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“If you had asked me to stay, I would’ve.” Jupeter

hmmm, i’m feeling sad and it’s too hot in the house i’m in? yeah, let’s write about juno being sad and overheating. but also with peter and have it be schmoopy because i wanna Feel Better. the title and the line referencing it in the fic are borrowed from p&p bc p&p is so good.

most ardently

The air is stagnant. Juno lies on the simwood floor of his apartment and stares at the peeling edges of the boards.

It’s fucking enthralling. He’s enthralled.

Hyperion summers have had about a billion songs written about them and Juno has heard too many of them, and they are all lies. Summer on Mars is hot and gritty and miserable as any other damn season on this stupid planet.

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Decade: Motion City Soundtrack - Commit This To Memory

by Connor Sheehan

I bought Commit This to Memory in a Hollister. There, I’ve said it. It was July 2005 and I was at band camp, and while whatever abhorrent t-shirt I originally set out to buy there is long gone, I still have my original CD. I’ve probably thrown any shred of “punk cred” I had out the window by admitting that, but looking back on it now, it’s really something that something like that could even happen. You don’t see American Eagle stocking the latest Modern Baseball release.  But for bands in the same scene 10 years ago, there was mainstream acceptance of it all. 

A decade later, Commit This to Memory holds up phenomenally, with crisp production from Mark Hoppus and lyrics that only became more relatable as I entered my twenties. It’s one of those records that, for me, has its place in the rotation at all times of the year. While winter is a major theme in many of its songs, to me the album has a very cyclical feeling, starting in spring and progressing through the year, reaching fall and winter with the rock bottom of “Hold Me Down,” the highlight of the record. 

“Hold Me Down” is a true punch to the gut, in the most tender and passive way possible. The lyrics (save the first line) constitute a note written by an ex-lover explaining her reasons for leaving; the track’s final minute simply repeats the refrain “How will I break the news to you?” The entire song is drenched in melancholy. It’s that dynamic contrast in its music that first pulled me into Motion City Soundtrack. 

It took me a long time for me to “get” the band’s follow-up, Even If It Kills Me – I never disliked it by any stretch, but it wasn’t until very recently that I would have considered putting it on the same podium as Commit This to Memory.  The key was realizing that the albums form two sides of the same story: where Commit This to Memory ends at the lowest of lows, Even If It Kills Me picks up with recovery and focuses on positivity. Once I understood that, I really grew to love it.

I think it’s fair to say with some certainty that Commit This to Memory will remain the band’s most celebrated record. That is by no means a statement about the quality of the rest of their work – Even If It Kills Me and I Am the Movie are both incredible albums. But Commit This to Memory is that good. A number of bands currently coming up have heavy Motion City Soundtrack influences (minus the synthesizer) and I think this album in particular was the one that resonated with them – you can hear it in recent releases by Sorority Noise and Real Friends.

“Decade” might just be a clever title for our series on albums celebrating ten year anniversaries, but speaking of decades, Commit This to Memory is firmly on my list of best albums from 2000-2010.

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Asked and Answered

Okay, having taken the temperature of the readership regarding a sideblog for asks, I think I’ve worked out what to do.

Several of you said I should leave the asks on this blog and just tag them so people can a) find them easily or b) block them easily, and I think this is a fantastic idea, so I’m going to go with that.

It’s actually easier (I won’t have to move over any asks that go to the wrong inbox) and as @voyageboots suggested, it gives me a grand opportunity to co-opt RDJ Advises for my own use.

So! The new tag for advice asks is Sam Advises The Internet, and if you want to blacklist it, NOW YOU KNOW. :D

fitzaddams replied to your post: Asking for Advice

Is it weird that I sort of want a story where Steve Rodgers stumbles across Ask Uncle Sam, and follows and becomes a fan, and meets Sam? That would be cute.

I am so tickled by this idea but I know that were I to write or condone the writing of it, I would lose any shred of cred I have ever had in fandom. :D