In one day, we return home for the longest break we’ve had in over 5 years. Close to 7 or 8 months of homelife up n coming. I just found this photo. This is how our journey started and where it’s taken us. If you have dreams, follow them…because anything in the world is possible if you just believe and never quit. Thank you for all that you are and all that you aren’t. So many people have doubted and quit on me/us. Thank you for still sticking around and having our backs through thick and thin. We sincerely love you. Stay great and see you all soon. We are just getting started. ll.ove. #letlive #tourlife #homesick #cominghome #love #stayhappy #soulpunx #showstop

Ipman Photography Highlight shot of the mini shoot with @k_johnston ! 🙌😍🚙🔰⚠ . #ipmanphotography #honda #s2k #s2000 #spoonsports #workmeister #work #photography #24mm #instacar #instafamous #park #illest #fatlace #sun #flare #light #styleovercomfort #dudeblvd #racecar #stunt101 #showstop #carswithoutlimits #jdmgram #jdm (Taken with Instagram)

The Who, “A Quick One While He’s Away”

Yesterday was one of those days that I was reminded that The Who existed, and I proceeded to listen to this song about a dozen times in a row. This performance is from the amazing Rock and Roll Circus

Aquarium Drunkard:

Though no official story ever seems to have been given, rock legend has it that the above video is what kept Jagger from handing the tapes over to the BBC. While the Stones had been off the road and were out of practice, the Who were white hot, turning in a showstopping version of “A Quick One While He’s Away.” The song was their first attempt at rock opera, a seven-and-a-half minute medley whose “Dang!/Dang!/Dang!” bridge went on to score Max Fischer and Herman Blume’s acts of romantic terrorism in Rushmore. Here the group tear through the song’s six parts, Keith Moon decorating his bashing with stick-twirls and Pete Townshend whipping furious windmills as the song pushes its way downhill. Keith Richards, decked out in top-hat and eyepatch, gleefully invites us to “Dig the Who,” and it doesn’t take long to see that his bandmates needn’t have worried so much about their inability to top their openers: Very little has ever been better than this.

So good. You can also see how much Bob Pollard nicked from The Who for Guided By Voices. I recommend getting a copy of Rock and Roll Circusit includes some of my favorite Rolling Stones cuts, especially “Jumpin’ Jack Flash,” but even “You Can’t Always Get What You Want,” which I usually hate, is stripped down and awesome.

Oh, and if you haven’t seen Rushmore, I mean, come on:

Who else thinks we should bring back the human canons in our routine and launch the freshman out of them? It could be like their intiation. Plus it’d be both hilarious and showstopping.


Oh, hi there Jaime King in head-to-toe MILLY, just taking a casual stroll and having a MAJOR #MILLYMOMENT. As you do.

Straight from the Capri-inspired MILLY for DesigNation Spring Collection, the Hart of Dixie starlet and T. Swift BFF could not look better.

Top: MILLY “You, Me, Capri” Striped Tee

Skirt: MILLY Floral Tube Skirt

Are you ready to stop traffic like Jaime?

GET THE LOOK starting 4/23 at Kohls. 

With all pieces retailing under $100, the collection will debut APRIL 24 for a limited time as part of Kohl’s DesigNation series, exclusively at Kohl’s Department Stores nationwide.

For more showstopping MILLY Spring looks, take a peek at our MILLY Spring 2015 Collection and get your repertoire ready for your most stylish season yet.

We’re having a mad #collectifgirloftheday half hour! It’s nearly the end of the work day and it’s nearly Friday! Woohoo!

@lizdebois looks showstopping in our Pearl Coat! You can still grab yours here! —->


#collectif #collectifgirloftheday


AWESOME: Justin Bieber took the stage with Skrillex and Diplo for a showstopping close to Ultra Music Festival 2015.

As I’m editing over 15 brand new letlive. tracks, one can’t help but to sit back and reflect, in peace, everything that’s went down in the past 363 days (and counting). I’d never take back a single moment and could only look forward to another perfect year. I’m sincerely so fucking happy. As my thanks to you, I might start dishing out some teasers to get you all on board with where we are at in the process. Or maybe I’m just so damn excited and can no longer keep a secret. Does 15 teasers in 15 days to kick off the new year sound good? Stand up. #letlive #letliveperiod #soulpunx #showstop #studiolife

Homes Away From Home - Vista Residences Condominiums

Model Unit (Vista Residences - España)

Model Unit (Vista Residences - Katipunan)

A few weeks ago I attended the launch of Vista Residences’ latest set of condominiums (aptly called their University Series) at HYVE. The program included amazing light and cheerdance routines as well as a showstopping drum performance with lights and water (which is probably the one I enjoyed the best!)

Vista Residences is ready to launch five more that are just as strategically located near universities within Metro Manila and key provincial destinations namely: Vista GL Taft, Vista Heights in Legarda, Vista Brenthill in Baguio, Vista Katipunan in Quezon City the second project in the area and Vista Recto in Manila.

I’ve spent the whole four years of my college life commuting to and from school, so if you want to rid yourself of that kind of stress, keeo Vista Residences in mind! To learn more about the Vista Residences’ university series properties, contact them at 650-0753 or 09998871705 or visit For news, updates, and announcements, follow vistaresidencesofficial on Facebook and vistarescondo on Instagram.