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Forever Season 2: Find Out What Would've Become of Henry and Jo
It was no Netflix pick-up, but Forever fans got a small gift from series creator Matt Miller on Thursday when he used Twitter to answer their queries about what would've happened next on the cancel...
By Kimberly Roots

Top 10: Graphic Tees

Make Like Cara D and Rock a Graphic Tee!

Get graphic with our top picks of the best tees around. From cheeky slogans (um, check me out?) to Beyonce-like statements (we wish we could be #flawless, sigh!) and foodie photo prints (hungry, much?) we’ve got the perfect selection to spruce up your summer wardrobe. Now all you need is a pair of denim cutoffs and you’re good to go!

1. Forever 21 West Coast Taco Tee

2. Maison Scotch Short-Sleeve Palm Tree Graphic Tee

3. Forever 21 Flawless Tee

4. Carolina Herrera Swimming Ladies Short-Sleeve Tee

5. Haute Hippie Haute Mess Loose Slub Tee

6. Forever 21 Shredded Celestial Muscle Tee

7. Forever 21 Conversation Starting Muscle Tee

8. Pam & Gela Vague Printed Cropped Muscle Tee

9. Forever 21 Keith Haring Cropped Tee

10. Pam & Gela Sometimes I Wonder Twisted Text Tee

Are you a rock tee, slogan tee or illustrated tee kind of girl? Let us know below!

So I just want to talk about Captain Jack Harkness for a second...

When we first met Jack, he was in period military dress, for obvious reasons, him being undercover and all. He was a con-man and a coward, hardly the hero of the story. But by the end of two episodes, he had changed, he had become a man willing to sacrifice himself to correct the mistake he’d made instead of running away.

A little detail, but I think his clothing choices reflect this character development quite a lot. When he was traveling with the Doctor, he dressed much more casually, a t-shirt and jeans, as seen on several occasions.

However, after the Game Station, Jack reverted to his old period dress, and kept it throughout Torchwood and the rest of his recurring DW episodes. You could argue that since he lived through that period again, he just kept it, but I like to think it was a decision, whether conscious or not.

This little detail is so, so important to me. When with the Doctor and Rose, Jack had let his guard down, loosened up, and fallen in love with two of the most incredible people he’d ever met. (And I don’t doubt for a second he loved them both.) But the Doctor still left him behind.

So maybe… just maybe he thought he’d been better off as a military Captain in 1941. Maybe he really was better off as a coward.

Because cowards don’t get their heart broken.