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Author’s Note: This was my first request from @justanotherfanficreader! And I struggled a bit at the beginning but I had fun writing this. I think husband!Lin is my favorite to write. Because gah!

Prompt:  258? (Shit! Are you bleeding) Husband!Lin x reader? Please?

I may or may not be posting another story tonight….hmmm…

Word Count: 1636 (a tad bit short)

You loved the life you had at the theatre. It was a bit of a change from your last job, where you were a kindergarten teacher. You loved the kids, but this was a great change from the little ones. Of course, your husband could argue that him and his co-workers were like kindergarteners. And he was partially true. There were days that you had to yell at them during rehearsals.

“Lin! Don’t jump on Daveed’s back like that.”

“Anthony, Lin, Chris, what the hell are you doing!”

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Prison is Hell

By reddit user SamMarduk

I hate it here.

Granted, I deserve it.

I’m currently locked down behind massive, concrete walls and solid steel doors in a maximum-security penitentiary. I was locked up what feels like a lifetime ago now. I earned it, I did. Every second I rot here is justice, but that doesn’t change the fact that I hate it.

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Today’s Look: Rainbow Crust. Working off of @fuckaspunk‘s suggestion for my outfit challenge post, I put this together in a couple of hours. Vest, shirt, pants, spiked garters, cross necklace and patches by me! (everything else is thrifted)

Cover Up (RWBY Snippet)

Ruby peered at Weiss.

Weiss scowled. “Why are you looking at me like that?”

The leader of Team RWBY sighed. “I’m afraid that your outfit simply isn’t acceptable for our mission, Weiss.”

“What?” Weiss growled. “What do you mean my outfit isn’t acceptable? I’ll have you know that it’s perfectly acceptable! There is absolutely nothing wrong with it whatsoever.”

Ruby shook her head. “Weiss… you’re wearing pants, and that just won’t do. What am I supposed to look at on our mission if you’re wearing pants?”

Weiss’s mouth opened and closed several times before she was finally able to formulate a reply. “I beg your pardon. What exactly did you just say?”

“Well, to be perfectly honest, this mission is going to be very easy and thus very boring.” Ruby nodded sagely and then pointed at the pants Weiss was wearing. “Although those pants are eminently practical, they do far too good a job of covering up your legs, and I happen to enjoy looking at your legs.”

“On missions?” Weiss squawked. “You spend our missions looking at my legs?”

“In my defence, you have lovely legs. I might even go so far as to call them perfect. As for looking at them on missions, I only look when it’s safe. Since this mission is just going to be us picking off a few of the stragglers from Blake and Yang’s Grimm extermination mission, we’re not likely to encounter anything more troublesome than a Beowolf, and we can both handle a Beowolf in our sleep. Hence, I’ll need something else to keep me occupied.”

“Like my legs?” Weiss was still trying to wrap her mind around the fact that Ruby had apparently been ogling her legs for who knew how long when they were on missions.

“Exactly. I’m glad you understand.” Ruby’s eyes narrowed. “Why are you wearing pants, anyway?”

“Well, I thought I might give them a try. Pants are quite practical in many different situations.”

“Could you possibly give them a try later?”

“Ruby, I’m going to wear the pants.”

“As your team leader, I’m going to have to ask you to reconsider.”

“That is a horrible abuse of your authority, Ruby.”

“Yes, I’m a regular tyrant.” Ruby gave Weiss her most charming smile. “So… we still have an hour before we have to leave… that’s plenty of time for you to change into your usual outfit.”

“Not a chance.”

X     X     X

“You know,” Ruby drawled. “I think I like your pants.” She paused. “Especially now that they’re in pieces.”

Weiss did her best to kill Ruby with her eyes. Alas, actually glaring people to death was not one of her powers. “Ruby…”

“I mean who could have known that one of the Grimm would manage to hook its claws into your pants and shred them.” Ruby sighed dramatically. “How unfortunate.”

“Yes, you’re practically in tears.” Weiss bit back a curse as Ruby almost walked into a tree due to staring at her legs, only to evade the tree at the last moment. Damn those reflexes of hers. “It’s cold out here, Ruby, so do you think we can get a move on? I can barely feel my legs.”

Ruby zipped over to Weiss’s side and lifted her up bridal style. “Don’t worry, Weiss. I’ll get us back to civilisation in a jiffy.” She grinned and stroked Weiss’s legs. “And don’t worry if you can’t feel your legs… I can feel them for you.”


“Idiot.” Weiss grumbled. “Just get us back to town.”

I’m afraid when I do legs these pants will shred.

Yarishna Ayala

Prompt: Derek feels like Stiles doesn’t understand him and just wants him to understand his perspective.

Derek was in the loft getting his reps in for his arms and chest. He never missed a day, and his time working out was important. With battle after battle in Beacon Hills, Derek wanted to be in the best of shape incase an evil might try take over the town. However, some times Derek felt like the others didn’t understand, especially Stiles. Stiles never understood his obsession with constantly working out. Stiles loved his size, and his body, but Derek wish it was something that would bring them closer together.

Stiles entered the loft, towards the end of Derek’s work out. “Derek, what is it with you and the body building? You don’t need to keep lifting”, Stiles rolls his eyes. Derek slightly ignored him and continued his reps. “Stiles, I do it because it relaxes me, and I like the way I look”. Stiles walks away, and Derek thinks to himself how his wished that Stiles understood how he felt. As Derek started to clean himself up, unknown to him a Djinn spirit had been listening to the entire conversation. “If Derek wants Stiles to understand… That’s exactly what he is going to get!”. The two of them were fairly quiet, until it was time for bed.

At about 1 in the morning, while both had been in a deep sleep, the Djinn came back out into the room. He decided that it was time for some fun. Looking over the bed, it seemed that Derek took up about 2/3 of it. The Djinn made the covers disappear, and began to examine Stiles’ less than impressive body. “Well… if Derek wants Stiles to understand, we’re going to have to get to work”, raising his glowing hand towards Stiles. The young boy’s body started to stretch, as 5’10 simply was not good enough… 6’2 sounds more impressive. Stiles began to moan in his sleep, as more changes began to arise. Bubbles began to erupt all over his body, as muscles slowly started to emerge. His biceps began to grow and push Derek slowly farther off the bed. His shirt started ripping as his pecs rounded up and pushed out. After his legs doubled in size, and his dick lengthened significantly, his pants became shredded on the bed.

The Djinn admired his work, but knew he wasn’t finished. His hand once again began to glow, but this time with a different result. It started with his face. Hair began to grow on his checks, then his upper lip, and then his chin forming a beard very similar to Derek’s. His newly plumped pecs got a good covering of hairs as well as nice torso. The hairs on his arms and legs got longer and darker. “Now he is beginning to look the part!” The Djinn put his hands together. “He just needs to start thinking like Derek now!”. His hand once again began to glow and Stiles began to be filled with knowledge of working out, getting a deeper voice, and more masculine mannerisms. Impressed with his work, the Djinn disappeared awaiting the two to be surprised in the morning.

7 AM… Stiles heard the alarm and got up before Derek, but something wasn’t right. He felt heavy, but he didn’t eat much last night… A little disoriented, he got up and went to the bathroom. He turned the sink on and washed his face. He was puzzled to the feeling of scruff on his face. He looked up at the mirror and screamed! “DEREK… DEREK… COME HERE QUICK!” His heart was racing at what he was looking at. Derek’s face was on alert, as he didn’t recognize the man in his loft. “Who are you?”. Stiles rolling his eyes, “Very funny, Derek, its me… It’s Stiles”. Derek’s eyes went wide at the disbelief in front of him. Stiles began to look at his new bod. He flexed his arms, squeezed his new pecs, and began to feel all his new body hair. “Stiles, you kind of look like me?”. Dude, I feel powerful… his new voice boomed. Stiles instantly got rock hard and his new member got Derek’s attention. Derek loved this new Stiles, he was big, powerful, and might finally understand how Derek thinks. Stiles was still feeling himself up, his new beard, his new pecs, and his new member. Stiles looked up at Derek, “Wanna work out with me?!” Derek smiled and new that this would be amazing for both of them.

I may not be shredded but my pants sure are.

Sonia Isaza
800-222-3539 (FLEX)

Jumped_El Diablo x Reader (1/3)

@petersonlylostgirl asked:

Can I get one where it’s El Diablo x Reader where the Squad is out doing their thing and Diablo see the reader getting jumped by some creeps who he used to be gang members with and he saves her and fluff? Pretty please?

Jenn’s Note: Hell yeah, part one. My first multi-part fic. Lots of angst in this part. I promise fluff later!

Word count: 725

Warnings: ATTEMPTED GANG RAPE, swearing, blood, guardian angel Diablo and SS Spoilers.

Disclaimer: I own nothing but the plot.

Originally posted by richgaspar

You ran full speed down the street, lungs burning as you pushed yourself harder, faster. You had ditched the eye covered “zombies” a few minutes ago but you kept running just in case. Without looking where you were going you turned into an alley, expecting it to be abandoned like the rest of the city. It was not. You ran smack into someone, falling flat on your ass on the chilled, wet gravel. You yelped and looked up at the person you ran into, or people. It was a group of men, teardrop tattoos, matching blue Letterman jackets and low hung jeans told you exactly what kind of people they were. Too late though, when you tried to scramble away one of the men grabbed you roughly, pulling you towards him and his assailants.

“What the fuck are you doing?! Let me go!” You yelled, squirming and kicking so much that another man had to help force you to the ground.

“This one’s got a mouth…” one sneered. “No Bueno, shut her up.”

Someone put a disgusting, cold, clammy hand over your mouth and you did the only thing you could think of. You bit him. Hard. Your mouth was filled with his blood and he let out a very un manly cry, drawing back. You spit out the red liquid and squeezed your eyes shut as his hand came towards your face, slapping you harshly. Somebody ripped your shirt open, pulling the fabric off of your torso and stuffing it in your mouth as a makeshift gag. Tears dripped out of your closed eyes as the gravel dug into your now bare back. You could feel the stones shredding your skin. Your pants were ripped down your legs, immobilizing you and you screamed into your gag. Greedy disgusting hands violated your skin, unforgiving fingers bruised you. Just as those sickening appendages reached the waistband of your panties, someone new spoke up.

“There something wrong here homies?” A new voice asked, gravely and Hispanic sounding.

“Diablo, man? Welcome back esé.” The digits on your hips retreated as he stood. You kept your eyes screwed shut, weeping quietly into your shirt.

“Come on then, join the fun boss.” Another said, he ran a hand over your breast and cheek and you flinched away.

“Slim, I thought you better than this man. You know we ain’t like this.” ‘Diablo’ said. “Get out of here cabrón.”

“And if we decide we wanna stay? Finish what we started?”

“Yeah last I checked there was… Uno, deux, tres… seven of us and one of you.” A new choice challenged

You let your eyes open, stinging and red rimmed. Diablo was quite a bit smaller than Slim but he didn’t seem put off by the discrepancy, which made sense when flames engulfed his closed fists, lighting up the alley with orange shadows. Slim flinched away noticeably. “I ain’t gonna explain what you already know, Guey. Get lost.”

Slim scoffed “Once a stiff, always a stiff.” Nevertheless he obeyed. As if on cue the rest of the men let go of you leaving you to spit out your gag and curl into in a ball. You barely even noticed as Diablo helped you up, whimpering as he pulled up your pants with warm, careful hands. Your shirt was clearly done for, soaked and torn, Diablo realized this and you felt him drape his jacket over your shoulders, the same ones as Slim and his perverse goons were wearing. You wanted to shove it off and scream but you were weak and it was really warm and it was obvious this man meant you no harm. So instead you let him help you into the sleeves while you studied the ground mutely. You flinched when the fabric brushed over the open wounds on your back and he seemed to be gentler after.

“You can’t stick around too long chica, it ain’t safe.” He said calmly.

You nodded, looking up at man who had saved you. He was more inked than any of the others, skull like features over his face and swirling patterns that disappeared below his collar. “T-Thank you…” You stuttered, still sobbing “Bless y-you…”

“I ain’t blessed chica. Now get goin’ an’ stay safe.”

You nodded again, pulling the jacket close. It smelled like smoke and cinnamon. “Thank you… D-Diablo.”


Imagine you have become a breeding bitch for an alpha werewolf.

You first started dating a beta werewolf, unbeknownst to you. Your boyfriend was never around on the full moon, but you never thought it strange. But, one night he said he wanted to introduce you to his friends, so the two of you went down into the woods, much to your confused suspicion. 

Werewolves certainly wasnt what you were expecting but its definitely what you got. The beasts circled you, bumping you with big sniffing noses, and the alpha, the largest, sunk his teeth into your hoodie and yanked you onto your back. 

Your boyfriend tried to fight him, but you got the feeling it was more a “who gets you” fight then a “defending your honor” fight. 

Long story short, he lost and the alpha tore your pants to shreds and ploughed you, howling all the way. 

Your stomach swelled with his litter, his big fat pups as you felt a jet of come inside you and he continued thrusting. 

He came and came and came and came, it felt like hours before he wore out, but with every thrust you felt more pups grow and kick inside you, and all the movement and the warmth and the growth made you orgasm more intensely then your boyfriend ever did, and your water broke. 

You whimpered and begged to be filled with more of their huge pups, you didnt want to give birth yet! 

You demanded more! You refused to push but the pups descended into the birth canal anyway crowning and being pushed out one after the other… Until the alpha came back, and plugged you. 

He sprayed your insides with a gallon of come, and your enormous belly doubled in size and you were so pleasured it hurt how good it felt. 

You begged for more and he gave it to you, all night long, refusing to let you birth any more pups until daybreak when he transforms back. 

Your belly is a monolith of movement, its a no small marvel that youre alive, let alone thriving in birth. 

As the sun comes up the birth gets harder, the pups transforming into human form, but its so much better. 

You cry out in intense pleasure with every contraction, and the alpha, your new boyfriend, holds your hand and kisses you deeply and massages your massive aching tits while drinking their milk.

Dark Passion: Written by Carnalclown & Nat3601

Warning adult content rated M for age of consent please do not read if you are uncomfortable with sexual content. This story explores the anti-verse characters of MNT everything that you have known of our beloved boy Leo that is good has been warped and twisted. The turtles are also in their mid twenties here. Please enjoy.

Leo found a girl simply sitting out in central park. It was dusk and he wondered what she could possibly be doing at this hour. The lamp lights were on and it appeared as though she was cleaning up something. Upon closer inspection from a nearby tree and a lot of stealth, Leo saw she was packing up a sketchbook and pencils or something. So she was an artist? A great compliment to my name. Perhaps he should properly exchange artistic endeavors with this woman. As she finished packing, she threw her bag over her shoulder and started heading out. Once she wandered beneath his tree, he simply fell before her and caught her by the arm. She was so stunned she didn’t make a sound and Leo dragged her over to a thick set of bushes. Then the pleas began and he felt himself grow excited. He thrust his hand over her mouth. “Stay quiet and you won’t be harmed.” He drew a sword for good measure and she cowered to the ground. “That’s more like it.” He ran a hand up her neck and discovered a very long braid of hair draped over her shoulder. He had an idea and demanded she get on her hands and knees. His hand clamped down on the braid and he pulled fairly hard, enough to make her back arch and he used his sword to slice her clothes down her back. “I like your hair. It makes a great leash…” He then pushed her shredded pants and panties down her thighs before shoving his finger into her folds. “Let’s see how loud the artist can scream my name…”

But she grinds back against his fingers surprising him by letting out a low lustful moan. It certainly has been awhile since she’s felt such pleasure like this, a very long while. She’s torn between feeling immediate lust for this masked man, moving into what he’s giving but yet she also struggles against him trying to get away. She then let’s out a gasp as he tightens his grip on her braid, his mouth taking the place of his finger and is now preoccupied between her thighs.

Surprisingly, Leo found himself in a position where the girl actually wanted it! This never happened. Normally they screamed and fought, but not this one. While he was down on her cunt, he had to wonder if she was somehow playing him? Was it a trap? He decided to be vigilant and keep an eye out for any others. He held tightly to the braid and kept his other arm locked around her thigh. Putting her on her back would be wise because it would leave her exposed and vulnerable to him. This girl would HAVE to be controlled if he was going to fuck her…

The masked stranger has now locked his arm around her thigh, he must sense that she’s going to try something and she’s certainly thought about it but the flick of his tongue feels to delicious against her slit. He then decides he needs her to turn over, but to be sure she understands her place, he winds the braid around his hand till it reaches just the nape of her neck. He then releases a low growl into her ear letting her know with out words that he’s in control and escape could bring on serious consequences. A bit stubborn however she tests the stranger and although it brings a mixed bag of pain and pleasure, she pulls against him still letting him know that she won’t make it that easy for him.

Leo smirked at her defiance. “So why attempt to struggle if you obviously want it, darling?” He dragged his tongue along her folds again and pushed it inside her cunt. He pulled her hair tightly, forcing her to her side and she collapsed onto the ground while his head remained at her core. The odd position brought him back up, her essence dripping from his chin. He hovered over her and peered down at her, his icy blue eyes peering down at her. “If you want it…take off your clothes…slowly.”

Breathing heavily she looks straight into her captors eyes for the first time and finally see’s that he’s not really a large man but a very big turtle person. She becomes a little frightened, her eyes growing large and her mouth dropping open but then she doesn’t scream because to her this is way to surreal. “Damn though, this dude has got some serious head game” she thinks to herself becoming a little braver. She then bites her lip suddenly, complying to his demand. Slowly she begins to unzip her top, revealing a bright blue satin bra that barely contains her large and ample breast. Without breaking eye contact with him, licking her lips she then moves her fingers down between her folds and begins to rub. Taking him all in she’s amazed by his sheer size, and realizes that if she did escape he could and probably would take her down easily again, so if she can’t run why not give him a little show?

Leo watched and waited. Her zipper was coming down and he was gawking at her tits as they spilled out of her blouse. “Hm, not bad sweetheart. But, I’d prefer to be the one doing this.” He then took her hand away from her core and replaced it with his own. He maneuvered the soft petals between his fingers and started to work her over until he felt traces of essence. As he felt himself growing warm and impatient for sex, Leo made her unhook her pretty blue bra. How could he even think to simply rip off and ruin such a nice colored lingerie? He tugged on the piece after she separated the hooks and her large tits were within view. He touched the underside of one and started with a gentle massage before leaning in and claiming it with his mouth. His tongue slid around the rose-colored areola and he applied a bit of suction just to gauge her reaction. His fingers swirled around inside her cunt, spreading her sticky fluids to the outer labia. Leo groaned with approval. She was heating up and damn near ready for him…

Overtaken by heat, she was horny as hell and wanted nothing more then for him to ravage her. He then let out a groan as he released himself ready to impale her with his member, but it was at this moment that she sat upright and became really scared because this was no ordinary run of the mill cock. It was massive and scared the shit out of her. “How am I…ggonna…take all that?!” She stuttered inching a little away from him.

”Good compliment, sweetness. I’ll make sure you can take it…” he said softly and immediately he rose to his haunches and gripped her by the hips. Pressing his head to her entrance, he rubbed some of her fluids all over the tip. Then Leo leaned over her, making eye contact. His palm lay on the ground by her head, keeping his weight off her and he kept a tight grip on his length. “Just relax…” he said and pushed the head of his cock against her folds, slowly entering. She flinched and gasped, feeling fuller by the second. “Easy now….easy…” he whispered as he pushed further inside, feeling her soft walls squeeze and engulf him, sharing her warmth with him…

Pushing himself deeper inside her walls, he paused to give her time to adjust. He then let out a long breath as he began his slow and deliberate thrusts. Never had she ever felt anything like him before painful and amazing all at once, it made her gasp and whimper with each movement he made. To him she was so tight he almost lost himself and began thrusting faster causing her to cry out. This brought him back from the brink to full attention and as he continued fucking her, he rasped close to her ear. “If you get any louder, you might not like what I do to you next”. She whimpered nodding at him that she understood and she tried her best not to make a sound but he was to delicious that she couldn’t help herself and cried out again. He smirked at her defiance, “Oh you naughty girl, you are going to pay dearly for not complying to what I say”. Quickly pulling out he turns her over and pulls her hips towards him rubbing and teasing his cock against her ass. “This is probably going to hurt you a lot more then me”

Leo hesitated for a moment. It wasn’t his style to go in through the back door, but he will, just this one time to see what the commotion was about in the human world. He touched her pussy and gathered some of the fluids, applying more to his length before letting the tip settle against her rear. He knew it was going to be hard to slide in, but he would try. He pushed the head against her ass and forcefully passed the outer wall. The girl cringed and groaned as he worked his way inside. However, it was proving to be a chore, but he continued anyways. “Relax…you’re tensing up. The more you tense up, the harder it will be and the more painful..”

He continued on but couldn’t seem to enjoy himself at all. “Hmmm, definitely not what I expected. Humans” he grimaced as he pulled out from her. She let a small breath of relief at his sudden decision to stop, it definitely wasn’t something she was a fan of and slumping against him she waited for what he would do next. Feeling frustrated and quite unsatisfied he then decided that he wanted to have this escapade elsewhere, if they continued on dawn would soon approach and they’d be seen. He then got up gathering himself and his swords, and without effort he threw her up on his shoulder and left Central Park, the party definitely wasn’t over yet. He never had such a compliant victim “This one might be a keeper” he thought finding the closest manhole and maneuvering himself with her down it. Leo carried her underground.

He barely knew this woman and so taking her directly to the lair was not a good idea and so he decided to bring her to his secret room inside the labyrinth. It wasn’t far and to protect his family and home, he made sure to stop briefly and blindfold her. Of course…he kept her high on endorphins by playing with her folds as he walked. His digit dipped in and out of her and he was grinning like a madman. Upon arrival at the lair, Leo threw her onto the bed centered in the beautifully decorated room. She tore off her blindfold, but was met with her partner’s face and he was upon her in an instance, stroking himself to keep his member awake. “Let’s carry on, shall we? Now spread those legs for me….”

Looking at him defiantly, she could see the fierce lust in his eyes, he looked almost animalistic knowing that he wanted nothing more then to own and control her. But she was stubborn and even as he rested mere inches from her she ventured, “If I spread my legs for you, will you at least give me your name?”. He frowned at her as he had no time for little games. She then leaned in towards him rubbing her cheek against his “I’m Amarie” she whispered licking his cheek. Leo’s brow furrowed for a moment at her suggestion, but he relaxed. She wasn’t about to pull anything. He couldn’t sense any threat emanating from her. “Leonardo,” he said gruffly and pressed her back down into the mattress. Her fingers scrunched the sheets and her eyes met with his. “Leonardo. Just like the-” she began. Before she had a chance to say much else, he cut off her train of thought by forcing her legs back and sliding his length back inside her. “No more talking unless it’s to tell me how spectacular I make you feel. Or you can scream my name, rather than discuss its origins.” Leo pushed her feet up over his shoulders, forcing her at an angle to which he could penetrate deeper.

This time there was no adjustments, no waiting he was going to take what he needed from her. At first thrust she let out a yelp but this time he wasn’t worried at all, she could scream and moan all she wanted no one could hear her but him. He encouraged it actually and pushed deeper just to get another moan out of her, it was like pure music to his ears. She was so wet and tight, his body thrummed with excitement as he began pumping faster and harder. Closing her eyes and having no choice but to take him all in, she threw her head back writhing in ecstasy his name playing just on her soft lips. But then her eyes snapped open connecting with his and her mouth fell open as she felt a hot white flash suddenly overtake her body and she began to shake as an orgasm ripped through her “OMG!.„„ I think I’m…I’m coming oh Oh God!! OH LEONARDO oh shit!!!! Yes yes fuck me harder!“ She screamed raising and thrusting her hips up to meet his. “I am baby, I am!” he laughed sticking his tongue out pistoning his cock in and out of her soft pussy hard as possible. “Scream my name again!” He raised himself up grabbing her hips feeling himself just on the verge.

Leonardo grit his teeth and growled. His nails dug into her hips as her cunt met with his cock. “Awe, fuck…baby yeah!” he groaned as he felt the beginning of his orgasm rising to the surface. Once he felt the rushing of cum fly through his length, he buried himself deeply within her. “I’m gonna load up that pussy…” With a heavy sigh, Leo poured every ounce of himself into her, a small thrust every few seconds helped to empty him out. She was so out of it that he chuckled and fell to his elbows and let his face drop onto her shoulder briefly. “Oh, that was good.” Amarie sighed and relaxed against the cushions, occasionally looking down at the top of this creature’s head. So very human-like. After a minute or two, Leo pulled out of her and sat back, looking at his obviously pleased partner.. She had a small smile on her lips and laying among all his pillows, she fell asleep and began gently snoring away.

Leo chuckled to himself “Awww now look at that, I put that ass straight to sleep. Yea this one was definitely a keeper” he figured. She was going be perfect for Donnie’s little experiment and perfect for all his personal needs. She seemed willing and he kind of liked that she was into what had transpired between them, brave little thing he really liked that in his women. Yeah, tonight was definitely a lucky one for him but in the meanwhile he’d let her rest up because he would be coming back for round two, he was a very needy turtle.

a sweet short but for more stories just go to ao3

Late Night, Welcome Home

Pairing: Kandreil 


“I thought Andrew shredded those pants,” Kevin answered.

Neil’s lips quirked further up. “Wymack got me another pair.”

“What did I do to deserve this kind of punishment?” Kevin asked. “You’re the problem child.”


TITLING THIS WAS HARD?? i still dont like it but i couldn’t come up with anything else?

I just?? I hardcore ship this ot3 and I did when reading the book. Finding out it was one of the ships Nora thought about was like VALIDATION FOR A POLY SHIP, FUCK YEAH?? but there wasn’t really any material out there so I wasn’t sure if anyone would like this kinda thing?? But recently I’ve seen some stuff for Kandreil (??) pop in the tags and I just…had to do it??

It’s a little sappy and maybe out of character but YOLO

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Reward (Ferid Bathory X Reader) Lemon!

“Livestock.” A deep voice causally called out by your doorway.

Already knowing who it was by years of experience, you kept your nose in the book you were reading. “Hmm?”

Light footsteps begin to walk closer to your desk before stopping altogether. You merely managed to raise an eyebrow before your chair was swiveled violently in a one-eighty turn. The loud thud of your book filled the empty room as it was abruptly pulled from your hands and thrown to the floor. Your calm eyes meet with familiar red ones.

A wicked smirk formed on his lips, revealing sharp fangs. Had you not had years of experience with vampires, the look might have scared the living lights out of you. Key words being: might have.

With a slight frown of your lips, you crossed your legs, tucking your chin beneath the palm of your hand. “Yes Ferid?”

The vampire in front of you rested his hands against each armrest of your chair, leaning dangerously close to you. “Livestock,”

His sultry voice whispered the single word in your ear as he softly stroked your chin. You felt the hairs on your neck stand on end as the smell of his cologne wafted up into the air. The strong presence he always held wherever he went made you recoil in your seat.

“Hah.” Letting out an over exaggerated moan, he finally leaned away from you. “You’ve been so good to me recently.”

Closing his eyes, the vampire crossed his arms in mock thought. You raised an eyebrow in growing curiosity. “I’ve always had troubles trying to consider ways to… satisfy you as you have for me but nothing really comes close to how much I owe you.”

At the last words, he peeked open an eye, the smirk only growing deeper on his face.

“W-wait! Ferid, what are you doing?!?” You couldn’t help but protest as he grabs your hand with both of his, pulling you forward as the chair softly swerved forward. It came to a halt right in front of the vampire. He proceeded to pull you up from the chair, leaving you breathless as you looked up at his beautifully cold face.

Placing a long finger against your mouth, he gestured to the door behind his back. “Shhh. We have to be very careful if we don’t want to be found out…”

At the end of his short sentence, you found yourself stiffen as he nuzzled his entire face up and down your exposed neck. You could feel cold fingers begin to slyly creep down your pants. A raspy breath escapes your mouth as you repressed a moan.

The man gave a confident chuckle- his hands venturing lower and lower with each passing moment. With the lack of response on your end, said vampire grinned widely. Your resolve was breaking.

“…No. We should stop.” The vampire found it oddly intriguing how strong-willed you could be. Despite speaking such sure words, your body seemed to be saying something completely different. From the way you bit your lips in self-thought to how you were unconsciously edging closer to him, it’s like you were begging to be taken. Being with you was so fun, he remarked inwardly.

Cleverly slipping his hand between your closed legs, he placed the fingers teasingly above your throbbing clit.

You shivered at the pleasant feel, beginning to dig your nails deeper into his white coat. Fuck, there goes your only resolve.

Ferid began to playfully touch and rub at your walls, his lips breaking out into another grin as you pushed your body tightly against his form. You purposely placed your chin past his shoulder as you didn’t want him to see your blushing face. A strong woman such as yourself knew better than to let somebody see them so vulnerable.

Poking and prodding you with just one hand, you could feel yourself let out soft moans and gasps as he deliberately missed all your soft spots. Cool fingers expertly played with you until you were a wet hot mess. He chuckled and finally pulled his fingers out of your pants, much to your distaste. A growing blush still dotted your face as you watched him slowly slip a finger, wet with your juices, into his mouth. You covered your eyes with your hand, a feeble attempt to escape from his suggestive eyes.

Ferid chuckled, quickly making use of his free hand to move your hands from your face. He wanted to see you under his power so badly. The moment your fingers no longer shielded your face, the red eyed male advanced. Quickly bringing his face forward, you had no time to resist as he crashed his cool lips against your warm ones. His tongue roamed all the crevices of your mouth and you became dizzy with lust as you returned the sloppy kiss. You could taste yourself in his mouth and the thought alone was enough to keep you blazing hot in his touch, an embarrassment that could only be forgotten by winding your fingers into his soft hair and well-built body.

“More…” You whisper the word softly against his mouth, causing a smirk to form on his lips.

“If that’s what you want Livestock, don’t blame me for what’s going to happen next.” Dropping softly to his knees, he quickly made work of your pants. The shreds of fabric draped all over the floor around your feet before you could even open your mouth in protest. Ferid wound his hands around your knees and drew you closer, his face just a hairs length away from touching your bare skin.

“H-hey! What are you- ahh.” As loud moan trails out from your pink lips as you’re overcome with a sudden wave of pleasure. Ferid violently shoved his tongue into your clit, the wet organ roaming and lapping at all your walls. This time, he made sure to lick all the good spots.

The overwhelming pressure of his tongue alone had you weak at the knees, so when Ferid suddenly moved his lips and the rest of his face into your clit, you desperately clung to his shoulders to keep upright. His fingers began to softly stroke the skin above and around your clit, every once in a while venturing in and out. Your eyes unconsciously closed, body tingling from all the stimulation.

Up and down, the vampire licked and kissed all the insides of your exposed skin. Maybe because the two of you hadn’t met in months, it didn’t take long for him to get you dripping wet. That or he was just very skilled with your body. Maybe it was both, you couldn’t be too sure with such a mysterious vampire.

“Hah-harder… Y-yes… Right there!” You moaned the words in between each of his sucking kisses. He dug his nails into the side of your thighs, bringing his face even further towards your opening. A deep blush coated your face, slightly matching the one dusting his face. Hushed pants left your mouth as you tried so desperately to not cry out his name. Each passing second had you deeper in a daze and closer to reaching your climax. His hot moans brushed up against your walls and resonated loudly in the quiet room, that coupled with the wet slurping sounds of his mouth eating your liquids, had you further fall into a trance. You didn’t know how much longer you could hold up.

“F-Ferid…” You softly mumbled his name in your daze. He responded by lightly running his fangs along your wet and throbbing walls. The sensation oddly enough had you turning even hotter despite being ever so slightly painful. You could feel your fingers close into fists as you were reaching your peak. He quickened his pace, mouth working more violently against your opening. The wave of orgasm shook your body at that instant.

Your back arched, body convulsing with each strong wave of euphoria. A tingle crawled up your spine followed by the tightening of all your muscles, you screamed his name in a single stretched out moment, finally reaching your limit as juices began to drop down from between your legs. Ferid happily licked it up, the sounds quickly filling the quiet room. With a final stretched out sigh of pleasure, the vampire stood up.

His arms loosened from around your knees as he took a seat upon the edge of your bed- hands reaching out to hold yours tightly. Your eyes glazed over with fatigue, met his sultry red ones. He tugged lightly upon your hands, and you walked forward with shaky legs, taking a seat across his open lap. Your tired head dropped against his firm chest, eyes focused forward to nothing in particular as you listened to the soothing sounds of his rhythmic breathing.

“What a good little Livestock you are. I love when you’re this obedient.” He cooed these words to you, beginning to run his fingers gently through your sweat tangled hair as his arms wrapped securely around your waist. “Did you enjoy what we just did?”

You managed to bob your head slightly up and down in response. He chuckled, chin resting upon your head shaking ever-so lightly, as he drew you closer. The cool feel of his skin mixed with a gnawing sense of fatigue all urged sleep; and in a matter of minutes you had scummed to such desires.

Ferid tucked a strand of loose hair behind your ear as he watched the serene look cross your face. The vampire couldn’t help but find you so adorably innocent in his arms. Placing a chaste kiss on your forehead, he found himself wanting to hold you just a little while longer. A second. A minute. Maybe even an eternity.

A yawn escaped his lips and Ferid soon followed your example, closing his ruby eyes for some much needed rest; lulled with thoughts of what he would do to you once he awoke. Oh how round one was just beginning.

Catalyst - Chapter Two

Connecting the Dots

Cowritten and Proofread by @aoimikans

Toshinori’s ears twitched when two medical droids entered the office. He set aside the warm mug of tea Aizawa gave him, watching as they rolled into the room.

“Start prepping for surgery,” Recovery Girl ordered the droids as she rounded Isamu’s bed. They each responded with a mechanical “Yes Ma’am” and “I know.”

Recovery Girl suddenly shoved a couple towels into Toshinori’s arms. He blinked in surprise, carefully holding the folded towels to his chest.

“I need the three of you out,” Recovery Girl stated. “I can’t operate until the droids sanitize the space, and before I examine you,” she prodded Toshinori’s thigh with her cane, “you desperately need a bath.”

“If you two want to help,” she pointed her cane at Aizawa and Izuku, “get him to the room next door. The showers in there are for patients and have benches to accommodate the sick and injured. Eraserhead, if you would, find All Might a fresh change of clothes. And Midoriya, it would be best if All Might didn’t fall. Look after him.”

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You’re Late (Steve Rogers x reader)

steve rogers x reader where her and a group were gone on a really long mission and they lost contact but finally made it back and when they’re coming off of the helicarrier, steve’s all nervous bc he’s scared she didn’t make it and it takes her a while to come off bc she’s last and he’s just so relieved and tears and angst/fluff thanks man i love your writing

supercarricat said: Could you do one, where he’s on a mission and comes back to reader a little later than expected? Lot of fluff? :D

Steve was taking the North with his team, and you were directed to the South with yours. Normally the two of you worked as a pair and had done so for every mission since you joined the Avengers a few years ago, so the feeling of running in opposite directions felt foreign and admittedly scary to you.  

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Deformation of the Bonsai, Part Two

Title: Deformation of the Bonsai (Part Two)

Pairing: None, Todoroki Shouto-centric

Rating: PG

Word Count: ~1,800

Summary: Todoroki Shouto, growing up and growing angry. Having one’s quirk come in isn’t always easy, either

Author’s notes: Many thanks to my best friend @auspiciouswhiskers, for betaing for me and encouraging me to post. This wouldn’t be here without that support!

Chapter One.

Also on Ao3.

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Writing Prompt #236

“Well, plan A hit the fan. And plan B literally went down the drain. Do we have a Plan C?”

“Yea, plan C just fell off the bridge.”


“Plan D was to run like hell…”

“We’re chained to a bridge.”

“There‘s a list in my pants pocket. A-Z plans.”

“Your pants were shredded in plan A–”

“Well that nixes plan H…”

Which comic hero would the companions cosplay as?

-This was a WIP and accidentally got posted, hence a couple of small edits -

“ Hey! What’s this?” Deacon walked up to Sole holding up their cosplay costume. Damn, that thing survived the nuclear blast and raiders? Unbelievable. “It’s a cosplay costume” “ A what?” “ Well people would get together and dress up as their favourite comic book heroes for example. “ You mean there was basically some sort of community that had people who were good at disguises in one place?“ “Ehm… well disg-”  “WE’RE DOING THAT!”

Deacon:  Deadpool

Hancock had an argument with Deacon over who’d get to be deadpool. Hancock almost won because his face resembled the mutilated one of Wade Wilson the most. Deacon spent a day in character before Hancock handed it to him… after all Deacon threatened to keep it up otherwise.

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Hancock:  Rorschach

Originally posted by metal-up-your-ass-bitch

This meant Hancock had to go look for another idea. He eventually went with Watchmen’s Rorschach. A vigilante with his own sense of right and wrong. Given, he didn’t agree with all the character did or said but that’s appearantly the point of cosplay too; being someone else for a lil’ while.

Preston: black panther
Preston was adviced by Sole to opt for Captain America. A national hero, altruistic and strong. Who saves those who cannot save themselves and doesn’t distinguish between race or creed to save them. He agreed at first but then read about black panther. Also a strong leader with the same strong morals and he kinda liked seeing a black superhero in a powerful position. 

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Sturges: Iron Man

As technically Savvy as Iron Man he liked the idea of someone building his own empire based on it. He recreated the fusion core and managed to make a relatively realistic cosplay. As far as staying in character went; he was capable of geting the philantropist part down, sure, but playboy came a little bit more difficult to him. Regardless he tried to flirt with many others and actually… got better at it? Hm…

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MacCready: Hawkeye

Aiming. Sniper’s got respect for this dude. Besides an assassin with a heart gave him hope that he could one day make up for all the time he spent with criminals, helping them instead of those he should’ve helped. 

Originally posted by skylerlockerbie

Cait: Harley Quinn

Same fighting drive, wit, a little unpredictable and… just cause why not, luv? Also want, take, have was way more of a villain lifestyle anyway. Plus, a bat wasn’t such a bad weapon,and she was clearly comfortable with her body too. Her kinda girl. She blatantly refused to call anyone ‘puddin’ though.

Originally posted by bride-of-the-north

Nick: Phil Coulson

Style, leadership, idealistic: perfect match. The suit and sense of sarcasm were a plus point to him; no weird costumes and easy to get into character. He figured he’d be great friends with this man were he real. He stays in character but uses everyone’s real name. Figures Coulson also knows the men behind the masks.

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Femme fatale in charge of her own destiny, who gets under everyone’s skin? Check. Ok, the catsuit was something she had her doubts about but it helped her get in character. She remarked that some people would start telling her more stories if she was dressed up like this all the time. Her original choice was Lois Lane but she passed because of the lack of an actual proper costume. 

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Curie: Poison Ivy

Curie chose poison ivy because she too studied nature and biology. She could only dream of one day knowing as much about which plants in the current world were toxic and which could heal. She wasn’t entirely in character though; Curie really missed her vicious side.

Originally posted by harleyquinnsquad

Danse: Masterchief

Danse had issues getting into the whole cosplay thing. Until Sole brought up Halo. Danse modified some old power armor and asked Sole more of the story line. A defender of mankind, using technology to defend and protect their own. No matter match possible!

Originally posted by maurohq

Glory: Storm

Glory liked her style but also liked the idea that she too was considered less for something she had no control over. Storm was shunned by some because of her mutant abilities, but she drew strength from them. From nature. Glory considers herself human, as much as a child of nature as any other person even if she came to this world in a different manner than humans. Plus: Storm’s a badass, a literal force of nature. What’s not to like?

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Strong: The Hulk

This was all Sole’s idea. Strong had no idea who the Hulk was supposed to be but Sole convinced him that he pretty much was the Hulk anyway when she handed him shredded dark blue/purple pants. And told him they would make it easier to find the milk of human kindness.

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