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Obama desperately wanted sensible gun control after Aurora, Sandy Hook and Orlando.

The GOP said no.

Now the GOP says: “But this is Obama’s fault for not passing gun control laws!”

Look, guys, If I wanted constant confusion, wackiness and nonsensical motives that needed hours to exam, I’d watch Twin Peaks The Return again. 

Please fire me. I work at a video store and yesterday a man asked me if I could see if we had a movie in, only when I asked him what movie he wanted, he replied “That one with the bugs!”

I get dumb, vague descriptions like this quite a bit so I powered on and asked him which one and he was like, “You know, that one with the mitochondria’s!”

It took ten minutes (and a lot of yelling from the customer) to find out that he meant midichlorians.

Star Wars. It was freaking Star Wars.

About Do Kyung Soo

He only knows how to work silently at the back, never ever mentions that he’s exhausted because he knows that actions speak louder than words.  He works as an idol and lives under the spotlights, he shows a good example to the teenagers and shows positivity to the public.  It’s not frightening that someone is better than you, it’s only frightening when there’s someone who’s better than and at the same time works harder than you.

On 2013 MAMA, because he wore shoes with wrong shoe size, he injured his right ankle when he jumped down from the table. His performance was as perfect as usual. Even though he was injured, he kept on performing for the whole 14 mins. Along with the applause and cheering, he limped up leaving the stage. When EXO was announced as the Dae Sang winner, the members was giving their speech on the stage, he was receiving treatment at the hospital.

Second day at the airport, he was worried that the fans might be worried for him, even though he was holding crutches in hands,  he smiled so sweetly like nothing happened while waving to the fans.

On EXO’s Showtime Press Con, he was asked how was his injury, “ I think it’s a pity, so now I am working harder to prepare myself, please anticipate!”

Maybe it’s because in 2013 he was injured and not able to stand on the stage to receive the awards with the members, so on 2014 MAMA, when the MC announced that EXO was the winner for Dae Sang, this was his reaction :

What was you thinking at that moment..?

Because of his busy schedule, he was once again taking the plane alone. Because his right ankle was injured again, he can only sing while sitting on the stage. He apologized for causing EXO not able to present a perfect stage. Recently, he became slimmer and tanner and yet he’s still apologizing to us..

He’s not a talkactive person, but every time he speaks, every word warms our heart

Q: Please say something to praise yourself

D.O.: Work harder, Kyungsoo-yah

Q: 2014 is nearing the end, please say something to wrap up the year

D.O.: The end is still far.

“I will make everyone happier.”

“EXO-Ls cannot injure yourself, everyone please follow instructions, alright?”

“I don’t want other people to say EXO-Ls are not following the rules.”

“Everyone please be careful of flu, drink more water.”

“EXO starts from now on”

“Love is believing in each other.”

“Ever since I acted as a fans, I feel that loves from the fans is precious , thank you so much!”

“I will not be blinded by familiarity”

“The Silver Ocean, it’s really beautiful.”

“The fans at the front rows are only taking pictures, stop taking pictures and get high with us!”

Year 2014, it is the beginning of his acting career. As the first member of EXO to take up a role as an actor, and because he’s an idol, there are tons of people out there waiting for him to fail and make fun of him. But once Han Kang Woo appeared, countless of haters are falling for him. We as your fans are so proud of you.

Right after EXO TLP Concert in Seoul,  he rushed to the set of IOIL to start filming until early in the morning

In the midst of member lineup changes causing only EXO-K was carrying on promotion on music stations, yet he still appeared in every single performance even though he’s filming for his drama during that time.

Because of filming schedule, he couldn’t join the other members but had to take the plane alone.

Visited Singapore less than 24 hours.

That time, everyone was doing the Ice Bucket Challenge and he got nominated by one of his sunbaes. But because of his schedule, he didn’t do it. Some people were really mad at this matter. But with his excellent acting skills as a ALS patient, he fought back and left their mouths hanging wide.

He was so thin during those days. Because he wasn’t resting properly, sometimes he even got swollen face. But it’s still considered as okay because as an idol, singing, dancing and busy schedule, it is his life. However, in IOIL, he was on barefoot in almost every shoot: walking/ running on the tarmac roads, on the stones and cycling. And in the movie Cart, the scene which he got slapped was real, he said “After getting slapped I went blank and started laughing.”

2014/11/15 | A Day to be Remembered |  He received his first ever acting awards, APAN Star Awards Best Newcomer Awards.

Although his schedule was packed, he never missed any stage, concert and variety show filming. If it’s group schedule, he will attend it no matter what and do what a main vocalist should do. For EXO, he rejected SBS Acting Awards Best Newcomer Awards.; For EXO, he rejected movie premiere invitation; For EXO, he rejected movie premiere from well-known director. This is him, EXO’s main vocalist D.O., new rising actor Do Kyung Soo.

#TwinPeaks Actors Matthew Lillard, Everett McGill, Kimmy Robertson, Tim Roth, James Marshall, Kyle MacLachlan, Don Murray, Naomi Watts and Dana Ashbrook from Showtime’s Twin Peaks pose for a portrait during Comic-Con 2017 inside the TV Insider Studios at the Hard Rock Hotel San Diego on July 21, 2017 in San Diego, California.

andreafellman So my daughter got to meet this guy today!! She is totally obsessed with the show #the100 and randomly he was in Barcelona for Showtime Con this weekend. My husband being the awesome Dad he is, bought tickets and went with her and her friend to the event all day! He took selfies, signed their shirts and posed for this epic picture (on his knees)!! My husband also said he was the nicest guy! Thanks #bobmorley #bellamyblake #smallestfan #barcelona (and I’m dying over how cute this photo is!)