shoyrcloud's art

Aaandd here’s the digitally colored sketch.

Smeargle sure is enjoying himself, even if he’s just kind of scribbling around. Or maybe he’s just started his masterpiece, I dunno.

I liked how the reddish shading ended up working out, but there’s something wrong with this picture… I’m thinking that it doesn’t have enough contrast? In the background especially. I should have really started in grayscale, but it’s just so tempting to jump in right away with colors… 


Color Palette

Hooray, THIS hasn’t been done before! (haha sure)

Okay, even if this isn’t the most original piece, it was fun to draw and I’m happy with how it looks… except for not knowing how saturated to make the colors. The brightest one is the original palette, but some of the more subtle ones look really nice to me as well… So I’m just posting all of them!