In one day, we return home for the longest break we’ve had in over 5 years. Close to 7 or 8 months of homelife up n coming. I just found this photo. This is how our journey started and where it’s taken us. If you have dreams, follow them…because anything in the world is possible if you just believe and never quit. Thank you for all that you are and all that you aren’t. So many people have doubted and quit on me/us. Thank you for still sticking around and having our backs through thick and thin. We sincerely love you. Stay great and see you all soon. We are just getting started. ll.ove. #letlive #tourlife #homesick #cominghome #love #stayhappy #soulpunx #showstop

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Ipman Photography Highlight shot of the mini shoot with @k_johnston ! 🙌😍🚙🔰⚠ . #ipmanphotography #honda #s2k #s2000 #spoonsports #workmeister #work #photography #24mm #instacar #instafamous #park #illest #fatlace #sun #flare #light #styleovercomfort #dudeblvd #racecar #stunt101 #showstop #carswithoutlimits #jdmgram #jdm (Taken with Instagram)

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one other reason i really love steven universe is how diverse the genres of music they use for their song numbers and how nobody really makes fun of anyone’s music taste. like we’ve had soft acoustic, synthetic pop, hip hop, hard rock, top 40 pop, country, heck we’ve just had a big showstopping number worthy of being on broadway and no one is mocked for their taste. everyone can just like their music and no one is like “ugh you like THAT?” even greg when he found out connie only listened to movie soundtracks was like “omg you have to listen to this then i think you’ll love it” ugh i just love this world rebecca sugar has created and i can’t wait for more songs i don’t care what genre

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tfw we finally get a greg episode but everyone only cares about pearl :(

the thing is

A) Greg is already a pretty well-adjusted guy so there’s less to analyze/angst over where he’s involved

B) Pearl’s song was basically the showstopping piece of the episode

C) a lot of people heavily relate to Pearl as a character, more than they do to Greg

I mean I really love Greg and I’m glad we got to see more of him but I don’t blame people for caring more about Pearl, especially since you don’t often get to see women with such meaty character arcs