Can we take a moment to appreciate how beautiful his legs are, his toned thighs and that enviable “hip line”, that tiny waist and actual hips, that deep sexy line down his back along the spine? BUT, more than that, he is a beautiful soul and an amazing singer, extra+ordinary! But I’m taking a minute here…. oh, Namjoon stayed behind the treadmill where you’d get the best view!

V has to create a song aboutself bragging with the music Mountain Spring XD

V’s Lyrics:

( Deep overacting voice XD )

Bangtan V’s self-bragging is overflowing with funniness

All the members compared to me they look more pitiful ;-;

Firstly Taehyungie is good at all the games

All of the games model walking….  (forgot the lyrics) it’ll be one of them


I have to write 10 things about me. oh no

i was tagged by rookieking

  1. i’m obsessed with pink and white at the moment
  2. i love rings too
  3. i can play 3 instruments: piano, guitar (badly), and cello
  4. i hate when people mistreat the elderly
  5. ice cream is a staple food for me
  6. oil pastels = best art materials
  7. i love books
  8. i wish i could read more
  9. Milk is a fave drink
  10. Gravity Falls is my life 

I don’t know who to tag… anyone do it

rookieking  asked:

☺️ this is cute hahha

there’s a certain kind of people with a certain kind 
of talent–that can see the world in more colors
than there are words to be said and you
are one of those people because not everyone
can paint the world with their dreams and loves 
the way you can and i think that’s got to be one 
of the world’s most 

mutuals! send me a ☺and i’ll write you poem <3