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hi admins ! can you write about pros and cons for NCT ? Thankyouuuuuuuuu saranghae !!!!! ps: i love your blog too much hehehehe

Taeil —


  • dat voice
  • you’d get to see them abs that he claims that he has but won’t show
  • super sweet
  • super handsome
  • wouldn’t be jealous
  • would trust you asf
  • would be proud asf over everything you do
  • patient


  • awkward shit
  • constantly nervous omfg
  • doesn’t like sushi (this is a huge con for me at least)
  • wouldn’t take initiatives
  • it’d take a while for him to open up for you
  • it’d be hard for him with PDA (this can be a pro too)



  • Macho Busan man
  • Adorable Busan accent
  • You could go shopping together
  • Tall
  • Warm and sweet to the people he loves
  • You could cuddle the whole day
  • He’d help you out with house chorus
  • Good friends with SHINee Jonghyun


  • He enjoys shopping too much tbh
  • He’s kinda stupid
  • Can’t handle spicy food
  • Naive
  • Quiet and reserved (could also be a pro)



  • American aka English
  • BacK huGs
  • Can drive a car
  • Mature
  • Tall
  • Open minded
  • Bro is fucking hilarious
  • Would keep you entertained 365 days a year
  • PDA (could also be a con)
  • Skinship 24/7
  • Optimist
  • Daring
  • Experienced in relationships
  • Friends with hella lot of people ex. EXO


  • Endless fights with Ten over him
  • If you’re the jealous type, he has a lot of friends
  • Probably a super deep sleeper
  • I can see him being bad at being on time
  • He’s a dork ok
  • Doesn’t have a filter

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