shred forever

He should have known something was off. He should have realised that something was fishy the moment both Shin Soukoku and Soukoku were called in for the mission briefing. Why else would they need the two best teams they had at the moment if not for a suicide mission that had very little chances of success?

Gods, how much he wished that he would have listened to his hunch and backed down or at least asked for the others to talk it over and see if they should accept the mission or not. Not that they had a chance to decline, but at least then they would have had a plan, something to use to their advantage instead of letting the enemy tear into them like they were nothing.

His gaze remained on the floor, clenched fists entering his vision as he rose them up. Blunt fingernails dug crescent moons in the skin that wasn’t covered by his torn gloves until the pain became too much and he had to look away.

Bad move.

Immediately the body of his partner entered his vision, beaten and battered. The gentle and barely there rise and fall of his chest was the only sign that despite the suffered wounds he was still alive. He wasn’t dead which was a miracle. The younger didn’t know what he’d do if the raven were to die.

Amethyst orbs shifted once more, but to no avail. They couldn’t find the older detective anywhere, not after they had been separated when they had been suddenly attacked. So far there had been no luck in regrouping with him.

And finally.

Atsushi gulped, watching the redhead a few feet in front of him. He wasn’t doing any better, wounds and scars marring his skin. For a moment the executive didn’t move, but then the tiger boy noticed small movement, movement he, unfortunately, knew too well.

Chuuya straightened his position, taking one of his gloves off and then the other as he started to chant under his breath. Oh, Grantors of Dark Disgrace,Do Not Wake Me Again!!

Top 10: Graphic Tees

Make Like Cara D and Rock a Graphic Tee!

Get graphic with our top picks of the best tees around. From cheeky slogans (um, check me out?) to Beyonce-like statements (we wish we could be #flawless, sigh!) and foodie photo prints (hungry, much?) we’ve got the perfect selection to spruce up your summer wardrobe. Now all you need is a pair of denim cutoffs and you’re good to go!

1. Forever 21 West Coast Taco Tee

2. Maison Scotch Short-Sleeve Palm Tree Graphic Tee

3. Forever 21 Flawless Tee

4. Carolina Herrera Swimming Ladies Short-Sleeve Tee

5. Haute Hippie Haute Mess Loose Slub Tee

6. Forever 21 Shredded Celestial Muscle Tee

7. Forever 21 Conversation Starting Muscle Tee

8. Pam & Gela Vague Printed Cropped Muscle Tee

9. Forever 21 Keith Haring Cropped Tee

10. Pam & Gela Sometimes I Wonder Twisted Text Tee

Are you a rock tee, slogan tee or illustrated tee kind of girl? Let us know below!

You And I
One Direction
You And I

Preference #8 You & I (Song Preference)


I know how it goes,

I know how it goes from wrong and right

Silence and sound

Did they ever hold each other tight

Like us?

Did they ever fight

Like us?

“I’m sorry.” A small whisper came from across the room, barely heard over the sound of glass that was settling on the floor. You held your head in your hands, unable to look into the blue eyes of the boy that had unknowingly torn your heart to shreds. It had taken forever for that small apology to slip past his lips, a huge fight, broken glass, and lots of tears. The never ending silence filled the barren room, louder than any fight you and Luke could ever have. Sounds of padding feet now filled your ears, coming to a stop right in front of your balled-up body.

“It’s too late, Lukey.” You lifted your head to look him in the eye, all the pain and sorrow that struck him to the bone.

“Baby, please.” Now he was on his knees in front of you, sitting on his feet. Large hands crept out and cupped your bended knees. When he got no response from you, he simply whimpered. A mournful sound to the bright ears. When a single tear slid down his beautiful face, you squeezed your eyes shut. It was hard for you to see him cry. You opened your eyes once more, staring at the sorrowful boy that crouched before you. The boy you loved. You threw your arms open, and he lifted you in your fragile close to him. You balled his shirt in your fists, and quietly sobbed into his broad shoulder. His blonde head was nestled into your neck, apologetic tears carving a path into his face. Luke wrapped his broad arms around you and held your body as close as possible to his.

“I’m so sorry, baby.”


I see what it’s like,

I see what it’s like for day and night

Never together

‘Cause they see things in a different light

Like us

But they never tried

Like us

“So what did you think of tonight’s show?” Your back was pressed against Calum’s chest, as you both looked out of the hotel window. Luckily, the window seat was large enough to fit the both of you. Or, of course, there would be a problem.

“I dunno, Luke seemed a little out of it.” You sighed, and leaned your head back against his shoulder. The city lights positively glowed, millions of people bustling late in the night below you. Though you could only wonder why they were out so late. Maybe a midnight affair, or a late night job. So many wonders you’d never uncover.There were so many questions, in this huge city. Too bad you’d never get a chance to ask why.

“Really? He seemed fine to me.” Calum’s face looked puzzled, for you could see it in the reflection of the glass window. His brow was rumpled, he seemed to think Luke was fine tonight. But the way he moved, he was stiff and slow, you could tell something was off.

“But you were great, love. Everyone loved you tonight.” It looked as if Calum couldn’t shake the unforgiving guilt that he didn’t notice something was wrong with Luke. “It’s okay, Cal. We all have our off-days.” You carefully picked up his large hand in your small one, threading your fingers through his.

“How did I not notice?” You couldn’t help but watch him in the reflection of the glass, how he squeezed his eyes shut. How he couldn’t shake the feeling that he had let down a friend.

“Baby, it’s fine. I promise. You know that she always calms him down.” You spoke of his girlfriend, because he always seemed better in her presence. She calmed him down, like you hoped you calmed Calum down.

“I hope you’re right.” He leaned back, and wrapped his arms around your waist, bring you even closer. Calum placed a small kiss upon your head before going back to staring into the night sky.


I figured it out,

Saw the mistakes of up and down

Meet in the middle,

There’s always room for common ground

“Maybe if you didn’t leave your shit everywhere we’d actually have time to go out together!” You were so sick of Michael leaving his shit everywhere and expecting you to pick it up. Then he always complained about how you never had time for him anymore.

“You don’t have to fucking pick it up!” Michael ran a calloused hand through his green hair, stressing over the points you were making.

“Yes I do! Otherwise you’d whine and complain about how I do fucking nothing, Michael!” He was now pacing, dodging the video games and discarded pizza boxes that were flung throughout the living room. “Who the fuck do you think cooks your meals? After a long day who do you take it out on?” You were on a roll, and the anger that you’d kept in for the past couple of weeks came out in piercing sentences, hitting him where it hurt most.

“Well maybe if you actually wanted to talk about things instead of moping around the go see all day we couldn’t be yelling at each other!” He dropped down on the couch, elbows on his knees and head in his hands.

“Maybe if you actually wanted to still be with me,” your voice was soft, low. “I’m sorry.” You turned around, ready to leave him with his thoughts when you felt his familiar figure hug you from behind.

“I’m sorry, too. We both need to compromise.”


You and I

We don’t wanna be like them

We can make it 'til the end

Nothing can come between

You and I

Not even the gods above

Can separate the two of us

No, nothing can come between

You and I

“You’re everything to me.” Ashton held you tight, legs tangled with yours. Your chests were pressed together, and your head was buried in his neck. His strong arms wrapped around your middle, nothing could come between the two of you.

“Please don’t go.” Ashton sighed, his breath ghosting over your hair. Everything felt like it was falling apart, he would be gone tomorrow. The next night there would be no one to hold. Your world would be gone. It kept hitting you, in honest waves that tore you apart. Ashton would have to get on a plane, and leave for three months. That meant no cuddles, or kisses, no midnight sex, or morning snuggles for three months. You wouldn’t wake up to a bright smile that signature giggle. An empty room would hold all his belongings, but it wouldn’t hold him.

“You know I have to.” You sucked in a small breath, it was choppy and loud. A slow tear slipped down your face, coming to rest on his shirt. “I’m sorry baby.” Ashton’s large hand trailed up your bare back, coming to rest on the back of your neck. He slowly curved his hand around the line if your jaw, his fingers lifting your chin him up. You looked into his hazel eyes, though yours were bright with tears. Ashton’s head slowly dipped down, and his lips softly brushed yours.

“Please.” You closed your eyes, his lips still brushing yours. Ashton’s warm breath coasted over your lips, making your body shiver in need.

“You could come with me, you know.” His forehead now pressed against yours, his nose dancing across your stricken face. You brought yours lips to his, desperately looking for the passion that fueled the both of you.

“I know.”

Please feel free to request. I’m totally running out of ideas and I would love to bring yours to life! I will write pretty much anything. From smut to fluff, bring it on! I totally need some request my mind is a total blank on what to write next. Please don’t be shy ! xx

So I just want to talk about Captain Jack Harkness for a second...

When we first met Jack, he was in period military dress, for obvious reasons, him being undercover and all. He was a con-man and a coward, hardly the hero of the story. But by the end of two episodes, he had changed, he had become a man willing to sacrifice himself to correct the mistake he’d made instead of running away.

A little detail, but I think his clothing choices reflect this character development quite a lot. When he was traveling with the Doctor, he dressed much more casually, a t-shirt and jeans, as seen on several occasions.

However, after the Game Station, Jack reverted to his old period dress, and kept it throughout Torchwood and the rest of his recurring DW episodes. You could argue that since he lived through that period again, he just kept it, but I like to think it was a decision, whether conscious or not.

This little detail is so, so important to me. When with the Doctor and Rose, Jack had let his guard down, loosened up, and fallen in love with two of the most incredible people he’d ever met. (And I don’t doubt for a second he loved them both.) But the Doctor still left him behind.

So maybe… just maybe he thought he’d been better off as a military Captain in 1941. Maybe he really was better off as a coward.

Because cowards don’t get their heart broken.