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[ENG SUB-HD] 140710 Showtime - Burning The BEAST Ep 11 PT 1

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[TTWIGO] 14/07/11 Which of their band member would the BEAST boys pick as boyfriend if they were a woman?

On the latest episode of BEAST’s variety show with MBC Every1, “Showtime: Burning The BEAST”, the members answered 100 questions sent by fans. One of the question asked the members to pick a member they would date if they were women.

Maknae Son Dongwoon picked main vocalist Yang Yoseob due to Yoseob’s singing skill. Meanwhile both Yoon Doojoon and Yong Junhyung picked Lee Gikwang, giving a unique reason for their choice: Gikwang is easy to fool and so they would be able control him.

However, Yoseob picked Doojoon and was later commented by Junhyung, “Doojoon only plays game and soccer everyday. He also likes to hit!”. To which Yoseob responded by saying: “’s the worst of the worst of men!,” dissing their leader Doojoon and making everyone burst into laughter.

Meanwhile, Gikwang, who got the most vote, picked Jang Hyunseung due to the following reason: “Through ‘Showtime’ Hyunseung appeared to be b2yuti-babo (love-fool to their fans), so I would like him to be thinking about me every time as well”.

Surprising everyone, Hyunseung also picked Gikwang too with a simple reason, “He’s cool!”, making the two being captioned as ‘green light’ couple!

“Showtime: Burning The BEAST” will air its last episode next Thursday at 6 p.m. KST, make sure not to miss it!

[MWAVE] 14/07/09 B2ST′s Jang Hyun Seung to Imitate Kim Soo Hyun on ′Showtime′

B2ST′s Jang Hyun Seung will be trying to give Kim Soo Hyun a run for his money.

Jang Hyun Seung will attempt to imitate Kim Soo Hyun and his famous sobbing from SBS′ You Who Came From the Stars.

On the July 10 broadcast of MBC Every1′s Showtime, the six members of B2ST will try to answer 100 questions their fans sent them.

One fan happened to ask, “Hyun Seung oppa, I know you′re a fan of You Who Came From the Stars. Could you try imitating the soliloquy scene of Manager Do (Kim Soo Hyun)?”

At first Jang Hyun Seung pulled back, saying, “You really need skills to do this.”

The producers of the show and his fellow members, however, egged him on.

“We won′t laugh no matter what,” the members vowed.

Thanks to the encouragement, Jang Hyun Seung acted out the scene and the members applauded him for his efforts.

[MWAVE] 14/07/09 B2ST’s Son Dong Woon Reveals His Past as a Member of Kim Tae Hee’s Fan Club

B2ST’s Son Dong Woon expressed his fan love towards Kim Tae Hee.

July 10’s broadcast of MBC Every1’s Showtime will air a special episode titled ‘B2ST! War with Q’s’ where the B2ST members will be answering 100 questions prepared by the fans.

During recording, Son Dong Woon caught everyone’s attention by revealing his past. When he was asked for his ideal type, the B2ST member confessed, “I have a list of ideal types. I’ve liked four nunas in my life so far.”

He then expressed his special love for Kim Tae Hee. Son Dong Woon said, “I was a member of Kim Tae Hee’s official fan club ‘Fin.s,’” bringing a round of laughter.

The other members also revealed their ideal types. Yang Yo Seop revealed his ongoing love for Park Han Byul while the other members also named their ideal types.

Check out the full episode airing on July 10!