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#flexfriday Hope you all got your flex in today. By Monday, I’ll have workout plans including a 3 month bulk/cut plan, a shred plan, a bootylicious plan for the ladies and more. Plus I will be offering personalized workout/meal plans for anybody interested! Please email in interested! Will also post the info on my site (in bio). #makinmoves#hustle#shredUP (at The B-Motiv8ion Station)

shredup asked:

Your top five anime :)

Mate, good question!

I’m a shitty judge of anime because some I watch and read the manga religiously and some, even though I love them, I haven’t got close to finishing. Here they are!

1. One piece

2. Naruto

3. Neon Genesis Evangelion

4. Dragon Ball

5. Attack on Titan