The process of becoming a snowboarder (from npeelee's point of view)

Stage 1.) You see Shaun White or the Winter Olympics on T.V.

Stage 2.) You think Shaun White is the best snowboarder ever.

Stage 3.) Realize no one likes Shaun White so you panic to find the next most popular riders.

Stage 4.) You find Shred Bots or RK1 and immediately think Torstein Horgmo, Stale Sandbech, and Mark McMorris are the best riders.

Stage 5.) You start to realize they are just big billboards that advertise snowboarding, which is fine but it doesn’t capture what REAL snowboarding is like.

Stage 6.) You see a Sunday In The Park video or a I RIDE PARK CITY video in the sidebar, you click on it, and you fall in love with the edits. (This is when you start to become a real snowboarder, we’re getting into the heart of park snowboarding here.)

Stage 7.) You branch out to other snowboarding crews like Lick The Cat, Jupiter People, RK1, Cooking With Gas, TFA, and Sexual Snowboarding.

Stage 8.) You either like Sexual Snowboarding or RK1 a lot and watch all of their edits. If you like Sexual Snowboarding you want to find more of this “Sexual Snowboarding” if you like RK1 you go back to Stage 4.

Stage 9.) You do some research and find Barf Bags, TFA, and BYND X MDLS are all basically smaller groups of Sexual Snowboarding and love all of the edits.

You are now obsessed with snowboarding and you can never stop thinking about it.

When you start buying your snowboarding gear off of your favorite riders or basing your style off those riders, that’s when you’ve settled. (I personally am in love the style of Halldor Helgason, Ethan Morgan, Sage Kotsenburg, Kevin Backstrom, and Tor Lundstrom.) So my home is on Stage 9. Its fine if youre on multiple stages, sometimes I go back to stage 6 and 7 but It really doesn’t matter what stage you call home after stage 3, this is just my opinion on how park snowboarders are formed.