worry and support from all over the world. It’s been insane and overwhelming and amazing. To everyone who has asked us to read their rebuttals and comments, we’re getting there, there’s seriously hundreds of them! And you’re all just so articulate and amazing. Who could ever doubt you? Those who don’t really pay attention, that’s who. Not very becoming of a Sherlockian, hm?

There comes a point when you actually don’t know how to deal with that much love, hence why I’ve (Curly) been a little quiet the past two or three days. I’m slowly making my way through messages, and I know Lyndsay and Maria (who have both written amazing pieces) feel much the same way, as do all us Babes and everyone else who was attacked by that piece of wankery. The pride and the love from you all is the most inspiring thing. Oh if you could read what some of the traditional Sherlockians write about you, the really AMAZING things. Maybe I’ll put together some bits and pieces for you all, because many brought tears to my eyes. 99% of the Sherlockian world love us all. They adore fandom. They’re so excited about it. We’re personally drowning in love, and you are all too, you may just not know it. It’s flushed out the hatred of Phillip Shreffler and his Looney Toon gang of elitist snobs.

Shreffler is apparently shaking in his boots. He has lost the respect of many of his friends and peers, and is maybe… possibly… perhaps (not likely?), re-evaluating his words. Frankly, at this point, I don’t care, because his chapter is over.

So thank you. From the bottom of my heart, from all The Babes, from all the women (and men) who are part of fandom and have been affected by this. Thank you. So much.