If I could have a girlfriend, I would love to offer her many things. I would write her a unique one-of-a-kind ballad. And we could have matching rings! And matching bags and matching cell phones! Everything in pairs! And then we would spend Christmas together. I would do lots of things !

-Shin Soo Hyun

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I like to communicate with our fans. I read letters and posts on our official cafe and websites. Sometimes I chat with fans online, and when we have events, I always ask first to fans how they are doing.

They do, [the rest of the members also do the same] But I do it excessively.


Shin Soohyun

110506 Let Me Show: U-kiss leader Shin Soohyun as the nicest member to fans of all members.

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I longed to stand on the stage long time ago and also often participated in singing contests. The desire of standing on the stage was strong. I took the audition and entered the current company.

Shin Soo Hyun

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