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Eurovision in Valoran

 DEMACIA: Extremely patriotic songs, usually about the glory of Demacia and its people. Always dedicated to the ruling family and the army. The tune’s almost always a military march, unless Sona Buvelle headlines. Her inclusion as a Demacian singer has led to protests from Ionia as well as petitions for her to not be allowed to use the etwahl as magical music supposedly gives her a unfair advantage.

NOXUS: Demacia sings about glory, Noxus sings about conquest. Their music is actually very similar to Demacia which has occasionally led to fist fights and accusations of plagiarism. Their stage shows usually feature fight-dancing, extremely bloody special effects (real blood was banned after Vladimir got carried away and drenched the judges) and have loud, metal-rock anthems.

BILGEWATER: They run the betting books on who’ll win Valoravision. They also always predictably perform rollicking drinking songs that get the audience singing along or boisterous piratical songs. Far too often, the performers show up already drunk and stumble through their dance routine but their enthusiasm is contagious and wins the audience over.

IONIA: Their songs have a verse in each dialect/language in Ionia and their dancers meld together different styles. Their music is usually very harmonious and smooth. Cherry blossoms and little candles are considered trademarks of the Ionian performances.

PILTOVER: They have incredibly flashy stage shows with lots of pyrotechnics and fireworks. They also have very stringent security because of how often Jinx tries to show up and crash the performances. The romantic ballad performed by the debonair trio of Vi, Ezreal and Jayce was one of Eurovision’s biggest hits ever.

ZAUN: Their stage shows are as flashy as Piltover’s but their music is far more futuristic and techno-styled. Their performers frequently show up wearing masks. They’re more likely to sing love songs to technological advances than each other and there’s been debate about whether augmented/enhanced singers should be allowed to perform.

FRELJORD: Freljord music is very loud, possibly because they all have to shout during practice to be heard over the howling winds. Their music emphasizes the use of horns. They also occasionally bring animals onto stage to perform with them.

SHURIMA: The one time that they did not have bellydancers in their act, there was nearly a riot. Everyone expects Shurima to have the best dancers and the most skin on display. They have been banned from lighting incense during shows, however, and nobody talks about why.  

VOID: The Void invented screamo. Or shrieko. Nobody has any idea if they’re singing or screaming and everyone claps when they’re done just because they don’t want to be eaten. They don’t so much dance as prowl around, stalking each other. It’s a very uncomfortable experience. 

SHADOW ISLES: Mordekaiser and Yorick can shred hard but the rest of the Shadow Isles inhabitants just wail as background music, barring a few that use music to lure their prey to them. Karthus is currently banned from competing until it’s determined whether or not his music leads to increased rates of suicide. 

BANDLE CITY: They might be a little high-pitched but they have the biggest singing groups and harmonize beautifully. Their songs all have cheerful, upbeat melodies and complex melodies that they frequently sing in rounds. They’re so popular with children that they usually go first so that the kids won’t have to stay up late to watch them.

Demacia never votes for Noxus, Noxus never votes for Demacia. Piltover and Ionia both always vote for Demacia and Noxus and Zaun vote for each other. 

It’s not a real Valoravision contest unless at least one judge gets killed.

Exhaulted Part Twelve

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Parts: Prologue, One, Two, Three (M), Four, Five, Six (M), Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten, Eleven, Twelve, Thirteen (Coming Soon!)

Genre: Drama, Romance, Violence, etc.

Pairing: SehunxReaderxTO BE REVILED THIS PART

Word Count: 7K

A/N: I forgot some major plot points some out this part and so I accidentally held that back from y’all for a week while I was sick… #OOPS! Can’t wait to see y’all’s thoughts on it though! :D

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MAS + truth spell, with angst


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“I actually really like cats.”

Ace stares at him, interrupted in the middle of a stirring tale of how he and Sabo used to pull cat tails and then scamper when they were turned on, and Sabo blinks, a frown coming to his face. He pushes his fingers curiously against his mouth, unable to deny the small surge of concern that trickles through him. “I didn’t- mean to say that.”

“What do you mean?” Ace asks, and Sabo takes a breath and means to say well I don’t like cats, actually-

“I didn’t want to tell the truth just then and I did.”

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I finally pushed through level 2! I finished it today. Definitely did not do it at ALL consecutively. Got sick, felt depressed, and lost a bit of motivation but I pushed through this past week and a half to get it done. Level 2 did not get much easier for me as level 1 did when I got to the end so I’m concerned about how I will fair through level 3. The planking was all just really really tough on my body and my knees. But at over 215lbs if I can do it.. anyone can!


i am so proud of our boys ♥ !
words cant describe how much talent & bueaty there is in this album.
every solo brings out the uniqueness of each member.
every one of them shines in this wings era !
‘thank you’ 감사함니다 bangtan for every shred of determination
& hard work you must have put in order to bring this A R T
to life and for us army to enjoy happily ; v ;

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Could I ask for GOM, UK, Kagami, and Himuro (sorry for asking for so many characters ^^;) with their biggest kinks and a a little drabble for each? ((Love your blog and that header is absolutely SCRUMPTIOUS~~))

Good lord this was hard. I’m not doing a drabble because this post is long enough. But there is a short story.

Generation of miracles

Akashi: Pet play, him as the owner of course. If the collar wasn’t enough, then he’d get more creative. The leash in his hands reminded you of your place. Whenever he thought you were being disobedient, he’d give a sharp tug of the leash. “Yield my pet” he ordered as he led you to his bed. Akashi sat at the edge with an expectant look. “You know what to do, get to it” he ordered resting back on his elbows. You took the initiative and unzipped his pants. “Slower, or should I punish you for getting ahead of yourself?” he warned.

Aomine: Hair pulling. In the midst of sex, Aomine loved when you pulled his hair. Slight tugs to straight out yanking would rile him up. His thrust became more aggressive as if in response to hair pulling. Your grasp slipped a little, causing you to grab tighter. “Shit, do it again” he growled against your skin. Each time you pulled he only grew rougher.

Kise: Body worship. Worshiping your body was always his priority. He’d always kiss up your legs and arms, mumbling sweet compliments. His hands ran up your legs as he raised his head to your neck. "You’re so soft ___-cchi~“ he cooed kissing your neck softly. Kise left hickeys in the spots that were hard to hide. “I want everyone to know I love you” was his excuse to get away with this.

Kuroko: Breath play. He didn’t have to try honestly. Instead of moans, he would release huffs or hot breath. When you heard the faint sound of his voice, heat would pool inside you with anticipation. You shivered as his mouth ghosted over the back of your neck. “____” he breathed in your ear, causing you to call out to him in a shaky voice. It was like magic how quickly you changed under his teasing.

Murasakibara: Food play. “____-chin stay still” Murasakibara growled from his place between your legs. His tongue held the cream that was once on your skin. He drew his tongue back to clean it off, his expression remained blank yet his eyes carried annoyance. “Sorry” you murmured as Murasakibara brought his face back to it’s previous position. His tongue moved quickly against your skin, occasionally stopping in spots so he could bite. His teeth grazed your skin and left it screaming red. 

Midorima: Finger sucking, on his fingers but he’d probably do it. He’d never admit to liking it. his fingers found your mouth once again in a small plea. You obliged willingly and took his appendages into your mouth. Your tongue swirled around each digit, giving equal amounts of attention to each. The sucking sensation you created with your mouth only added to his pleasure. The occasional bite sent shivers up his body. Midorima’s gaze  never left your face as he removed his hand for more….satisfying purposes.

Uncrowned kings

Hanamiya: Fear, Bondage, Photography, and Licking. He wasn’t sure what set him off. Your small cries or the way your body shivered. All he did was take pictures of your naked body in compromising positions. His tongue ran across your flushed skin as he teased you for being in such a state. “You act like I’ll show someone these, maybe I should?” the furious shake of your head made him bust out laughing. You couldn’t reach for the camera yourself, considering the tight belts that held your body down.

Kiyoshi: Scratching, on his back preferably. It could be masochism. When your nails raked down his back, he felt true bliss. The painful sting of skin tearing accompanied by your pleading moans were heavenly. “P-please…faster” your whimpers reminded him of where he was as he lost himself in pleasure. “S-sure” he groaned proceeding to slam into you. Your body jumped against his, creating the delicious feeling of his back being clawed.

Mibuchi: High Heels, doesn’t matter who wears them. The click of heels caught his attention. Echos bounced off the walls and came back just as pleasing. His bedroom eyes made it hard for you to continue your cat walk. Mibuchi raised his hand to call you over in a ‘come hither’ motion. You swallowed hard in an attempt to calm yourself, still walking toward him with your head held high. “Here, here, I want play with you a little” he cooed as he pulled you into his lap. Your legs found their place around his hips, leaving little space between you both.

Hayama: Breast smothering or nipple play. “Mmmhh!”  Hayama’s voice resounded against your skin. All sounds smothered into your breast as his mouth latched to your nipple. His teeth nipped at your skin as he toyed with your nub. "It’s all red here, it gets hard when I do this” Hayama snickered biting down on it. Your gasps and moans only furthered his actions. Trails of saliva served as proof of where he attacked your skin. 

Nebuya: Extreme Musk. It worked both ways honestly. His nose was buried into your chest as he breathed in you scent. The strong stench of your sweaty skin sent his eyes rolling back. Nebuya’s own body emitted a strong scent that filled your nostrils. “You smell great ___” Nebuya groaned against your skin. His head moved lower to the space between your thighs. “It smells best here though” he sighed wistfully taking in your scent. Soon you found yourself going down on his chest as he urged you toward his crotch. “Take my muscle musk too yeah?”


Kagami: Clothed Sex. “___” his voice called out to you in a husky tone. Your shirt bunched to your shoulders and your bottoms were long abandoned. The sight of your partial covered body underneath him sent fire through out his body. Just the thought of your flushed skin hiding underneath material he could rip to shreds made him hard. Kagami was still clothed with exception to his fly unzipped. His jeans brushed against your hips as he thrust inside you. The loose zipper chiming as it flailed about. Even with the clothes making it unbearably hot, your love making didn’t cease.

Himuro: Voyerurism/Exhibitionism. “Shhh, they’ll hear you” Himuro scolded from behind you. His hands held your naked waist as he pressed himself into your back. Your bottoms pooled around your ankles, making it even more difficult to escape him. “Just stay quiet, touch yourself a bit too” he purred leading one of your hands to your opening. Himuro’s chuckle invaded your ears as he watched you tease yourself. Something pressed into your ass as Himuro rocked his hips into yours. “Don’t mind that, all in good time ____~”.