shoy arts


I have a plethora of images of me making stupid faces, taken for friends. I thought, why not use it for something.

So I decided to draw them in my art styles I like to draw with.

I really think this is a good exercise for any artist. Maybe you have an art block, or need some practice.  Take silly pictures of it and draw those expressions. Or I could just post a bunch of dumb expressions for you.  Or you can even use these that I posted


My first “10” pages for my Figure drawing sketch book. My teacher wanted us to draw the torso and put an emphasis on the torso twisting.

I did all from references because seriously, how do you learn if you don’t look?

Referenced from multiple materials, myself, DA stock such as Senshi-stock, Kxhara, Daestock, Ahrum-stock, and so many more I derped and can’t find. I also used to find some references.