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Sound Horizon Story Summaries
  • Chronicle: The goddess of history cannot actually control history and would really like it if this cult that followed her would stop bringing about the end times.
  • Thanatos: A little girl thinks thanatos will come kill her if she falls asleep so she daydreams about death to keep herself awake.
  • Lost: An optimist and a cynic observe a bunch of really depressing vignettes.
  • Elysion: People need to stop falling in love and killing people over it. Seriously, this is becoming a problem.
  • Roman: A consciousness that's unaware of its own origins asks two other mysterious consciousnesses to find out how he was born. One or both of them are fucking with him.
  • Moira: A greek guy's life sucks, so he decides to kill the goddess of destiny.
  • Jihad of Iberia: A half-spanish-half-muslim girl alive during the reconquista loses both of her parents. She accidentally brings a demon back to life, they fall in love, and then they kill everyone.
  • Marchen: The spirit of a man who just died can't remember how it died, but remembers that it wants vengeance. Since he can't remember who to enact vengeance on, he helps a bunch of dead fairy tale characters get vengeance.
  • The Story of Halloween and the Night: A man dies a shitty death and the fact it's halloween doesn't make it any better. Meanwhile, a kid has his first halloween and then dies immediately after.
  • Vanishing Starlight: A man who may or may not be a self insert of the author runs into the author and they shred some sick guitar solos together.
  • Nein: Aforementioned self-insert buys a pair of sunglasses from a mysterious antique shop that turn him into a cat-themed vocaloid, doomed to forever write shitty fanfiction about all of the other Sound Horizon musicals.

remyratio  asked:

Since Lena is a Luthor so Kara is expecting her to be good at piano or violin but Lena shows off by shredding a sick guitar solo (then smugly raises an eyebrow) and Kara couldn't find her jaw on the floor for like ten minutes.

The Luthors had her take CLASSICAL guitar.

Once she knew the basics and realized that chicks dig a nice electric guitar solo however … .

Let’s just say Kara reacts just the way she’d hoped!


John Mayer - Changing (Solo) - Amsterdam, NL - 5.3.17

I feel like I have a spiritual experience any time I listen to John soloing on the Changing outro. I would love to see him perform this song live.


hey guys, this is my first bnha/erasermic fic and im super excited to put this out there/continue making content for this fandom! <3 please feel free to reblog and leave feedback, and as always i appreciate the support!

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The school bell rings but he’s already out of his desk, back pressed loose like a cat against the wall, a slouch he’s been working on perfecting ever since he got the results back from his final exam. He’s a pro now, after all. A paid keeper of the peace. The next two years will be all about training his body, honing his skills. Showing the agencies that he is the best of the best.

He tries not to seem too cocky, but it’s hard when the sun is shining down hard on his face, licking behind his ears and neck, crawling down his shirt. Nemuri had scolded him about the uniform–the white tee-shirt and simple black jeans. Red trainers, leather belt. She’d said he didn’t look like a hero at all, more like the frontman of a boyband cruising.

He feels like a hero, with his headphones jammed in his ears, with the modified choker around his neck. It’s an amp in actuality, the kind that channels his soundwaves into a blast so powerful that it can strip the paint from the walls. Any villain would be sorry to be on the receiving end of his melodies. Woe be the fool who came at him when he was hyped on his killer track.

The song is playing through the buds of his earphones now, the guitar solo shredding as Sekijiro regals their circle with the details of his final verbal test in French language class. Ryo is listening intently, a smile plastered on his long face as Nemuri rocks on the balls of her feet.

Hizashi’s eyes are wandering, searching the room for a frazzled head of hair, a pair of yellow goggles–

Shouta is sitting closer than he expected, perched like a crow on the edge of his desk. There’s a book open in his lap. A manual for advanced French. He’s got his hair tucked back behind his ears, which Hizashi can’t help but notice are sweetly small and sort of sunburned at the tops. He’s shrouded in clothes, too many for the time of year. Two sweaters at least, and a long wool scarf. The fabric hangs off his compact body, drowning him in black folds and white ribbons.

From faraway, he seems younger than the other boys. Shy. A shrinking violet.

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Had one little slip up at the end, but, here’s a little playthrough, all from my new Pod HD500X (looped the backing clean bit using the built-in looper), of the guitar solo to my song “Omen Over.” Not even had this thing a full day yet, already love the sounds I’ve gotten out of it. #asylum213 #rva #shred #music #blues #jazz #guitar #solo #podhd500x #line6

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  • NL: [humming The Binding of Isaac death screen music] bow bow boww... That's the sweet guitar from after you die
  • Nick: Oh, there's a guitar after you die? Cause that would actually make it way more interesting. I was thinking it was just gonna be like ten million years of blackness. You listen to like Jimmy Hendrix or something for a while, it'd be neat
  • NL: No.
  • Nick: Maybe Dimebag Darrell
  • NL: No.
  • Nick: Shred some sweet ass guitar solos