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Fairy Tales Do Come True Master List   (Dean x Reader)

Game Changer  Master List    (Assassin AU, Reader, Dean)

The Pyre Master List  (Dean x Reader)

Afterwards Master List  (futuristic post apocalypse)  OFC Dean x Angie, Sam x Chelsea

The Holy Series     (Reader x Dean, Sam, Cas) NSFW

Chance Encounters  Master List   (Dean x Reader)


New Beginnings    (Reader x Dean, Sam) (NO Wincest)

Pop Rocks    (Dean x Reader)

One Special Halloween    (Dean x Reader)

Children of Who??    (Dean x Reader x Sam)

The Hunting Lodge    (Dean x Reader)

Never Fear the Reaper    (Dean x Reader)

Hope Renewed    (Dean x Reader)

Better Late Than Never    (Dean x Reader)

Translations are a bitch    (Dean x Reader)

An Amusing Discovery    (Dean x Reader)

Mysterious Man    (Dean x Reader)

The Beginning, Middle, and End    (Dean x Reader)

Twenty Years Later   (Dean x Reader)

Damaged Love    (Dean x Reader)

Mercy on my Heart    (Dean x Reader)

Love Makes the World Move      (Dean x Reader)

A Mistaken Identity    (Sam x Reader)

Twin Souls    (Dean x Reader)

Gravity   (Reader meet Dean and Sam)

What Hurts The Most    (Dean x Reader)

Save Myself    (Dean x Reader)

You Might Be Sorry    (BTZ#2)   (Sam x Reader)

Urban Legend    (BTZ #3)  (Sam x Reader)


Daddy’s Cravings    (Dean x Reader)

Barely Anything Left    (Dean x Reader)

The Flames    (Reader Insert)

2 Fingers in a Glass (Dean POV)

Netflix will trip you up everytime (Dean x Reader)

Benny’s Diner  (Benny x Reader)

Cas’ fury (Dean x Reader)

Another Dance, Mr. Winchester?  (Dean x Reader)

Double Dare (Dean, Sam, Reader)

The Double Take  (Dean x Reader)

The Welcome Back Dinner (Sam x Reader, Elizabeth x Dean)

Family has Your Back  (Dean x Reader)

Don’t tell me No  (Dean x Reader)

The Interrogation Room   (BTZ #1)    (Benny x Reader)



Mama’s !00 ML

Mama and Angelina’s Fabulous 300 Challenge ML

Mama’s 1K  ML

Mama’s 1.5K “Spread The Love” Promo’s

Mama’s “Shred Some Hearts” Challenge Master List (angst)

anonymous asked:

what if Jim Gordan really is the hot dad friend even with the mustache like what if some of Barbara's friends go with the family on a trip to the beach and Jim takes off his shirt and is just like ridiculously shredded. Like Master Roshi when he powered up on DBZ kind of shredded

Uncomfortably Buff Moustache Dad


Valhalla team shredding hard.

Master Blaster.