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The Tudor era is simply is this - it is a most glorious and wonderful soap opera.

David Starkey, summing up why history students tend to be continually drawn to the Tudors.

Everyone is always plotting and scheming against each other. People are getting beheaded left and right. Sex. Adultery. Lies. Fake pregnancies. Multiple marriages. Divorces.

(Queen Mary was once mad at her council because they wouldn’t let her execute her own sister. It’s mental.)

It’s like Game of Thrones without the dragons, basically. 

I’m back. You have no idea–my own sister is treating me like I did something wrong. I am not supposed to have feelings–much less this book. I can’t see my father without a chaperone. If I had the money, I’d take my Dad to Scotland. Not that they think that. But my sister knew what was wrong with my father before me and “wife trumps daughters” I was told. No, first wife does. And she died before Dad married her mother and they adopted me. Family shouldn’t have boundaries. Not if there’s love there. She even calls our stepmother “Mother”. I wouldn’t mind it but our mom would have a coronary if she were alive. Worst part of it? Our late mother is her biological mother. I was adopted and wouldn’t think of calling another woman mother–not even my biological. My mother is the one that raised me. I wouldn’t call another man “Father”–lucky for me, no one knows who my biological father is (not even my birth mother). Doesn’t mean I don’t like the new “mom”. But I will always honor the one that gave me a life more than one that had no hand in raising me.

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So, I sent out a warning–rather more of a “be ready” signal. I’m going to push forward on what the world seems to want–even the Mythopoeic Society. April 28th is still on the books. It’s not about money or fame or anything. It’s always been about trying to get my family to know I exist and be proud of me. But I can’t seem to get that. I now know that was more impossible than writing a book that now has a real chance of getting seen by the Tolkien Estate since his son opened up the possibility of a new Middle Earth novel. So anyone can do what I’ve done. I will say, it requires a lot of reading, but that door was opened now. I may be the first one with something “done”, but I doubt I’m the only one out there. I am not worried about that. Thranduil would have never been the first thought to do–much less what I will have to do with his father Oropher in the next book as in 12 volumes of Middle Earth, they are barely in there. Oropher is in one. It was a challenge I accepted because I wasn’t going anywhere waiting for the other thing. Now, I’m in a place where an entire country is waiting for Thranduil–celebrities, bookstores, comic books, studios–even Netflix.

I wanted this to be for family. Now, I know my only family is here and around the world. I was abandoned as a child and my mom and dad were about to adopt another child and they chose me. I was lucky (and sometimes I feel guilty for that) but with one parent gone and another one slowly diminishing (though he’s fine now, physically–he’s mind is still there somewhat; he was glad Lee Pace put on pants finally).

But it’s now about survival more than anything. My other story regained momentum when I was inspired by Loki and Thranduil. Though I was working on it long before I even started college, it’s time to unleash more fantasy onto the world after Thranduil. For the moment, @tkwrtrilogy, it’s time to rock and roll.

Broadcast TV now the “last stop" for ideas being pitched, executive says

“What I will tell the head of the network is: ‘You’re the last stop on the train of pitches. You’re the last stop! [Producers are] are starting at Netflix and then they’re going to go HBO and Showtime, and then maybe — if the train is still going — they’re going to make their way to the broadcast networks.