shred on

Why I work so hard! Lol

It feels so good when you’ve been busting your ass making something good for them to eat and they actually eat it with no coaxing 😂😂😂

She’s still just as ready to tell you when she does NOT like something, but she’s started loudly going ‘Mmmmm!’ when she gets something she likes, and it’s so cute and encouraging!

Gosh, it’s a thousand times worse to remember now that when Kylo had begun to care for Rey, Snoke sensed it and was ready to teach him a lesson by hurting her before his eyes with the excuse that Kylo’s feelings for Rey were a weakness that had to be terminated. This is not just emotional abuse, this is emotional torture.

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Sketch request from last week’s livestream. There were some great requests and we all had a lot of fun, but by far the best suggestion was for a heavy metal troll that soon spiraled out of control. Some brainstorming later we determined he’s a badass necromancer, raising the dead with his magical (three-stringed, because troll) guitar and some SICK SHREDDING!!

This one will definitely be modified, cleaned up, and made available as a T-shirt or print in my RB store in the future. I may even clean it up on a stream.

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