YoI Head-Canon Dump

The Yuri!!! On Ice Wing!fic AU that I will never write but love the idea of far too much to not think about the kinds of wings each would have:

  • Yuuri
    • Yuuri’s wings are mostly a soft brown, with a white bar across his upper wing and black streaks decorating his flight feathers. The underside of his wings are a creamy tan speckled with darker brown. They are very similar to his mother’s and likened to that of a common house sparrow.
    • As with most things he’s a little self-conscious about them as they are a common color and shape, nothing he sees as spectacular or showy, especially for someone in a sport like figure skating.
    • The only thing unusual about them is that, unlike most people Yuuri’s age, his wings never really sleeked out but, for some reason, kept a certain downy softness to them.
    • Again, Yuuri found this somewhat embarrassing as down feathers are supposed to be a thing of childhood, but Phichit often assured him that it’s not weird and, in fact, very nice to touch and cuddle.
    • Yuuri has had a lot of trouble with fans randomly reaching out to touch his wings ever since Phichit posted this fact on all of his social media accounts.
    • Victor loves Yuuri’s wings. Of course, he loves most things about Yuuri, but his wings are soft and cuddly and warm and Victor loves when Yuuri lets him groom them as it’s like running his fingers through a cloud.
    • Yuuri has had a lot less trouble with fans touching his wings ever since Victor showed up to glare at anyone who dared. Yuuri still hasn’t caught him at it, but has seem the dozens of pictures Victor likes to post.
  •  Victor
    • His wings are silver, because of course they are. Out of the sun they look simply white, but when the light catches them, they glint silver, almost tricking the eye into believing the feathers are sharp enough to cut if touched.
    • They’ve always been a benefit to his career, as flashy and bright as Victor himself, magazines loving to run full spread center pieces showing the size and swan-like shape, comparing him to an angel, even though Victor finds this cheesy and overdone.
    • Victor likes them, but sometimes finds them a little too distinct, drawing attention even when he doesn’t want it. It becomes another reason he loves Hasetsu, because the Katsukis are much more practiced in discretion and seem to genuinely like having him and not just because of his celebrity.
    • Yuuri happens to know they feel like cool silk, sleek and smooth. They are a bit larger than average, though, and Victor sometimes has trouble grooming and cleaning them by himself, so Yuuri helps. Yuuri is unreasonably good at this and Victor has never been such putty in anyone’s hands.
    • Victor’s wings are somewhat more water resistant than normal and once shielded Yuuri from some unexpected rain they were caught in, because the other’s softer wings tended to take a while to dry. Yuuri’s blush was absolutely adorable.
  • Yuri(o)
    • Yuri is still young and growing, so his wings aren’t yet at their full length. The color is striking, though, similar to a golden oriole with bright yellow giving way starkly to mostly black streaked with white.
    • They sleeked out early in his career, which he was glad of, almost all of his soft downy feathers having molted away. Except the stubborn patches in his under wing that seem determined to stay. Mila called it “cute” once and Yuri’s kept his wings tucked to his back as much as possible until the last of it sheds (hopefully).
    • He actually wishes they were completely black because it’s not only more badass, but, as he said when he was twelve, “so that they’ll match my dark soul.” Neither Victor nor Mila have ever let him live this down.
    • However, Victor has mentioned off-handedly that the gold of his wings would look lovely with a gold-medal and even though Yuri rolled his eyes at the time (”Oh, well, I guess you should only get silver medals then?”), it made him a little more appreciative of the splash of color.
    • Along with “Katsudon” Yuri has dubbed Japanese Yuuri “Mother Hen” for various reasons. The main one being that, like a lot of people, Yuri (secretly) thinks Yuuri’s wings are very nice and soft and after a bit of hissing and spitting at first, Yuri actually lets Yuuri help him groom. As Victor says, he is quite good at it. And doesn’t say anything when you fall asleep on the couch during it and drool a little.

This head-canon dump got rather longer than I thought it would, so let’s call this Part 1. Feel free to message if there is anyone in particular you’d like to see next! Or add your own?

Otherwise, I was planning to do Phichit, Minami, and Mila next.

Zodiac Signs in Love
  • Aries: either is very showy about loving you or doesn't show it at all even though they mean to
  • Taurus: shows people they love you in a casual way, doesn't push it in the world's face and is kinda chill/low-key
  • Gemini: facebook posts all the time. will joke around with you a lot, and not realize their own feelings for a long time. thinks they're tough but they're really not
  • Cancer: very, very cute about it. shows through little gestures and comments. very subtle but nice
  • Leo: usually will tell you a lot. very clingy and touchy. wants to be tough, but never really acts like it.
  • Virgo: doesn't show it at first, but will talk to you more than they talk to others. will joke and generally feel more comfy with you. will be a little more weird and themselves with you
  • Libra: very low-key about it. lovey in private and a little more goofy around you.
  • Scorpio: always intense. they can be playful until they really love you (includes platonic love)
  • Sagittarius: omgggggg more fb posts than a gemini. everyone will know you two are dating or besties they make sure. easily jealous (!!)
  • Capricorn: very chill about their love to you, but they show it well by remembering a lot about you and telling everyone about you
  • Aquarius: jealous babies who need so much attention, but they also shower in compliments and love constantly. they don't love easily or make relationships often so it's special for them
  • Pisces: they require a lot of attention, but they give it right back similar to an Aquarius. a bit wishy washy at times and rocky but a great soft, lovable cutie
“The Final Problem” closed out the season and maybe the series with an episode that — if it really is the last — feels like a huge anticlimax that substitutes implausible drama and showiness for meaningful character development and any kind of narrative payoff.


There’s also the issue of queerbaiting; Sherlock has done a tremendous amount of it, continually turning the issue of John and Sherlock’s friendship into a running, insulting gay joke. If that was never going to go anywhere, as both Moffat and Gatiss have repeatedly stated it would not, it’s hard to see it as anything but a homophobic running gag at the expense of actual queer identity…

—  Vox
Dating Guide: Virgo

Pro’s: Virgo’s are very supportive and generous. They have a lot of love to give, but not in the flashy showy way a Leo might do. They’re more humble and practical. Although Virgo’s are a stubborn earth sign, they’re also mutable, which makes them more flexible and dynamic. Virgo is open for anything. They’re also very loyal, intelligent and independent.  

Con’s: Virgo’s are very critical. They might not even realize it themselves, or they may think they’re helping you out by saying the truth, but they can really hurt someone’s feelings by being this judgemental. They’re also quite fussy and have a tendency to overanalyse. They can have some problems expressing emotions; Virgo’s might come off as cold or detached sometimes, but it’s really just the way they are and they probably don’t mean to hurt you by this.

What they’re attracted to: As Virgo is ruled by the planet of communication, Mercury, they are attracted to intelligent people who challenge their mind. They’re quite hard to impress and will not settle for anyone. They might just be the hardest sign to get as they have a mental checklist that needs to be fulfilled before they allow themselves to fall in love. Impress them with your knowledge and ability to have deep conversations. They hate shallowness. Don’t be vulgar; Virgo likes people to be calm and classy.

Fights: Virgo will try to avoid conflict, but this might cause them to bottle things up and get increasingly more frustrated over time. To avoid a fight, make sure to let them vent to you every once in a while. If it does get to a confrontation, Virgo’s are brutal. They know just what to say to tear a person apart by throwing the truth and all their insecurities at them. Stay calm and listen to their concerns. Don’t start screaming at them. Virgo prefers a mature conversation to an all out fight.

Date ideas: It doesn’t really matter what they do, because they’re flexible like that, as long as they feel like they’re getting to know you. Go take a walk together and have a deep conversation.

Gift ideas: Books or practical items. Special tea or coffee. Anything you’ve put a lot of thought in will do; they’re not all that materialistic.

In bed: Virgo’s are so thoughtful and attentive. They know exactly what to do to make you purr and on top of that they’re real people pleasers. They’ll put your pleasure over their own. As the relationship progresses you might even find out they have a kinky side to them. But for all their qualities in bed, Virgo’s, as the name suggests, will not just get into bed with anyone. They’re really not the type for one night stands.

Most compatible with: Taurus, Capricorn, Pisces

Least compatible with: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
What Gotham's Riddler Will Look Like, According To Cory Michael Smith - CINEMABLEND

As Gotham’s Edward Nygma, actor Cory Michael Smith has gone through as much character development as anyone, as Ed has turned from a hackneyed introvert into a calculating antagonist of the highest order. And such villainous status means Gotham will soon give Smith the chance to take on the persona we’ve all been waiting to see: The Riddler. Speaking with CinemaBlend about his future in Gotham’s bonkers third season, Smith shared a few very important details about what we can expect from The Riddler’s costume when he is definitively introduced later this year.

[The role] is performative; not in a Jim Carrey way. I want him to be kind of showy. So what we have as the Riddler costume is really classy, and that’s kind of what we wanted.

During our interview, Cory Michael Smith was far more upfront about information than either Ed or his current rival Oswald Copplepot are. (No spoilers about the most recent episode, “Ghosts,” but their arc was beyond fantastic.) Smith was very clear in describing how when his Riddler’s story is opened up in Episode 15, he would be the exact opposite of what Ed Nygma was when we first met him, and that he would be far more theatrical in his mannerisms and gestures, while remaining more psychological in his evil behavior. Since it’s no good to style and profile with your movements if the clothes don’t fit the attitude, I’m picturing Ed getting gussied up in some of the finest Gotham City threads that criminal enterprising can afford.

Unfortunately, there will be one part of The Riddler’s classic costume that will be absent from Gotham, at least initially. Smith might not rest until it happens. In his words:

To give you some inside scoop, I do not have a cane yet, but I want one so badly for a few different reasons. I won’t tell you all of them so I don’t spoil anything, but I’m pitching very hard for a cane. Plus, we do have somewhere to go and add some stuff, so maybe in the future, there will be a cane. But I want him to be someone who deserves a fucking cane. He needs to be someone that’s just begging for a cane.

The sheer intent in Cory Michael Smith’s voice was unmistakable, and he brings up a good point in wanting Ed Nygma to earn the right to swing The Riddler’s cane around. Forming these iconic characters shouldn’t be an impulsive and rushed process, and Gotham showrunner Bruno Heller’s approach is definitely measured when pulling the core characters’ stories directly from their noteworthy pasts. Ed can’t just go to sleep one night, hatch a glorious plan the next night, and then adopt a full-on Riddler suit the night after that. Once he becomes more accustomed to his showman side, then he can break out the stylish accoutrements.

For some more good news, though, Cory Michael Smith was a lot more positive when I asked if the trademark question mark symbols would be present.

Oh yeah. Oh yeah. We’re there.

Sometimes fewer words are better. I don’t know about you guys, but Smith is describing exactly what I want from the first live-action TV Riddler in almost 40 years. (Frank Gorshin’s thin suit from Batman’s early days would not go over so well in this underworld.) Someone for whom every movement has a plan and a purpose, and pays homage to what Riddler’s look is without needing to directly copy it; classy and punctuation-friendly, but sadly without a cane for now. And I’m pretty sure Smith mentioned a chapeau as well, but that might have just been me thinking out loud.

Because I Love You - Jumin x MC

Summary:  A misunderstanding leads to Jumin feeling like he’s not good enough.

A/N:  This was a request I decided to turn into full fledged fic because I really, really wanted to write some Jumin angst. Hope you guys enjoy it!

Also posted on my Ao3 account!

Jumin glances at you from across the table, the corners of his mouth tilting upward ever so slightly before his serious expression returns. A smile just for you. He insisted on not sitting beside you at this dinner party, mostly to keep himself from touching you. It was hard for him to hold his affections back, you knew, and even harder still to hold back his other urges.

“More than that,” Jumin had said, “It’s impolite to be showy at these kinds of events. If I touch you too much or hover around you, the corporate heads will think I’m attempting to show you off.”

You raised an eyebrow at this. “I thought you liked showing me off.”

That got a small, bemused smile from him. “Normally, yes…but I don’t want them thinking you are merely a trophy wife. I want to include you in these things as much as I can, so that they know your competence in business affairs.”

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  • My brother in law: yeah, I just didn't like the episode, it felt a bit off. It was too "showy"
  • Me (grinning like a Cheshire Cat): yeeees
  • My sister: I just keep feeling like there was something wrong with Mary's death, like it wasn't real
  • Me: yeeess
  • My dad, shouting from across the table: Kirst! All I wanna know is when sherlock's gonna tell john he's in love with him!
  • Me: !!!!!
  • My b-I-l's mum: shhh I haven't seen it!
  • My dad: ros, I don't know how to tell you this, but people have thought Sherlock and john are in love for over a hundred years

anonymous asked:

phils cooks extravagant and showy meals to impress his soft bf it's confirmed

dans the bf that passionately nods and smiles appreciatively at the new meals but secretly dislikes 25% of the food

anonymous asked:

since victor did say that not much about otabek's privatre life is known, dont you think that maybe he will have a fiancee like JJ as well?


And no. While Otabek is less talkative/showy with emotion, most of the skaters we have seen display the person they love/feel most strongly against during their routines. Yuuri thinks about Victor, JJ thinks about his girlfriend and his parents, but who does Otabek think about? YURIIIIIIIIIIIIIOOOOOOOOOO.

If they wanted to introduce a romantic relationship for Otabek, we would’ve seen him/her in one of Otabek’s skates. While it is a possibility, I will laugh if that actually happens because Otabek’s s/o has to be chill with the fact that Otabek’s inspiration, a great heck of a lot of his smiles, and general sportsmanship is caused by Yuri. 

Let’s not forget the fact that Otabae was super chill with JJ in Episode 10, but after meeting Yuri, he literally death glares JJ after his program.