Bad boba cravings?! Well you’re at the right spot! ✋

Days whenever I have a soft spot for Boba, I would make my own calorie/macro friendly version of my classic favorite Milk Tea!

Here are the ingredients:
1⃣ ½ Black Coffee
2⃣ ½ Black Tea
3⃣ 15 ml French Vanilla Coffee Mate
4⃣ Stevia or Splenda (Can use as much amount of packets depending on your taste preference)

And there you have it! 👍

💥0g Protein, 5g Carbs, 0g Fat💥

Have a great night everyone! ✌ #iifymouth #shredmenmeal

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5 days of no macro counted didn’t do me way too bad. I’m pretty sure I consumed over 700g-800g of carbs within each of those 5 days. Felt amazing not being able to scale and just eat whatever I wanted, but my physique surely started bloating up crazy like a pregnant man haha. I missed my scale way too much!! Time to get back to work! ✌#iifymouth #shredmenmeal #IF

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Was craving for KBBQ like crazy tonight, so I had to stop by my local korean market to pick up some beef sliced brisket. Keeping it simple with fajita chicken, beef brisket, broccos, and white rice. #iifymouth #shredmenmeal

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Hello protein, carbs, and fats. Kicking my first meal with a chicken cheese bacon sandwich, paprika fries (yams), and baby avocado. What I love about flexible dieting? You can eat ABSWOLUTELY anything you want just as long as you’re under a caloric deficit and being able to track down your macro and micro nutrients. Happy Wednesday everyone! 👌 #iifymouth #iifym #shredmenmeal #flexibledieting #intermittentfasting

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