Check this store out - 100% boarding

It’s a new site, but I knew about them before because they’re now the official store for my snowboarding camp. Not much women’s stuff, but everyone should check it out! Not really sure why I’m doing this, but I’ve pretty much been scrolling around it for new stuff for this season! So for all your boarding needs, check out!


World is Mine by Hatsune Miku

if I recall correctly, this is the first Vocaloid song I heard (more specifically, a video feed of a hologram “concert”)

edit: wahahaha. 0:53, a leek! hahaha (it’s Miku’s character item).

also, the characters at 0:53 read “sushi”. not sure what they’re implying hahaha


ブチイシ? (buchi ishi?) it’s pointless being able to read words if you can’t understand what the hell they mean, or if they’re words at all (could be onomatopoeia).

still, 4:01. the leek!!!!