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I'm a young fiber artist who likes making stuffed forms. Do you have any tips on how to stuff things cheaply for artists on a college budget! Thank you!

1) Ask your arts administrator to save the packing peanuts and shredded paper that they regularly get from deliveries and shredding documents. You can also order packing peanuts off amazon cheaply.
2) Claes Oldenburg stuffed his sculptures with crumpled newspaper and bits of cardboard so start collecting your own paper waste and you can go dumpster diving as well.
3) idk the scale of your work, but buying a pillow or stuffed animal at a thrift store and stealing the stuffing from it is usually cheaper than buying the same quantity of polyfil
4) if you can’t deal with the lumpiness thats caused by packing peanuts and crumpled paper then Walmart sells 10lb polyfil boxes for the cheapest. Like it’s cheaper to buy it at Walmart then it is at Joann even after you’ve used a 40% off coupon. I hate that I am giving money to Walmart but like…I’m poor and can’t afford more ethical alternatives.
5) save every fabric scrap you produce and stuff with that as well
6) you can buy carpet padding pretty cheap at lowes or Home Depot but you have to hand shred it and it takes a lot of time…but it works well and is cheap

I try to make good decisions and they backfire

So apparently for loan approval, we have to submit our W-2s with our tax returns for the past three years. This is a reasonable expectation. I came home from today’s meeting and started getting my forms in order (we already had our tax returns compiled).

Guess who just went through all of her documents and shredded anything more than 3 years back? Guess who also miscalculated 3 years back (thank you fucking pregnancy Brain) and accidentally shredded her W-2 for 2014? That would be me.

I now get the joy of calling the Government Agency I worked for to acquire another copy of my 2014 W-2 on Monday morning, because I apparently can’t count backwards properly. 🙄No, I can’t go online and print off another copy - I only had one hard copy and used TurboTax that year so a hard copy was not submitted to the IRS.

Everything will be okay, but I am the only one to blame for this mess. I tried to do something good and have now made twice the work for myself. Just going to stress and blame myself until I can do something about this, because that is clearly a very healthy attitude to have. 🙃

Cheers and Goodbye, 2016!

I would like to thank and bid 2016 goodbye before I move on to 2017.

2016 was a blur. I honestly do not know where ¾ of 2016 went. It felt like I  blinked then it was already fall and the year was already wrapping up. 2016 has been a very hectic year but a good year. I lived and breathed work in 2016. However, I have no regrets as my job brings me a great sense of meaning and satisfaction.  I am most likely going to be as busy in my career in 2017 but I am excited to meet every challenge.

So how did I do in 2016?

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Have important documents that need disposal? Call 1-800-Rent-A-Pig! Our plump but enthusiastic staff will take care of all your document-shredding needs!

Accepted methods of payment: apples, hay, and generous amounts of head scratching.

Why ‘Better Call Saul’ is One of the Most Feminist Shows on Television

“Here’s something about Kim that shouldn’t be remarkable, but is: Since her introduction, there have been precisely zero moments of screen time devoted to the fact that she is single, childless, and unconcerned by her biological clock. As a general rule, a thirty- or forty-something woman on screen is allowed to be single only if she’s unhappy about it, or else if she’s an icy, withholding career woman who’s sacrificed everything for her work. Kim is neither…

“Because in many ways, Kim this season is Jimmy from last season. Where Jimmy has walked right into a partner track gig at Davis & Main, Kim is still uncertain of her future at HHM. She’s like Jimmy in Season 1’s “Rico,” facing down a haystack of shredded Sandpiper documents and piecing them back together one by one, tackling an impossible task one step at a time – and then getting slapped in the face for her hard work…

“Kim is the hero of her own story, not a supporting character in Jimmy’s, and as the show gets bleaker she may end up being our ray of light, the hopeful contrast to Jimmy’s moral decline. She has all of his best qualities – scrappy, smart, charismatic, ferociously driven – without his essential weakness, and she can succeed where we know he will fail.”

– Emma Dibdin

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Ok, ok, how long do you think this stunt could possibly last? I never imagined that it would get this far, but then my sis asked me what I'm gonna do if it's 5-10 years later and it's still going on. Like, it couldn't possibly last that long right????

Honestly…it kind of seems like it’s already over in many ways. Which is a bold statement, I know, but hear me out. 

I, for one, have always believed this entire thing to be fake as hell. For reasons that are outlined here Is Louis Tomlinson A Victim of A Character Assassination Campaign? here Why Is It So Hard For People To Believe That Louis Tomlinson Has Actually Had A Baby? and here Is Louis Tomlinson’s Bizarre Behaviour Actually Just Him Mocking Simon Cowell?

My opinion is based on my beliefs which are: Louis and Harry are together, Simon Cowell is trying to destroy the image of 1D, Babygate was designed to destroy Louis’ credibility, and the people they’ve involved have gone off script in an attempt to capitalise on their fifteen minutes of fame. 

At the moment we have Louis out there doing his general lad-bro-boybander thing, business as usual. Save for a couple awkward pap walks and IG shots with a baby, he’s actually been acting this way since early 2014. Very little about what he’s doing has changed. We still have businessman/talent scout Louis out here doing AGT, we have party boy Louis literally out every weekend as a normal 24 year old should do, and you’ve got boyfriend(/gay BFF) Louis out there posting snaps on IG of his girlfriend and sitting in a restaurant with her pretending they don’t have a camera in their face. All consistent with the Louis Tomlinson M.O. from the last couple of years. 

So, where does this baby fit in? Because from the looks of it…the baby really doesn’t fit in anywhere except for the random strolls around Calabasas Commons, and yeah you could argue that we don’t know what really goes on behind closed doors, except that we strangely seem to always know where Louis is. He is literally the most visible celebrity in Hollywood right now and he isn’t even doing anything! I love Louis and even I don’t care what the hell kind of coffee he gets every day. But for whatever reason I know that it’s a venti something. 

There is a whole lotta shit stirring on the business side of things at the moment and all these stunts are designed to be like “Look at that!” while someone’s in the corner shredding documents. This stunt has been unravelling at the seam since January 21st. I would guess that the reason none of this makes any fucking sense is because no one thought that it would ever go this far. The complete incompetence and awkward social media presence of a family that probably was never intended to be this involved is telling not only to how vastly unprepared they were, but mostly to how little they actually know about babies (”baby’s first rave” aside, no one with a newborn wears that much white). 

The way in which this baby was meant to distract everyone from Larry Stylinson is also the way in which it’s distracting people from what is happening with the band right now. If we entertain the notion that shit really started to go sour in early 2014 around the time that Zayn left and consider that Simon, realising he was losing his biggest source of income, began to sabotage everyone (especially Zayn) then it’s really no surprise that it’s a battle of the stunts and beards as headlines like “1D are splitting for good” are being splashed about. 

I really don’t know what to say about Babygate “ending” because what’s going on right now is kind of like what I do when I’ve gone on a couple dates with a guy but I don’t really want to see him again so I just stop texting back as frequently until I’ve successfully phased him out. It’s crawling to a inevitable end that will shock exactly no one and then will just be something that pops up on celebrity quiz shows for the rest of our lives as most bizarre celebrity baby story ever. I can see it now on 8 out of 10 cats. Alan Carr asking about what the weirdest rumour about a celebrity baby was and Russell Brand buzzing in to be like, “Oi! It was that lad Louis from One Direction with the doll, innit?” And them being like, “Yes! Five points to Russell’s team.”

This is a culturally unprecedented situation and a story that no one (in their right mind) believes. So to answer your question, no. I do not see this going on for five more years. Hell, I don’t know if it’ll last through another weekend of Louis and his Lads On Tour spectacle. There are way too many people involved to keep a lid on this, which is why we have seen so many mistakes that are then covered up with the most ludicrous and overcompensating photos or new “revelations” that conveniently explain inconsistencies that have been pointed out or interviews with irrelevant third parties. 

I hope this answers your question sufficiently. Have a lovely day xx

Remember the box of documents we posted about yesterday that we received from North Carolina in response to our public records request? 

Two curious members of CIR’s data team, Joanna Lin and Michael Corey, thought it would be fun to piece together some of the shredded documents in the box to see what they were. 

Yes, this is fun (or just compulsion) for investigative journalists. You never know what you might find.

Bellarke Christmas Day 02: Christmas on the Ark

Clarke is fourteen the first time she meets Bellamy Blake. She sits at a table in the Agro Station with her legs swinging back and forth as she eats a healthy meal of white rice and lentils. She smiles politely at the adults who say her name in greeting as they walk by, but she’s glad that none of them sit with her. It always makes her feel a little uncomfortable when the adults talk to her, because it’s usually just people talking about her mom, and how one day she’ll be great like her. Clarke isn’t even really sure that she wants to be like her mom, she just wants to grow boobs for God’s sake.

Suddenly, she is startled from her thoughts as someone slides onto the bench across from her. She fully expects it to be Wells, yet as she looks up she finds that it’s someone she’s never seen before. He’s tall- she can see that even with him sitting- and he looks to be about seventeen or eighteen. He wears a guard uniform, and it gives her pause for a moment because typically guards eat with their squad mates, not with girls they don’t know. His dark hair is slicked back with some sort of gel, and his eyes are like melted chocolate even as they look at her with a guardedness that she doesn’t understand.

Holy Adonis, you’re hot. She pushes the thought away, because she’s not one of those girls who swoon over boys all the time, she’s much more level headed than that. So instead of melting into a puddle of goo, she arches an eyebrow in question.

“Hello, can I help you?” she asks in a polite tone, remembering her mother’s advice to always be kind to people. He looks around the room nervously, and she realizes that she can see a light sheen of sweat on his forehead, and she can’t help but diagnose him in her head; lightly persperating, twitching hands, paranoia- he’s afraid. Clarke feels her eyebrows come together in confusion, and she blinks a few times before leaning over the table slightly to quietly whisper, “Hey, it’s okay. You don’t have to be afraid of me.”

He looks at her then, really looks at her, as though he understands every thought she’s ever had, and she almost feels like he knows her. The feeling makes her feel vulnerable, and she sits back in her seat to put some distance between them.

“My name is Bellamy Blake,” he finally says in a voice that’s deep and even, and it makes Clarke’s skin raise up in goosebumps. “And I need a favor from you.”

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I don't know if you've heard (but I couldn't find it on your blog) but as soon as the NDP won in Alberta, the Conservatives began shredding every document of theirs. Like, they took all of their dirty paperwork and immediately began putting it all through the paper shredder. The court had to stop them, but not after a lot of documents were destroyed, and I just think that's really big proof of how gross and corrupt they are.

Alberta Watchdogs To Investigate Shredding Of Documents At Legislature


Panda To Panda

Conceptual artwork just announced at rhizomedotorg‘s 7on7 event, a collaboration between artist Ai Weiwei and computer security reseacher Jacob Appelbaum.

It is a collection of stuffed panda toys, each made up of shredded documents and storage devices. According to Citizenfour director Laura Poitras, informants are called ‘pandas’. These were brought from Ai Weiwei’s studio to the US by the head of Rhizome, Heather Corcoran.

You can follow the 7on7 event here

Yesterday’s Wounds (part 6)

Title: Yesterday’s Wounds (part 6)
Characters: Papyrus, Undyne, Alphys, Sans, MTT, Gaster, Asgore
Wordcount: 2341
Warnings: Medical Experimentation, Child Abandonment, Restraint
Summary: Many years ago, Papyrus was found in a dump. Now he is an adult who is about to find out a little more about his past when they find out the source of the barcode on his arm.
Notes: Baby Blaster AU + Rescue Dog!Papyrus, and of course Baby Blaster AU belongs to @spacegate. This chapter was very wobbly for me to write, I figure it and the next one might feel that way so I apologize in advance.  

Alphys finished feeding the rats in Papyrus’ absence and headed back to the main file room next to the observation room. She hoped maybe Undyne pulled some information from the other skeleton. She noticed the bite mask that had been cut off and tossed near the file room as she stepped closer to the observation room.  She stared at it, and carefully kicked it to the file room, she didn’t want to be around it and she would have Undyne deal with it better later.  

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Highlights of the Better Call Saul Insider Podcast, Ep. 108 “RICO”

Guests this episode are Vince Gilligan, Peter Gould, writer Gordon Smith, producer Nina Jack, and Patrick Fabian (Howard Hamlin).

  • Gordon’s Smith’s mother and sister, both lawyers, gave him a lot of help with the copious legal terminology in this episode. His sister has even consulted with the writers’ room a couple of times, helping with the corporate law aspects of the story.
  • Patrick Fabian and Rhea Seehorn realized they were in good hands when, while shooting the conference room scene in the pilot episode, Vince Gilligan came in and personally arranged Danish crumbs just so on the plate.
  • Fabian comments that while fans often ask him what it’s like to be “the prick,” there isn’t really any evidence yet that Howard is a villain – but fans immediately accept Jimmy’s judgment of Howard as “Lord Vader,” simply because Jimmy is the protagonist.
  • Gilligan and Fabian agree that Howard would not be nearly so tolerant and polite with Jimmy if he didn’t value Chuck as much as he does.
  • Fabian compares wearing Hamlin’s suit to putting on a football uniform or a suit of armor – it goes a long way toward getting him into the role. Howard’s inner monologue: “I have the most expensive suit of anybody here. Nobody can touch me.”
  • When Fabian watches the show, even though he knows what’s going to happen, he finds himself surprised by it; for example, he felt terribly disappointed in Jimmy for taking a bribe from the Kettlemans.
  • Kelley Dixon talks about how uniquely collaborative and inclusive Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul have been, compared with other shows. On Breaking Bad, producer Michelle MacLaren came and sat in editing, which producers don’t normally do. Nina Jack does the same on Better Call Saul. When Dixon asked if she could observe the Breaking Bad writers’ room, she was given permission with no questions asked.
  • The shots inside the dumpster were done on stage, in a slightly larger bin, lit with a flashlight, with the camera guys inside the bin with all the trash. The garbage was real, but specially-picked, non-smelly lettuce and coffee grounds and so forth.
  • Bob Odenkirk wanted to throw himself into the dumpster, not wanting to be one of those actors who won’t get dirty because he doesn’t want to spend more time in makeup.
  • Jimmy’s fall after getting out of the dumpster was an accident – Odenkirk actually hurt his hand, and that was the take they used.
  • The shredded documents were all legit – because of 4K resolution, fans can zoom in and read just about anything, so filmmakers can’t use lorem ipsum text like in the old days.
  • Patrick Fabian’s “avocation” (as Gilligan calls it) is making pickles.