showtime ep12

[SHOWTIME E12 ] Lee Gikwang exposes the secrets of Jang Hyunseung's body "His butt is really attractive"

GK: Jang Hyunseung’s butt is really appetizing/attractive, really pretty.
YB: It’s really fair.
JH: All butts are fair, mine is like that too..
GH: But Jang Hyunseung’s butt is different. It’s a perfect mix and match of flesh and muscles, really good combination - he praised while expressing it with his hands.

After quietly listening to other members’ talk, Hyunseung responded with a shy smile..

trans: jhs-a

*LOL He’s even gesturing the shape with his hands. Gikwang, first you said that you would marry him if you were a girl, and now you’re confessing that you are attracted by his buttocks. Heol

EXO's Showtime Song
EXO (ft. RapByun)
EXO's Showtime Song

EXO’s Showtime Song
Composed by: Zhang Yixing
Lyrics by: Zhang Yixing, FunkyJD, RapByun and EXO

EXO’s Showtime~ Showtime~ (This is okay)
Showtime~ (Showtime)
Enjoy it together~ (Rap! Rap!) 
On Thursdays 6 o'clock, as expected, spend [it] together with us.
In order to end the day YO~
On Thursdays, they’re many good things (yeah)
But EXO’s Showtime is 1st~ (that’s right)
We are EXO. (yeah)
MBC Everyone. (yo)
The name is EXO’s Showtime (yes)
I’m really…  [imitating Tao] ‘this is okay~’

trans cr: jjolbodyo


[ENG SUB-HD] 140617 Showtime - Burning The BEAST Ep 12
cr: yuri minji@yt

*Episode 11 will be uploaded later on in time.