*New* NSFW Blog

So yeah I did it, I made a NSFW blog for the art I post that might be a little (little) skin showy. Even though everything ‘NSFW’ I draw is just shirtless boys in their underwear, but whatever. My NSFW blog is Gayslythe btw. 

Link to blog

you know when namjoon smiles that big smile where his pearly whites show up and his dimples make their grand entrance but the left dimple is more showy than the right one and then his eyes become squinty and crinkly and then he just looks down and shakes his head shyly bc i do and it makes me happy knowing he’s still smiling that wonderful smile


Happy 49th Birthday,  Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje! (22nd August 1967)

I realised that the sum total of my life added up to this: my rough upbringing, because when they said ‘Action!’, I had plenty; and the analytical focus and determination of legal study – you need all of that to be an actor,“ he says, breaking into a broad and knowing grin. And obviously my natural charisma and showy self, because you’ve got to be star inside.