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Waiting (Part Seven)

So this is probably the saddest chapter of this fic, just because Tony is pining some more for Steve. But still sweet and fluffy and some sexy times and then more fluff.

Only one chapter left after this!!

Enjoy :)

“Tony, my love.” Steve bent over the bed, brushing a soft kiss onto his soulmates cheek. “I’m home.”

“Well then get your ass in bed.” Tony grumbled without opening his eyes and Steve chuckled and slid into bed behind him, only for Tony to yelp and scoot away.

“Cold clothes on the floor. Either be naked or be gone!”

“I missed you.” Steve couldn’t stop laughing even as he stripped quickly, crawling back under the covers. “Come here, honey, let me hold you.”

Tony rolled over instantly, opening his arms and cuddling as close he could, closing his eyes again and pressing his palm to Steve’s soulmark, smiling at the full body shudder his soldier gave. “Missed you. You were gone a long time this time. Irritating.”

“I’m getting closer.” Steve kissed him, holding him tighter. “Getting closer to Bucky. I’m sorry I was gone so long.”

“As long as you come home to me.”

“Always gonna come home to you, Tony.” Steve placed his hand over Tony’s soulmark and they lay contentedly for a few minutes, feeling the bond flowing between their bodies and hearts.

“So you got closer this ti–mmmph!” Tony startled when Steve grabbed him and hauled him up and over his lap, settling him firmly above him, wrapping thick arms around his waist and nearly smothering him with a kiss.

“Been gone two weeks.” Steve murmured. “Missed you, sweetheart.”

“I missed you too.” Tony couldn’t stop grinning, kissing Steve back enthusiastically, his fingers tracing the soulmark. “Glad you’re home.”

“Um…” Steve blushed just a little, which Tony found to be just the cutest.

“Um what, handsome?” He coaxed and Steve rubbed their noses together, lifting his hips a little so Tony could feel how ready he was.

“Want to show me how glad you are that I’m home?”

Tony grinned. “So much.”

He fished under the pillow for their lube, circling his fingers around both their cocks and slicking them up, thrusting lightly until Steve was tugging at his hair, scratching down his back, urging him up higher so he could get his fingers inside.

“Oh that’s good. That’s good good good, damn I missed you.” Tony was panting into Steve’s ear, rocking back against his hand. “Ready, I’m ready, come on.”

“Right here, sweetheart, right here.” Steve lifted him carefully and Tony reached between their bodies to line himself up, taking a deep breath and sinking down until their hips met, biting his lip from the stretch but oh damn the way those blue eyes glazed over and the helpless moan from Steve’s lips made it worth it.

“You fit me so perfectly.” Steve whispered. “Made for me. My soulmate, my heart.”

Tony pressed his face close to Steve’s chest, but Steve reached out and tilted his head up, swiping a tear away with his thumb. “My entire heart.” He emphasized and Tony sniffled a little.

“Stop making me cry and do something more fun with what’s between your legs.” Tony complained and Steve chuckled.

“Yeah, sweetheart let’s do something fun.”

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Game: Samurai Love Ballad Party
Pairing: Saizo x MC
Rating: M/Explicit/NSFW
Summary: More smut. Except in a tree. No really. Wow I’m not good at summaries, sorry. First line is from Saizo’s Sunny Days, only instead of ‘just kidding’ following it, well……

“This way!”

“Over there—go!”

“How about we have a little fun together…as you promised we would?” Saizo’s lips graze your ear as he whispers, “If we stay here…no one will come after us.”

For a moment, you’re tempted, turning your head, and anticipating the movement, his smile catches your fearful twist, hungry and amused, but as carelessly calm as always in contrast to your own pounding heart. His kiss is searing, tongue slipping past the barrier of your lips with easy assurance, and you forget, for that critical second, that you’re up in a tree, and shift, and—


He claps a hand over your mouth to stifle the shriek, catching you cleanly around the waist as you nearly tumble off the narrow branch, bringing you both to your feet, and you’re too far from the trunk to grab it, so your hands grasp instead for a branch over your head as you watch your sandal fall down…down…

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ingridlake  asked:

an ugly idea: juno's mother found out about him being a werewolf and, in an effort to use it against him, she accidentally put ben in the way

This one’s been sitting half-finished in my drafts for a while. It’s a challenge, partly because I didn’t have a very clear image of what kind of person Juno’s mother was, and partly because it’s a hella dark situation compared to the surprisingly fluffy rest of the series.

Blood and child abuse ahoy, so… yeah.

Juno Steel, Werewolf |Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10

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Broken: Wendigo!Josh x Reader

and exceeded every expectation I could have set. You are an exceptional writer and I hope you realise this. Could I request Request: Hello. I’d like to thank you the imagines you wrote for me. They were- are -beyond perfect literally any character and have it include this conversation? : “It’s better to be alone sometimes.” “Why?” “Because no one can hurt me.”

A/n: A lot of you wanted more Wendigo!Josh, so here it is!
Credits to @danji-doodle for the amazing drawing!

WARNING: Slightly triggering

Word count: 1,021

You had called Josh exactly 7 times, but he didn’t respond. Even the 15 messages you sent him were not responded too, and it made you worried. You knew Josh had a hard time after you and Chris had found him in the mines. They locked him up, like an animal and treated him like one too. You stayed with him every minute you could, and he would always crawl up to you for support. You didn’t care about the way he looked, you didn’t care about his sharp teeth or his antlers, he was just Josh for you, but he had never not responded to your texts or not picked up the phone when you called.
He also didn’t tell you about his recent appointment with Dr. Hill. You didn’t even knew he was seeing this bastard again.

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Perfect Plan (part two)

requested: a second part to my imagine Perfect Plan

author’s note: alright, so I got many messages, and comments, and asks about me writing a second part to my imagine, Perfect Plan, so here you all go, hope it’s as good as part one! 

you can find part one right here and you can find part three right here

The plan went well. Very well. You and Shawn had been dating for two whole months. It was nice, he was nice, the relationship was nice. Other than the fact that you couldn’t look through any of your social media feeds due to the fact that hundreds of thousands of teenage girls are sending you death threats because you ‘stole the love of their life.’ You and Shawn didn’t exactly plan on telling people for a while, but someone somehow got a photo of Shawn kissing you before he came out for meet and greets or something. No one was quite sure how in the world that fan or security guard or whoever it was that invaded your privacy, got that photo of you and Shawn, but they caused a whole lot of strain. 

Not a whole bunch, you fixed all of that strain, your relationship with Shawn was very strong. You were happy. He may just be the one. You enjoyed his company, and everything was fine. He had just surprised you with a trip over, obviously very guilty after you had a bad fight. He did everything you asked and was basically the perfect boyfriend. Everything was fine. 

But JUST with Shawn. You and Camila were not exactly on the best terms to say the least. Camila always got mad, saying both you and Shawn ignored her for one another. She wasn’t a huge fan of the relationship, she said the reason being she didn’t want to loose her best friends. You just thought that Camila was being rude, or jealous, or something, so you didn’t put much thought into it, and neither did Shawn. 

“Hey darling.” Shawn whispered in your ear, which sounds a lot easier than it was, considering the position you were both in. You were holding onto his torso and his arms were wrapped around your shoulders whilst sitting on your couch. You lived in LA and he lived in Canada, so whenever you or Shawn came to visit you were both with one another 24/7. Which also annoyed Camila, that when Shawn came visiting LA, where she also lived, he never hung out with her, only you. But you both didn’t think much of it. 

“Yeah?” You answer, looking up into his eyes. His eyes sent you into another world, and for a moment you totally forgot that he had asked you something and you started to lean into his lips. He stopped you with starting to talk. His breath smelled like blueberry muffins, since you had both just made a batch and he had eaten like, four. 

“I need to tell you something.” He whispers. His voice was intoxicating, sweet and velvety. You barely even comprehended what he had just said. So you nodded, barely even knowing what in the world he had just said. “I’m making a new song…” He says. You are instantly snapped out of your haze of Shawn. 

“Oh, really?” You asked, slightly confused. You and Shawn talked about the songs on his revisited album. He was coming out with four songs on it, Running Low, Memories, and Act Like You Love Me of just him songs, and he had asked you to play piano backgrounds for a song he wrote for you called, Darling. It was his endearing name for you. It’s not like he needed permission from you for what songs are put on it, it’s just he already told you exactly what he was putting on it. 

“Yeah, its a collaboration.” He said, with a nervous smile. You lifted an eyebrow. 

“You’re having two collaborations on this?” You question, knowing this was a risky move, and it was also risky added five new songs to this revisit. 

“Well, not exactly.” You felt your heart drop. He was putting a song with someone else rather than you. It hurt, and you didn’t understand why. 

“Oh, well then who are you doing it with?” You question, pulling away from him and sitting on the other side of the couch, crossing your arms. His face drooped when you moved to the other side. 

“Don’t get mad.” He pleaded, scooting closer and he took your hands. You snapped them away, just a little too rudely. But you didn’t care, Shawn was backing out on the song he wrote you. And he took away this opportunity from you. 

“Just tell me, Shawn.” You snapped, folding your arms over your chest. 

“I’m doing it with Camila.” He blurts out. You couldn’t believe it. Your best friend went behind your back and did a collaboration with your boyfriend and didn’t tell you. Even worse, your boyfriend was okay with it. He was one hundred percent on board with leading you on for who knows how long and doing a song with your best friend. 

“Get out.” You demand. You said it before you could regret it, and you knew for sure you wanted Shawn off of your couch. You weren’t sure if this Camila thing was going to work out. You needed to think it through, and you weren’t going to do that with Shawn here. 

“Wha-” You cut him off before he can even finish a word. 

“Get out!” You yell, and Shawn gets up insanely fast. He scurries to his shoes and grabs his keys and basically sprints out of the door. You weren’t sure what you were going to do. You were very close to just ending it with Shawn and letting Camila just have him all to herself. She sure was more upset about the idea of possibly loosing Shawn than loosing you, so he obviously meant much more to her than you ever will. So in the spur of the moment you picked up for phone and dialed Camila’s number. She answered in less than two rings. 

“Hey, I thought you were with Sh-” You were in no mood for small talk so you stopped her before she could even utter his name. 

“You went behind my back.” You choked out. It was hard to say out loud. 

“Y/n, just get over yourself. It’s a song.” She scoffs. 

“He’s MY boyfriend, Camila. Why can’t you accept that? Why are you so jealous?”  The moment that word was uttered you heard her fuming.

“You know what y/n, i AM jealous. I love Shawn, so much more than you ever will. I love him and always have, and he loves me more than you. Has he slept with you yet? I didn’t think so.” She spits. And your head starts to whirl. That’s why he surprised you with a trip over. That’s why he seemed so guilty. That’s why he has been acting suspicious. Camila hasn’t been distant from Shawn at all, she has just been trying to get you two to break up. That’s what he did that night you had a fight. No wonder Camila wasn’t home. She was working on that song and sleeping with your boyfriend. You couldn’t believe it. You hung up on Camila and ran upstairs to your bedroom and looked at all the photos on your wall with Shawn. Tears burned in the back of your eyes, and before you knew it impulses overtook your body completely. You tore every last photo on the wall to shreds, broke the frame you put up. Paper and glass and wood flew around, and you didn’t even care when you felt a piece of glass cut into your leg. You didn’t care there was blood. All you could think about was Shawn betrayed you a whole lot more than you had thought. 

You walked over to your keyboard, stepping on broken wood and glass, careful not to cut your foot because you already stained your hardwood floor with the blood of you calf. You finally made it to your keyboard, blood still dripping down your leg and you picked up a few pieces of sheet music. The top of the sheets said, Darling.

You couldn’t see anymore due to the tears gathering in your eyes, but you heard the rip of the sheet music. You sure as hell weren’t his darling anymore. 

author’s note: oh god this was awful, my friend wrote some of this btw. but it wasn’t great, sorry to disappoint all of you who liked part one. but maybe a part three would make it better? idk man it may need one to redeem it. 

Isaac- Everything Is Okay

Request-  could you please do an imagine where the reader is at home after allison (reader’s best friend) died and gets angry and starts to just throw and destroy stuff in her room and then isaac comes to check on reader and finds her crying in the middle of the mess. he comforts her and tells her that they found a way to destroy the oni (with the silver arrows) and that they need her to help them bc she’s a witch or something? THANKS x

A/N- No problem, sweetie! I had never written about witches before but I really liked it. I think it’d be a cool thing for them to do in the show, but I guess emissaries are already sort of like a witch. Next up is a Scott imagine.

It’s okay.
You screamed in frustration as you stood in the middle of your room, your hands curling into fists as you tried to hold yourself together.
It’s okay.
You couldn’t stop the images running through your head. You couldn’t unsee the sword going through Allison’s stomach, and the shocked look on her face as she realized what had happened. You couldn’t unhear her last words, insisting that everything was fine. But most of all, you couldn’t forget the way the light had disappeared from her eyes as she took her final breaths.
It’s okay. It’s perfect.
Your hands shook as you uncurled them, not knowing how to stop the unbearable rage that began to fill up inside you. You gritted your teeth as every object in the room began to shake. You had heard about this from your mother, and she had talked about how a witch’s emotions could manifest themselves through her powers, but it had never happened to you before.
At any other time you would have thought it astonishing, but not now. Not after your best friend had just been run through with a katana. You whirled around suddenly, your eyes zeroing in on the first object you could find.
In seconds, your lamp was flying straight into the wall, smashing into several pieces. You spun around the room, channeling all of your anger and grief into tearing your room apart. Your comforter was ripped off the bed by sheer force of will, and posters and picture frames were torn from the wall and shredded to pieces.
You knew you should stop, and that if you lost total control there was no going back, but you weren’t sure that you wanted to. You didn’t care about the state of your room, or about the fact that if your parents weren’t on a date right then they would kill you for abusing your powers like this. Your best friend was dead, and nothing else mattered.
You looked around, searching for something, anything that you could channel your rage at. Your eyes fell on a group of photographs taped to the back of your door, all ones of you and Allison.
There was the time you had gone to the spring formal with her and Lydia, all dressed up and flashing the camera a bright smile. There was one of you and Allison dressed up in matching Halloween costumes, her as Hawkeye and you as Black Widow. And then there was the one that had been taken only two months ago, right after you had stopped Jennifer Blake from killing any more innocent people.
You and the rest of the pack had all gone to a carnival just to get your mind off of things and act like normal teenagers for once. In the photo, you were standing in front of the ferris wheel, funnel cake in hand as Alison slung an arm around your shoulders. It had been one of the happiest nights of your lives, and it hadn’t made any sense not to commemorate it.
Now, as you stared at these pictures, you felt a crushing wave of grief wash over you. Allison had told you that it was okay, but you knew nothing would ever be okay again. You let out a painful sob, losing the battle against the tears you had been fighting to hold in all night.
You were shaking and tears were flowing from your eyes, but you couldn’t control the way a vase on your nightstand lifted up. It spun and shook in the air for a moment, but you were soon sending it straight for you bedroom door. It would have shattered against the pictures, ruining them if not for the door suddenly opening.
“Y/n, I found- HOLY SHIT!” someone cried, and you weren’t able to stop the flying vase until it was just inches from Isaac Lahey’s face.
You froze, causing every object floating about to fall to the floor, including the vase which shattered at Isaac’s feet. You looked up into his startled blue eyes, and watched them move around the room, taking in the absolute chaos.
It looked like a hurricane had been through your room, with debris from whatever you had thrown scattered across the floor. Torn paper floated around you, soaking up a bit of the left over energy from your powers. Most of them quickly drifted the the ground, but one stuck in your hair just above your ear.
Isaac swallowed, noticing your splotchy face and the fact that you looked absolutely crushed. His eyes immediately filled with concern, as he watched you slid down the edge of your bed and onto the floor, suddenly exhausted from using too much magic.
“She’s dead, Isaac,” you sobbed into the silence of your room. “She’s dead and she’s not coming back.”
He slowly walked over to you, shoving his hands in his pockets as he stepped over pieces of the broken lamp. “I know. But she wouldn’t have wanted you to do this.”
“I couldn’t help it,” you whispered. “I don’t-I don’t know why.”
“Where are your parents?” he asked softly.
“Date night,” you informed him, sucking in a shaky breath and trying to calm yourself down so you could at least have a conversation.
“And they thought it would be okay to leave you alone?” he questioned.
“I insisted,” you admitted, wiping your nose. “I guess that wasn’t such a good idea.”
Isaac scoffed, peering around at your destroyed room. “Yeah, no kidding.”
“Why are you here?” you asked him, staring at the floor. “We were never friends before.”
“We both loved Allison,” he told you, reaching out and gently picking the stray piece of paper out of your hair. “So maybe we should have been. But you’re right, that’s not why I’m here. We found a way to defeat the Oni.”
“What?” you demanded, your eyes finally moving up from the floor.
You all had been sure there was no way to defeat the Oni. You had given up on the hope of ever getting revenge for your best friend’s death, but now it seemed there might still be a chance to get it.
“How?” you demanded.
“Allison killed one of them,” Isaac stated. “Before she…it doesn’t matter. What does matter is that her arrow, the silver one she forged, it killed one of them.”
“And we can defeat them?”
“I don’t know about the Nogitsune,” Isaac admitted. “But we can kill the Oni with the rest of the arrows.”
“Thanks for letting me know,” you whispered. “But if you don’t mind, I’d like to be alone now.”
“We need your help, Y/n,” Isaac told you. “We need someone who can help if something goes wrong. Someone with your powers.”
“Me?” you repeated.
You took a deep breath, not sure if you were ready to step into another battle. You wanted to avenge Allison, but you were a pretty young witch with very little control over your powers. Wouldn’t it better to let the people who actually knew what they were doing handle it?
“You,” Isaac said. “Y/n, please. We need you.”
“When?” you asked.
“Tomorrow night.”
You sighed, running your hands through your hair and peering around at the disastrous state of your room. You knew you were probably making the wrong decision, but you couldn’t not do something to help. “I’ll be there.”

“Get the arrow!” Argent shouted to you and the twins. “It’s the last one!”
You unevenly stumbled back, feeling your energy slowly melting away. You had been using your powers for thirty minutes straight, which didn’t seem long to some people, but for a witch it felt like an eternity. You had just knocked an Oni off it’s feet with a gust of powerful wind, immobilizing it so Ethan could plunge an arrow into it’s chest.
“Go!” Aiden growled to you. “We’ll cover you.”
He and Ethan turned towards the last Oni, intercepting it as it went to block your path towards to fallen arrow. You skirted around the fighting, quickly running your hand over the cold carbon arrow and muttering a charm.
Volatis,” you whispered, causing the arrow to rise from the ground.
“Move!” you yelled to Ethan and Aiden, urging the arrow to fly towards the Oni.
They stepped aside and the thing whirled around, intending to catch it, but it was too slow. The arrow stuck in it’s chest with a loud thwack! and it soon erupted into a puff of dust.
An air of peaceful calm rippled through the air, and you felt a wave of dizziness hit you. You stumbled, and you would have fallen onto the ground if not for the strong pair of arms catching you. You looked up in confusion as Isaac slowly brought you to the ground.
“Did you kill him?” you asked, referring to the nogitsune. “Is everyone alright?”
“He’s gone,” Isaac assured you. “And Stiles is safe too. Everyone is.”
“Good,” you whispered, as you realized that you had defeated the enemy and that everyone was okay. “I’m so tired.”
“It’s okay,” Isaac told you. “Using your powers took a lot out of you. You can sleep if you want.”
You shook your head, your hair brushing against the fabric of his shirt. “No. I-I need to get up.”
You tried to pull yourself out of his lap, but you could barely make it a foot off the ground before you were falling back into it.
“Easy,” Isaac warned. “You don’t need to worry about anything. Everything is okay, Y/n. Just rest now.”
You sighed, leaning back into him. “Okay.”
You relaxed into Isaac’s lap, your head falling against his chest. You hadn’t gotten much sleep since Allison died, and how much you had used your powers only made the exhaustion worse. You couldn’t fight it any longer, and no matter how hard you tried you couldn’t keep your eyes open.
You slowly drifted off to sleep, at peace with the fact that everyone was safe and that Allison’s death hadn’t been in vain. Isaac was right. Everything was okay.


There exists a rift, apparent to even the casual observer, in the “longboard” and “skateboard” industries - our hard wheel brethren decrying the kooks and commuters of longboarding with the cliche of unfunctional pintails and flip-flops. The core downhill community tends to be a non-inflammatory bunch who try to skate a plethora of disciplines and shapes, but there does escape the odd chuckle in the general direction of a skater on the other end of the learning curve. However, look no further than Magenta’s Old Whoops New Grooves video or any of SLAP Magazine’s San Francisco Treat video series to find out that powerslides and driveways are back in vogue, and competitions like the Dew Tour Streetstyle prove that downhill is becoming more and more relevant, even in today’s hyper-commercialized street skating competition circuit.

The Downhill Disco represents the other end of the regression of skateboarding becoming whole once again. Baring many similar features to Comet’s Ithaca Slide Jam or Eugene’s Boomtown series, these events are the new breed in Downhill skateboarding, worring less about huge standup slides or indeed finding a particularly sick hill, but rather enhancing an otherwise mellow downhill stretch of asphalt with a blend of ramps and grind-able surfaces, and, to placate the pleas of groms, generally some sort of “big air” contest. Andrew Mercado’s Gullwing Trucks team were the token street skate representatives going higher and tweaking far more stylish grabs than their slide glove donned cousins in shred, though all failed to win the “big air” comp, which might have been renamed to “longest air” for a more accurate posterity - Dan Couch won the event, broke stuff in both his legs and couldn’t walk for months. In addition to the brake yo’ self competition on day two, there was a slopestyle slalom race down the hill the next day, in which many shenanigans ensued. The only place the Disco deviated from the modern event paradigm was the lack of a judged “freestyle” or “best trick” competitions, for better or worse.

Generally speaking, as is readily apparent to even the untrained eye that the skill level has gotten ridiculously high over the last few years and with regular sanctioned events like this happening over a variety of local scenes, the future looks bright. Grom class dominators like Wyatt Gibbs and Chance “Not A Rapper” Gaul, who both already hold their own in the open class as well, will give way to a new generation of kids who started skating before they were taller than a modern speedboard. Which is convenient, because it seems The Disco’s jovial blend of casual freeride and high level, balls to the wall shredding is the perfect mix of hands on learning and extraordinarily close views of the masters of the craft. As years go on, hopefully people the nation world over will realize how easy it is to legally close a road so hundreds of their closest friends can skateboard in a controlled, safe environment. Maybe we’ll even start to see downhill skateparks pop up with hairpins, rollers, fun boxes and whooptie whoops. Hey, a guy can dream…