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You see, Eddie is a very emotional player. A lot of people probably don’t know that. I remember one time he’d been to the doctor and he came back and we did one take of a song. And fuck, I’ll never forget the fucking guitar solo on it. Like Jesus Christ, he poured out his fucking heart and soul on it. That always struck me; I’ll always remember that. He was a real spur of the moment type solo player. I mean, he was so not Eddie Van Halen, which I thought was brilliant, in my eyes. I was never really into that shredding stuff. Eddie was a very soulful player.”

— Dave King

BTS When Their Best Friend Gets Cheated On

Jin: When you kept on ignoring your calls, Jin would be terrified and would immediately go over to your place barge in to see you lying on the couch crying watching sappy movies. He would sit gently down, after moving a couple of tissues, and ask what was wrong. After you explained what had happened he would keep in the back of his mind to get your mind off of the piece of trash that did this to you. He’s not one to be full on aggressive, so he would keep his death threats to himself and instead focus on you and making you better. 

Seokjin would be all for taking you out and showing that you don’t need them in your life. At any time though, he would listen to you vent about how terrible they are, or what actually went down. But he would never ask to know. Instead, he would take you to all of the best food places that he knows, until you’re frowning from your full tummy and not a broken heart.

“Listen. They’re scum, but that new restaurant opened down the street is not. Why don’t we go check it out?”

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Suga: He would invite you over to listen to some new artist that he had found while poking around the internet. You would first say no, and he would know then that something was up. He would threaten to go over to you, which made you drag yourself over. Yoongi would instantly know that something was wrong and tell you to spill it. In the very beginning after you told him that your s/o cheated he would have to hide the fact that he thought this would happen, he never liked your s/o from the beginning, but for you he would be as sympathetic as he could be. 

Offering for you to take out your rage on some of your ex-s/o’s shirts or items by burning them or tearing them apart. He, himself, would be fuming on the inside, how could someone cheat on you? Yoongi would throw around ideas for you to do to feel better, but you two would most likely just lie in his room and listen to angsty music about cheating or break ups and talk.

“Yah. Just rip their stuff to shreds then ditch by their front door. They tore your relationship apart, what’s it matter to them if their stuff is in the same condition.”

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J-Hope: J-Hope would hear it from around that you and your s/o had split so he would quickly go to your place to hear the details. His worry would increase when you didn’t answer the door or even your phone, but once he found you spare key and got in everything would click. When you told him that you two had split because your s/o had cheated on you he would be furious. But, he would hide it and instead make a funny face and say a joke to make you laugh.

Hoseok’s main goal would be distraction, so he would open up your blinds and bring you out of your blanket cocoon and into the world. Ranging from getting ice cream to playing in the park he would be all over it. And when you returned home, you would be so tired that you would just fall down and go to sleep. Since, Hoseok would worry, he would stay the night just to make sure that you go a good night sleep without thinking about the past. If you happened to wake up, he would play video games with you until you felt tired again.

“(_s.o/name_)? Who’s that? They sound like they’re not very fun to be around. Let’s forget about them.”

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Rap Monster: Rap Monster heard the news from your s/o talking about how you broke up with them and threw out their stuff, but being so close to you, he would know that you wouldn’t just act like that without reason. So, he would just take your side and not even care about what your ex was spewing about you. Instead he would walk over and tell them calmly to stop talking about his best friend like that and to leave before something got started. After that engagement with your ex he would go over to your place and ask for your side of the story.

Namjoon would try to help you with reason and logic, what he knows best. Even if he does have a grasp on his emotions as well, he would want you to know that it doesn’t matter that you’re single now. Now you can hang all the time and flirt with whoever you want. He just wants you to be happy, and it was obvious that you weren’t happy in that relationship anymore. He would take you out for food and games to help take your mind off of your bad ex.

“Ah, you’re free now. You can do whatever you want now, you aren’t tied down.”

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Jimin: When you first broke the news to Jimin that your s/o had cheated so you dumped them, with a straight face and little emotion in general he thought you were joking. He would laugh awkwardly and ask you if you were joking. When you told him that you were completely serious he would run his hand through his hair and shrug. He would be speechless for a moment, to both take in how you were taking it and to process the information himself. From how you were acting it seemed like you were handling it well, but he’s your best friend. Jimin’s knows when you’re faking it or lying.

He would sit with you and let you vent until you cried and finally broke down and revealed how you really feel about it all. You would punch his hands to let out your anger and scream into pillows. And through it all he would sit there and rub your back and listen. Jimin would be a calm to your storm of emotions, ranging from pure rage to deep depression, he would always somehow be able to pick you back up and help you collect your bearings.

“Just let it all out, (y/n). You don’t need to be sorry for being upset about this.”

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V: He planned for both of you to go out to the amusement park that was nearby to just relax and have a day to be together, but after being there for an hour he noticed that you were acting strange. He would pull you away from the crowd and as what was wrong, in the beginning you would say that nothing is and try to go back to running around, but soon you would spill that you had just found out that your s/o had cheated on you the day before and that you two had split.

Taehyung would facepalm and pull you up and immediately leave the park. The entire walk back to the car, he would be silent. Half of him wanted to go beat up your ex-s/o for being so stupid and hurting you, but the other half knew that he couldn’t just leave you this sad. The bigger part of him would finally decide that it would be best to just go home, so he would drive over to your place and help you toss out everything that reminded you of your ex-s/o. He would make sure that you’re okay, and ask if you needed to talk about it, and if not he would suggest pulling a prank on your ex-s/o to teach them a lesson. After cleaning your house, his next goal would be to make you laugh.

“They never deserved you. Let’s make sure that they know that.”

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Jungkook: You had first invited him to go with you to go see the new movie that was out in theaters, and he was all ready to go, just about to walk through his door when he got a text from you that something had come up and that you needed to cancel. He would question it for a minute before going over to your place anyways and going in to make sure that you were okay. It wasn’t like you to just cancel like that. Once he got into your place he would take note of the tissues and snacks that were pilled around you on the couch. He would sit down and ask you what had happened, and when you said that your s/o had cheated on you he would clench his jaw and tell you that they weren’t even worth your tears.

Jungkook would be furious that your old s/o had reduced you, his best friend, to tears. In the beginning he would be calm and try to get your mind off of it all, by going to see the movie or sitting and letting you vent. But after he had left, knowing that you were okay he would march his way over to their house and demand to know why they thought that they could treat you like that. Jungkook would be head on and aggressive whenever someone brought up their name or anything about your old relationship. (You would be pretty surprised when you got a card from your ex-s/o fully apologizing for their actions, not knowing that Jungkook had yelled at them.)

“Don’t even waste your mind on them, (y/n). They won’t even bother you anymore.”

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Kiba with a baby girl? Plz I'll be your personal butler or something forever ;-;

Awww yas! Kiba was one of my first favorites, so I kinda still have a thing for him ;) And no need for butlers! Howabout you keep sending me cute requests like this instead <3

I kinda got carried away with these…

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  • Honestly, Kiba would be so excited for a baby, and especially for a baby girl. Even if she wasn’t planned at all, he’d still be pretty psyched that there’s going to be a mini him running the streets of Konoha; he definitely sees this accident as a positive thing. Of course if she wasn’t planned he’d have his couple moments of pure shock, but he’d get over it pretty quick, because he knows for a fact that planned or not, he’s gonna have a kickass kid. Kiba’s probably be one of the most confident guys in the whole rasing a child thing, so he wouldn’t be too worried or nervous about anything. 
  • I could honestly see him being a hundred percent okay with being a single dad if things came down to that. Following with the same thought that him and the mother ending up going their separate ways, there is no way in hell that he would give up any custody over his baby. Canonically, Kiba’s mom scared off his dad, so a single parent household isn’t anything new to him. Like he doesn’t care if other people leave their children, because he knows that it happens and everything will turn out fine like it did in his case, but there is just no way he’d give his baby girl up. 
  • He’s actually amazing with babies. No one really saw it coming, but he’s like super dad and it just blows everyone away. Maybe it’s because he took care of Akamaru growing up, but he’s got this natural talent of taking care of little girl like it’s nothing at all. Like her feedings are always on time and she naps so well and she’s almost completely on schedule with Kiba, everyone’s just kinda like “how???”
  • Kiba has talked to her like she’s already grown and understands everything he says since the day she was born. Like, if she’s just crying because she’s not getting her way, he’ll just kinda stare at her and shake his head while saying something like, “You know better,” or “You’re not suppose to cry over nothing, ya know? Makes you look needy.” even though she’s only like a month old. 
    • Though he ALWAYS gives into her crying within like thirty seconds, because she’s got him wrapped around her little finger and Kiba doesn’t like seeing his little one cry.
  • He’d be the dad that would have to wear a clothespin on his nose while he changes any super bad diapers. Damn that nose of his. 
  • He thought teething wouldn’t be that bad, but Holy Hell, it was an actual nightmare; Kiba would have much rather fought another war than his grumpy six month old when she was getting her teeth. Poor baby ended up having ridiculously sharp canines like him and literally tore throw teethers like none other. Kiba went through so many pacis and teethers in a one week span that you’d think that he was trying to feed them to a piranha. She even ended up cutting Kiba’s fingers a couple of times when she was gnawing on him.
  • Totally believes in co-sleeping; his baby doesn’t even have a crib tbh. Every night, it’s him, his little one, and Akamaru all struggling for the covers on his bed. Though his baby always end up cuddled up on his chest and nestled against Akamaru.
  • Speaking of our favorite pup, he’d so protective of Kiba’s baby. If any stranger tries to talk to her or get close to her, they will be immediately stopped by a low growl and the bearing of some very sharp teeth. Akamaru is her first friend, and he loves her as much as Kiba.
  • Kiba will bring his little girl with him if him and the other boys go and get barbeque, and it’s just super cute. He’d just have her in his lap and everything carries on per usual. Like nothing really changes, the boys don’t ever really filter their conversation either, because one, she’s a baby, she won’t remember, and two it’s Kiba’s girl, she’s tough enough for it. Also, Kiba will feed her little pieces of barbeque, because he doesn’t think it’s fair that she’s stuck with formula.
    • “Kiba, you can’t feed her tough meat! She’s seven months old! She’s gonna choke!”
    • “Nah, she’s fine. She’s got teeth.”
    • “Kiba, Naruto’s right for once. They’re baby teeth. They aren’t meant to shred through this stuff.”
    • “Shut up, Shikamaru. You wanna see how many teethers these baby teeth have destroyed? This is nothing; her teeth are probably better than yours.”
  • She probably has a little leather jacket, so that they can match, because Kiba would in fact do that. 

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hello!!! i was wondering if you had any victuuri+makkachin stickers left and where you sell them?? i'm sorry i couldn't find a link to your store or anything aaaah your art is adorable! pls let me know and i hope you have a wonderful day thx ^-^ <3

I hope you dont mind if i make this public :0

I have a TON of stickers still! But…I dont have a store haha.

 If you want to buy one (or some?) I’ll price them at $1 each and I can take payments through paypal! Email me at if you’re interested and I can calculate the shipping prices and pp transaction fee for ya

oh and also

for those going to sacanime I’ll be cosplaying yuuri friday and (maybe)sunday so if you see me I’ll be handing these out for free there!

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Imagine Steve resulting to a food fight with Tony because Tony's teasing him about his (lack of) cooking skills. Want a handful of cottage cheese down the back of your shirt?

“Steve, what is that?” Tony asked, nodding towards the bowl Steve was mixing.

“It’s supposed to be kugel,” Steve responded.

“My dad used to have my mom make that. He said his parents made it for him.”

“Yeah,” Steve said. “Bucky’s mom used to make it for us.”

“Okay, but when my family ate kugel, it was, like, shredded potatoes and stuff. It didn’t look like someone had vomited.”

“Maybe I didn’t do it right?” Steve said tentatively. In all honesty, the mixture didn’t look like how Bucky’s mom’s did. It was brownish with clumps of cottage cheese floating around.

“I think you definitely did something wrong, Cap. Where’s the recipe?”

“Over there,” Steve told him, waving the spoon in the general direction of the stove. Tony proceeded to read through the instructions asking Steve if he had added each one.

“For god’s sake, Tony! I added the yogurt!” Steve said exasperatedly, rolling his eyes.

“And the cottage cheese?”

“And the cottage cheese. If you don’t shut up and start helping, there’s gonna be cottage cheese in more places than just the kugel.”

“You wouldn’t dare,” tested Tony.

“Watch me,” Steve said with the same intensity he had during a mission.

Before Tony could react, Steve stuffed a handful of the cottage cheese down the back of his shirt. Tony let out a high pitched screech and grabbed a slice of apple sitting on the counter. He threw it at Steve where it stuck to his cheek. Before either of them knew it, food was flying through the air and they were both covered in a thick layer of muck.

Steve collapsed laughing, looking around the kitchen in despair. “I think I’ll save the cooking for someone who actually knows how.”

“Me too,” Tony said, gasping for breath.

Needless to say, both were in trouble when Pepper came home.


What does house cleaning have to do with focaccia bread?

We need to throw parties more often. We’ll be hosting one soon and it has turned me into a whirling dervish in my spare moments cleaning and organizing our house. No one invited is particularly tall, which is too bad, because the top of our refrigerator is now gleaming. Wood molding around the floors and doors is sparkling clean. I use old toothbrushes to clean the corners of our bathrooms. By the end of today, light fixtures will be washed in hot soapy water and dried. Mirrors are streak and fingerprint free and our linen closet looks like a marine folded and stacked the sheets and towels. Is this unusual behavior for me? Not really – I’m just more motivated than usual.

Yesterday I got carried away when I opened a new, unnecessary can of worms. I decided to go through several drawers of our file cabinets looking for material to toss. (This had now turned into more of a spring cleaning/purging thing than getting ready for friends who could care less about my document organization.) I created a large pile of stuff to shred or recycle, and found one old folder after another labeled “recipes”. This, of course, slowed the job down considerably. I took the time to sit back on the couch and look through all of them. Lo and behold I found the recipe for focaccia bread that I had lost 10 years ago.

Five minutes later the few ingredients were in my mixing bowl and the dough hook was attached. I could hardly wait to taste this salty, slightly sweet, chewy and savory bread again.

Ah, my friends, this is a superb and simple recipe. We ate half a pan yesterday while it was still warm. The olive oil made the corners crunchy. During the rain, we built a fire outdoors, and you can see me offering my husband a warm piece as he tends the flames. Today we split squares of this bread and filled it with turkey and pieces of romaine lettuce for lunch.

If you’re looking for a great recipe for focaccia bread, I highly recommend this one.

One last note, in the upcoming weeks, this blog may show some precious, long forgotten recipes from my archives. 


  • 3 cups bread flour (I used all purpose flour and it turned out great)
  • 2 teaspoons salt
  • 1 tablespoon sugar
  • 1 tablespoon dry yeast
  • 1 -½ cups warm water
  • Olive oil
  • 2-3 tablespoons fresh herbs, chopped (I used thyme and rosemary)


Place the flour, salt, sugar and yeast in the bowl of a mixer. Using the dough hook, mix the ingredients to combine. Slowly add the water and continue kneading for 5 minutes. After the dough has kneaded, turn it onto a lightly floured work surface. Knead a few strokes by hand and then shape the dough into a ball. Place dough in large bowl, well oiled with olive oil. Cover with plastic wrap and set in a draft free spot to rise until double in size, 1 to 2 hours.

Lightly spray a jelly roll pan (mine was 10 x 15-inches) with non-stick spray. Pour the dough into the pan stretch to fit. It doesn’t matter if you tear a few holes or get vigorous – it is forgiving. Cover the pan with plastic wrap and let dough rise again, about 30 minutes.

Preheat oven to 425 degrees. Spread 1 to 2 tablespoons olive oil over dough. Dimple dough with your fingers. Sprinkle top with kosher salt and herbs. Bake for about 15 (possibly longer), until lightly browned. Cut into pieces and serve.