My life is just becoming villains at this point.

Im doodling the evil ghost from ghostbusters while listening to ‘shiny’ from Moana and now my favorite pokemon type is becoming ghosts and Im just trapped in bad guy town now.

And its makin me think of Fairy being so used to being surrounded by villains that it becomes the norm.

What do you mean people dont attempt to eat you on a daily basis and you gotta trick or fight your way to live.

Why are you saving people …for free???

What is this ‘moderation’ you speak of.

Uhm excuse you what do you mean you dont burst out into a over-showy musical number filled with promiscuity and gluttony.

What are heroes??

You mean your conversations arent a series of sassy comebacks?

Odm. bictoniense x Wils. Bonne Nuit 

This beautiful orchid finally decided to bloom this season, it’s complicated cross between closely related genera and been with me for a number of years, yet this is the first time I’ve seen it’s flowers. It went backwoods on me a few times, but each time somehow revived itself.

It’s not an easy orchid to grow - because it seems to require constant moisture, but not being soggy, bright but indirect light, dislike extreme temperatures, loves high humidity yet needs gentle breeze. If any of these conditions not met it’s just not flowering and I am forever learning with this one.

I love colors combinations, the big showy blooms, the heavenly scent that reminds of many exotic spices and delighted finally to see it in flower. 

My Orchids Journal

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Everyone always loves to portray me as slutty or as a sex-bot but really quite honestly i was being purposefully showy for the cameras Any showbusiness person can tell you that drama and oversexualization is what hooks people in the media but it does NOT mean the person will sleep around there were quite a couple people i felt romantic feelings for (sadly not papyrus i just wanted to give him a cute little date since he was such a sweetheart) i was much more into sans -a mettaton/happstablook

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👖: My Muse witnesses your Muse wearing tight jeans / clothing - Murkey

Khad is sitting, reclined in a chair and thinking, eyes closed. A subtle knocking can be heard, opening his eyes, and looking over to the familiar redhead who was knocking on the wall. What was *not* familiar, was her choice of attire, and Khad was caught completely off guard by it as the chair slammed back into the floor. Sure, Murkey was no stranger to wearing tight and ‘showy’ attire, especially to tease Khad, but this was something new, and for that moment, she wasn’t the only mute in the room. Jaw almost hitting the floor as he instinctively crossed his legs, he took a moment to take in the jet black cocktail dress that left next to nothing to the imagination that clung to her body (where it didn’t show frankly unfair amounts of skin) like a second skin. “H-hey Murk, what’s with the getup?” He stammers out, smiling as he blushes beet red as he notices that he’d been staring for a fair while now.