What disgusts me is the interpretation of the foreign media : “ The match was suspended because a drone carrying an Albanian flag flew over the stadium”

You know it well that’s not the case why the match was suspended. 

The UEFA officials should be ashamed for their position towards the Albanian team. They closed one eye and pretended to not see the fireworks and the bottles being thrown in the field by the Serbian fans. 

And then, they declare that the match should go on, but in the end was only suspended because the Albanian* team didn’t agree to play in those conditions, which is what a SANE person would do. 

gosh i’m so irritated. people seem to not understand what the real issue is here!!

Seven things you need to know about the Serbia-Albania match violence in Belgrade

Much of the international media coverage of the violence in the Partizan Belgrade stadium has focused on the stunt of a drone flying an Albanian banner, the ensuing brawl and pitch invasion by angry Serb fans. There were additional elements to the violence that are either not being reported by international media or being under-reported. Here are some of them:

1. Albanian fans were not allowed to attend the match. Serb authorities said they would arrest anyone who showed any symbol of the visiting team in the stadium — restrictions that are almost unheard of in international football. A few Albanian supporters were able to get in, but the crowd was more than 99 percent Serb.

2. The Serb crowd chanted, “Ubij, Ubij Siptar” – “Kill, Kill the Albanians,” throughout the 40 minutes the game was played. They used the Milosevic-era derogatory term for Albanian, which is akin to the n-word in North America.

3. The stadium was filled with Serb nationalistic political banners, like “Kosovo is Serbia” and other slogans relating to Bosnia and Croatia. The Serb fans loudly booed the Albanian national anthem.

4. Hard objects and fireworks were thrown on Albanian players well before the drone started flying. The few Albanian journalists who had dared to go to Belgrade also reported that they were pelted with hard objects throughout the first half.

4. Ivan Bogdanovic, the Serb hooligan who led the 2010 Italy match riot, was seen invading the pitch. He served jail time in Serbia after the Italy incident, in which he burned an Albanian flag. That game had to be abandoned as well. Yesterday he led a group of masked supporters into the pitch before being kicked out by police.

6. More than half of Albania’s national team has roots in Kosovo, which split from Serbia in the late 90s in a violent conflict that ended through a NATO intervention 15 years go. The alliance’s flag was also burned in Belgrade last night. (Albania has been a NATO member since 2009. Serbia is officially EU-minded, but also Russia-friendly.)

7. Despite the harsh political atmosphere in the stadium, the Albanian national team went to play football, and it managed to overcome a shaky first few minutes, moving to gain the upper hand in the field when the interruption happened.

Please Albanian and foreign Tumblr friends, share and reblog this as much as you can so everyone can understand and know the truth. Thank you. 

Source : 355 Magazine - - 15 October 2014

Edhe une jam malok

Perfat te keq nuk ishte ideja ime, por kete tha profesor Fuga ne faqen e tij dhe me pelqej jashte mase. Tani (qe mu kujtua) “edhe une jam malok”.

Me pelqen sepes keto fjale me kuptime te shtrembura mund te zbehen vetem duke mos jua pranuar kuptimin. “Jam malok, e cfare pastaj”

Nuk eshte problem

Berisha, nuk permban problem,
Rama, nuk permban problem,  
Korrupsioni i Metes, nuk permban problem,
Kriminelet e Gertecit, nuk permbajn problem, 
Hajdutet e votave, nuk permban problem, 
Kurupcioni qe ka helmuar strukturat akademike dhe kulturore nuk permbajn problem,
Kanuni i L.Dugagjinit, nuk permban problem.
Problemi eshte tek ne qe nuk reagojme ndaj ketyre fenomeneve.

Normalisht qe nese na pyesin nese jemi dakort me keto fenomeneve, me siguri do te deklaronim pa kenajsit tona. Por kush nga ato njerez te perfshire ne fenomenet me-siper do tju pyes?

E di, Un mendoj qe as nje nga personat qe jan te perfeshir ne ato fenomene - nuk besoj se do donte qe ne te behemi Evropian. Mendoni per nje moment. Nese do kishim ligje te forta si c'do shtet Evropian:

  1. Tegjithe mesuesit te pa afte (qe ka shume) do ju hiqej e drejta per te ushtruar profesionin e mesuesit
  2. Doktoret qe rjepin popullin duke ju kerkuar pakshishe, do gjobiteshin ose burgoseshin
  3. Tegjith qe kan ushtruar krime - tani me publike, por dhe ato te fsheta - do burgoseshin. 
  4. Tegjith bizneset te pa licensuera, do gjobiteshin dhe do ju mbydhet veprimtaria
  5. Tegjitha gazetat do ta kishin me te veshtire to publikonin perradhat e tyre
  6. Mediat vizive nuk do lejoheshin te ri-transmetonin programet e darkes ne mengjes <- te pakten 
  7. Popullit/konsumatorit to ti rikthejesh fuqia e merituar

Pervec popullit qe eshte pa buk ose pa as nje biznes te lart-permendur. Kush tjeter do deshironte qe Shqiperia te behej shtet Evropian?

Nderkohe, vetem te lart permendurit e kan ne dore fatin e Shqiperis


Miq ju mirepresim sot ne mbremje nen tingujt e muzikes live.
Gresa Gjocera dhe Alban Xhomaqi do te performojne muziken e lehte Shqipetare dhe ate te huaj.

Muzika live do te permbaje nje repertor te larmishem dhe te perzgjudhur te muzikes te lehte Shqipetare dhe asaj te huaj.
Ju mirepresim.