So I’m definitely not the first person to DIY her own Raquel Allegra shirt-  but here’s a tutorial anyway.  Props to Honestly WTF for turning me onto this super awesome but laborious DIY project.

It was another one of my girlfriend’s birthday’s this week, and after seeing some awesome Ts from Raquel Allegra online I decided to try to make my own spin on one.  

I wanted to get a better quality shirt, so I purchased a Mango basic white jersey with a little stretch in it and a loose panel hemmed down the front of the shirt.

1.  Using small clippers I took off the hem of the bottom of the shirt on the back side.  Taking super pointy tweezers, I loosened the weave.  Some of the first threads broke off, but the next few stayed in place.  Using my fingers, I slowly pulled them apart and loosened them.

2.  Repeat until the entire shirt is done- or until you want to stop.  To create a big dip and slouch in the shredding, shred a wider panel.  To create a web-like shred, make a thinner panel.  

3.  I actually left a 1.5"x 8" void down the spine to create a double drape on the two shoulder blade areas.  Shred as you please!  This project takes about 4-6 hours non stop, unless you’re very talented and can work at super speed.  Obviously, after shredding, the shirt becomes dry clean only.  Don’t throw it in the washing machine!

Wearing Shredded white Mango tee, heather grey J. Crew. Elan trousers, Michael Kors sandals.