shred party

Like, I know I’m setting myself up for disappointment here but

Not all the Black people excited about Black Panther are American. And different Black people will relate to the movie and characters differently because we’re not a monolith. 

Anyway is it February yet 

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Party Fassy sends anon compliments that no one can understand thanks to his drunken typing and emoji overload

THIS REMINDS ME i forgot to post here after twitter!!

headcanon that Erik texts exactly how Carrie Fisher does. he’s always sending Charles tediously lengthy texts that use a billion emoji and are nearly impossible for Charles to decipher (he can’t tell if Erik is sending him another draft manifesto or asking him out to dinner, good lord Erik) so he usually just gives up and calls Erik like “What exactly does that mean?”

and this is exactly why Erik texts like that, so Charles will call. B^J

Mount Up (part 3, final)

we were tracking down a large dire wolf to become the mount of our goliath, seeing as he was quite large and couldn’t ride the mule we had gotten. we managed to get to the cave and had it trapped and all the other wolves had been wiped out, and were now trying to get the wolf to come with us.

Druid: I use my spell to speak to it. “Hello-”

Wolf (played by the DM): “WHAT THE F- I’LL RIP YOU GUYS TO SHREDS!”

Druid: To the party “he’s upset.”


Druid: “He’s really upset.”

we get the wolf secured and bring him with us to break in so he doesn’t try to murder us while we travel.

Paladin: “So, Tiny, what’re you gonna name him?”

Goliath: “HORSE.”

Tea Party, You Had One Job
  • Tea Party 2008 mission: the deficit is all that matters.
  • Tea Party 2008-2015: Congress should not increase the deficit, ever. Adding debt is the worst thing, ever. We will shut down the government over this principle!
  • Tea Party 2015: House Republicans vote to add $270 billion to deficit. Tea Party shreds own mission, happily adds to deficit.