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Color Palette

Hooray, THIS hasn’t been done before! (haha sure)

Okay, even if this isn’t the most original piece, it was fun to draw and I’m happy with how it looks… except for not knowing how saturated to make the colors. The brightest one is the original palette, but some of the more subtle ones look really nice to me as well… So I’m just posting all of them!

these are the four aquabats figures I made

the lighting is really bad in this picture though, dang it

the third one was the first I made and therefore I think I’ll definitely keep it, as it has both sentimental value to me and it’s also not really very good

the others I don’t know

the first two were supposed to be gifts but I never had anyone in specific in mind and so I never sent them and it doesn’t feel right to keep them but what do I do with them??

and then the eagle bones I had wanted to sell, but I don’t have any way to sell stuff and I don’t know if anyone would want him, so he just sits around, maybe I’ll give him away someday I dunno