The Crossover That Never Happened: Supernatural/Smallville
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Beyond the Gates director Jackson Stewart sheds some light into the crossover that could have been…but never happened. During a conversation with Entertainment Weekly’s Clark Collis, the former Supernatural writer gave some details regarding the possible crossover at the time both shows were sharing the same network (CW). “There was a lot of really cool ideas that some of the writers had. They…

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Not a day goes by, Clark, when I don’t regret not being able to be right here for you. I would do anything, I would give anything to able to get a second chance to get it right. You got that second chance, son. You could be the greatest hero the world has ever known.


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A collection of favorite clips from Dark Angel, Smallville and Supernatural commentaries, praising Jensen Ackles’ acting. This was a lot of work, but super fun to do. Enjoy, and VOTE for Jensen!

This video was inspired by @sensitivehandsomeactionman‘s awesome gifsets, check them out here!


On the left is Superman’s arrival to Smallville, on the right is Castiel’s re-entry after being banished from bunker. 

As soon as I saw the promo I thought of the scene from Smallville’s pilot. They’re nearly identical. 

I’ll be honest I wouldn’t know where to start with the parallels between Superman and Castiel (as far as I can tell they’re both related to the sun, Superman getting his power from it and all).

If anyone has any thoughts on this please share!