Last week my friend and roommate, badass blader and transcendently talented editor Lonnie Francisco (previously mentioned) decided that it would be fun to shoot a bunch of cool-looking stuff in slow motion in reverse on all of the nice cameras we have around the gallery.

What came out of this desire was a truly inspired and well-planned-out collaboration between himself and his girl Sinzi, another visionary LA photographer, along with appearances by various members of the ThinkTank Collective. Shplinton, Kaleb Higgins, and Adam Boden (in his last project with the ThinkTank before moving to Vegas)cameo alongside myself and the Santee Alley crowd. Pay attention to the little details while thinking about the drug trip time travel.

Shout out to Krucial for not only letting him use the track, but making it the official music video. Lonnie is a talented guy and should be kept up with, so check out his 20th Century French short film x Eminem from 8 Mile mashup, too.
Critic's are bullsh!t.

Art isn’t just about grabbing a fucking paintbrush, dabbing it in to some shit and splashing a blank white canvas. It could mean anything. Everyone has their own unique way of deciding what is art, and what is not.

There is no critic in the world that is right, when they put out a killer article slating the shit out art. Movies, music, modern art, fashion, dance and more and mo1re bollocks.

If you create anything and you think it looks a masterpiece. Then it is.

Fuck everyone else.


shplinton art piece up top!


Shplinton artist interview for the Dude, Monsters! show at Think Tank Gallery July 12, 2012.