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12x15 Coda: Heaven Doesn’t Come With Keys

After meeting with the angels, Cas thinks about his wings.  Dean decides he wants to see.  12x15 coda, destiel, 1.2k

They can all see.

Castiel tucks his tattered wings more closely to his back.  One flutters uneasily as someone brushes by; he hasn’t had so many people close to them in a long time.  He doesn’t miss how Kelvin’s eyes rove over them.  How no one quite looks him in the eyes because they’re more focused on the shredded feathers sticking out every which way.

Later, that’s all he can think about.

Cas lets himself into the bunker, some of the hollow feeling in his chest easing at the glide of the key in the lock.  Heaven doesn’t come with keys.  Doesn’t come with something to confirm that he belongs there.

“You’re home early,” Dean says as he walks into the war room, carrying a stack of books.

When he sets them down on the map table, a small puff of dust rises up.  He glares at them, as if they’ve personally set out to offend him with dirt in his bunker.  Cas swallows the lump in his throat at the word home.  

“I lost Kelly’s trail.”

Dean doesn’t look disappointed. “We’ll find her eventually.” Then, “Want a burger?  I’m about to start dinner.”

Heaven doesn’t have burgers, either.   Cas follows him obediently into the kitchen.  When he begins to roll up his sleeves to help, Dean pushes him gently on to one of the benches at the table.

“You’re quiet,” Dean notes.  He shoots Cas a smirk. “I mean, not your normal sort of quiet.”

Cas looks down at his hands, clasped on top of the table, before he speaks. “I was approached by an angel.  Joshua wants me back in Heaven.”

Dean stops right in the middle of shaping his second patty.  “Joshua.  As in the gardener guy?”


Haltingly, he begins to shape the patty again, using a little more force than strictly necessary, not quite looking at Cas.  A long few moments go by as he sets the patties down one beside the other.  Then he moves to chop up some onions and tomatoes. (“Sammy always wants something green,” he’d told Cas once.)

“Are you going to? Go back, I mean?”

Dean says it casually, but Cas can tell by the fact that he’s stalled right in the middle of putting the onions on his burger that he’s more affected than he’s letting on.

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people on diets like keto like to pretend that they’re in some kind of enlightened nirvana of self-care and mealtime where every meal is planned, weighed, home-cooked, and worth a sense of accomplishment as its lovingly consumed but i defy that stereotype as i sit here with broken up stale fathead bread, shredded deli turkey, cheddar sticks, and an unceremonious squart of mayo to dip it in

i call it a “deconstructed sandwich”

Follow You pt. 7

Summary: Bucky Barnes thought that ‘going under’ would be best for him. He thought that entering himself into a comatose would diffuse the war that waged within his mind every time he closed his eyes. When it doesn’t work, he’s back at square one, and Tony Stark enlists the help of New York’s brightest and most ambitious psychologist in order to help the newest member of the team.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 3,855

A/N: I’m really glad you guys are enjoying this!

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She didn’t even bother going to work the next day. Her boss wasn’t thrilled, but as soon as he heard the term, 'family emergency’ along with her shaky voice, he was sold. “I hope everything is okay,” he told her as if he actually cared. Everything wasn’t okay, though, and probably wouldn’t be for a while.

Her apartment was still in shambles. Y/N didn’t bother at all to clean up Sean’s mess last night. She took two steps out of her bedroom door and howled in pain, holding her foot up off the ground as she hopped over to the couch. A tiny shred of glass was sticking out of her big toe. It shouldn’t have been painful enough to make her cry, but tears spilled from her eyes to her cheeks as she pulled it out. Her face was oily from having cried herself to sleep last night, her eyes were red and puffy; almost as if they would pop out of her own head at any moment. She cursed herself at how pathetic she looked- at how easily Sean could manipulate her into feeling this way.

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Now, as we all know, James used to refer to Remus’ lycanthropy as his “furry little problem”, leading many people to believe that Remus was the unfortunate owner of a misbehaving rabbit

But, imagine, one Christmas, Remus receiving an unexpected gift from his parents…

Surprised at not receiving his usual gift of a stash of chocolate, Remus would warily lift the box to his face, noting that it was rather heavy, and had a faint scent of straw

He’d open the lid ajar, and peek gingerly inside, face right up to the box

And then jump back with a startled yelp as a rather painful bite snapped his nose

And thus would begin the horrific reign of Topsy the Rabbit, or as the Marauders would later come to call him, Topsy the Tyrant

Now, dearest Topsy would’ve been the embodiment of adorableness; large melting hazel eyes, sleek brown fur – he might as well’ve hopped straight out of a Beatrix Potter tale (or Babitty Rabbity and the Cackling Stump)

So when Remus would arrive on Platform 9 ¾ after Christmas, holding a basket with this adorable creature at arm’s length, trembling slightly, the Marauders would take one look at him, and burst out laughing.

However, they wouldn’t be laughing 15 minutes later when Topsy, who’d manage to gnaw his way out of the cage, would’ve completely ripped their train compartment and robes to shreds.

When the Marauders would arrive at Hogwarts, McGonagall would take one look at them, and march them straight to her office.


And, shaking, the four boys would point at Topsy (now stunned for “The safety of mankind”, as Sirius would insist), cradled in Remus’ arms.

Seeing such a loveable little rabbit sitting in Remus’ arms, stunned would only ignite McGonagall’s wrath further


And setting Topsy down on her desk, she’d undo the spell with a flick of her wand.

And then, the beast would be unleashed.

That night would come to be known at Topsy’s Reign of Terror

After shredding every single piece of paperwork in McGonagall’s office, Topsy would make his way to the Gryffindor Common room, nibbling his way right through the Fat Lady’s skirts

And, like a rabid whirlwind of horror, Topsy would attack every single breakable object (and unfortunate students) in the common room, mauling it beyond recognition.

Finally, FINALLY, after chasing the violent monster around Gryffindor Tower for what must’ve been at least two hours or 3 ½ sleepless days and nights, as Sirius liked to boast, Remus would finally stop the beast with a well-placed stunning spell.

McGonagall, robes in shreds and hair sticking out in every direction, would then mae her way to Hagrid’s hut and demand that he take her to the centre of the Forbidden Forest ‘RIGHT THIS VERY SECOND’ as she has a ‘HIGHLY DANGEROUS AND DESTRUCTIVE CREATURE TO DISPOSE OF”

And Hagrid would glance down at Topsy and all of a sudden his eyes would get very misty and he’d let out a little sigh

And McGonagall would glare at him with a look more burning than a red-hot poker

And with red cheeks and gangling head hung low, Hargid would mutter something about “just misunderstood, he is” and shuffle towards the forest with McGonagall following close behind.

That night, as the boys would try to fall asleep amidst the ribbons of fabric and debris that still scattered their dormitory, McGonagall would sit amidst the ruin of her desk, head in hands, trying to think of a way to stop such a horrific incident from ever happening again

And thus, thanks to dearest Topsy, to this day, the only familiars allowed at Hogwarts are cats, owls and toads.